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PQBH Marina Guide 2018 flipbook

Total gear Garmin Nautix

Total gear Garmin Nautix In-View Display The Garmin Nautix In-View head-mounted display is specifically designed for activities such as cruising, fishing or sailing. “Boaters can now have a continuous view of critical boat data at all times, which is beneficial in a number of on-the-water situations, including when looking for fish and changes in water temperature or depth need to be seen; when sailors are starting a race and need to see the countdown timer; or on the bow while anchoring, the depth of water can be displayed” Featuring eight hours of always-on battery life and a durable, weatherproof design, weighing approximately 29 grams the Garmin Nautix In-View, is designed for comfort. Its integrated ambient light sensor and colour display ensure readability in all conditions, and it can be worn with polarised and prescription lenses. £365.60 - Rollors Rollors is a fun outdoor game that’s entertaining for the entire family. Players “roll” disks at the goal and points are awarded to the player/team that positions their disks closest to the goal. It’s a great game of skill with the element of chance! Convenient carry bag allows you to bring Rollors with you wherever you go be it the seaside or garden area. Set-up in seconds on grass or sand. Approx £29 - or ebay ZHIK ZKG Shoe One of the most popular sailing brands on the is Zhik who have produced footwear before, but never like this. An amphibious shoe with unique porous neoprene that releases moisture fast coupled with a rubber grip sole that keeps you firmly connected when wet and equally suited to land. Approx £80 - 68 The Poole Harbour and Marina Guide 2018


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