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PQBH Marina Guide 2018 flipbook

Byelaws Précis of

Byelaws Précis of Relevant Byelaws Byelaws are essential tools for the safe management of the Harbour. While it is the Harbour Commissioners’ policy to educate, it is unfortunate that prosecution action in the courts is necessary for those who refuse to behave in a responsible manner. These are the important byelaws which affect recreational users: 1 All vessels shall conform to the orders and directions of the Harbour Master. 2(a) Every vessel shall be navigated with care and caution and at such speed and in such manner as not to endanger the lives or cause injury or be a nuisance to persons or endanger the safety of or cause damage to other vessels, moorings, buoys, beacons or other property. 2(aa) Vessels shall not be navigated at a speed exceeding 10 knots through the water. 2(b) Vessels shall not be navigated at a speed exceeding 6 knots in the Little Channel, between the Quays and in Holes Bay. 2(bb) No person shall engage in board sailing within the Middle Ship Channel or within the Haven Channel without the Harbour Master’s written consent. Persons intending to cross these channels shall do so by the shortest possible route and so as not cause an obstruction to other vessels navigating in the channel. 2(c) Persons or vessels engaged in fishing with nets, lines, or trawls shall not obstruct with their vessels or gear any channel or fairway used by vessels. 2(d) Vessels may not wilfully be permitted to drift in a fairway for the purpose of fishing or any other purpose. 2(e) No person shall engage in water skiing, ascending by towed kite or parachute, or use a jet ski or hovercraft except with the written permission of the Harbour Master. Chain Ferry Byelaw Priority between chain ferry and other vessels. All vessels navigating in the Harbour which are not subject to compulsory pilotage shall give way to the chain ferry. Poole Harbour (Harbour Traffic Signals) (Poole Bridges) Byelaws 2011 The Master of a vessel moving in the vicinity of the downstream bridge or the upstream bridge must comply at all times with an indication given by the signals. Significance of Signals Which apply to both the fixed and opening spans (1) A red signal conveys the prohibition that vessels must not proceed beyond the signal (2) A flashing red signal indicates a serious emergency and conveys the prohibition that vessels must not proceed beyond the signal (3) A green signal indicates that vessels may proceed beyond the signal (4) A red-with-yellow signal indicates that vessels may proceed with caution beyond the signal Call Sign “Poole Bridge” – VHF Ch 12 22 The Poole Harbour and Marina Guide 2018

Lifting Bridges schedule Key - Weekdays: red Additional Weekend & Bank Holiday lifts: Green Lift 1 Bridge Twin Sails Poole Bridge Lifting Sequence Lift 1 Lift 2 Lift 3 05.30 ASAP* As Required** 06.30 ASAP* As Required** 07.30 ASAP* As Required** 08.30 ASAP* As Required** 09.30 ASAP* As Required** 10.30 ASAP* As Required** 11.30 ASAP* As Required** 12.30 ASAP* As Required** 13.30 ASAP* As Required** 14.30 ASAP* As Required** 15.30 ASAP* As Required** 16.30 ASAP* As Required** 17.30 ASAP* As Required** 18.30 ASAP* As Required** 19.30 ASAP* As Required** 20.30 ASAP* As Required** 21.30 ASAP* As Required** 22.30 ASAP* As Required** 23.30 ASAP* As Required** When Bridge Maintenance takes place a Local Notice to Mariners will be published, these can be found on our website or alternatively on NOTES * As soon as the first lift is completed and the bridge reopened to road traffic. ** If required, then as soon as the second lift is completed and the bridge reopened to road traffic. Note 1 All vessels to be on station at scheduled lift time and make contact with the Bridge Operator. Note 4 All scheduled times will consist of a two or three bridge sequence depending on the boat traffic on station. Note 2 Note 3 Which bridge opens at the scheduled lift time (Lift 1) will normally be as published, but may alter depending on boat traffic and tidal stream. If there are no boats on station at the scheduled lift time then no lifts will take place. Note 5 Note 6 Lift 3 in a sequence will not be provided if it is required within 15 minutes of the start of the following sequence. Mariners may use the holding berths on the West (Hamworthy) side of the basin between lifts. 23

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