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Harbour Dues Harbour dues are payable by all vessels in Poole Harbour and I would like to advise all users that the public right of navigation in the harbour is dependent upon payment of the appropriate dues. The Harbour Authority is empowered to take action to recover Harbour Dues, which may result in the arrest and sale of vessels which unfortunately happens from time to time. The requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code must be met and as a responsible Harbour Authority we are obliged to follow best practice. The resources required come at a cost. You may find it useful to know why Harbour Dues are charged, and how the money is spent. Commercial vessels like the Norman Asturias pay a “boomage” charge, which is the equivalent of harbour dues, and together these charges fund the “conservancy” of the harbour, i.e. surveying, dredging to keep the channels clear, marking of navigational channels, the maintenance of navigational aids (all buoys, markers beacons, lights, stakes, notice boards etc), traffic management to keep the harbour safe (harbour control, radar, CCTV, Automatic Identification System (AIS), VHF) responding to and handling emergencies such as oil pollution incidents, patrolling and enforcing the byelaws. Regular training and refresher courses are required. There is a huge variety of tasks which must be undertaken and the recreational sector must pay its fair share of the cost. Vessels not displaying an annual Harbour Dues decal will be stopped by one of our harbour patrol vessels in order to check whether Harbour Dues have been paid. Patrol Officers regularly sight vessels on pontoons in all clubs and marinas in the harbour. Other harbour users kindly pass on information. Annual Harbour Dues are valid from 1st April to 31st March and can be paid at the Harbour Office or most clubs and marinas. Alternatively you can use our online service which is available via the website: Please display your annual Harbour Dues disc in a prominent position on the port side of your craft. Action will be taken by the Harbour Authority to recover unpaid dues. Unfortunately vessels have been arrested and sold as previously mentioned. This is carried out under section 44 of the Harbour, Docks and Piers clauses Act 1847. Poole Harbour has an excellent reputation for marine safety, navigation aid management and liaison with stakeholders and your Harbour Dues payments will help to maintain or improve that reputation going forward. Thank you for your contribution and I wish you a safe and enjoyable time in Poole Harbour. Captain Brian Murphy AFNI Harbour Master 6 The Poole Harbour and Marina Guide 2018

General Direction – registration of small commercial craft For the purpose of promoting or securing conditions conducive to the ease, convenience or safety of navigation and the safety of persons and property in the harbour, Poole Harbour Commissioners seek to ensure that all commercial craft operating within Poole Harbour are properly maintained, equipped and manned and used only for purposes for which they are capable. With immediate effect therefore, all operators of commercial vessels working in Poole Harbour are required to register their craft with Poole Harbour Commissioners by completing the relevant registration form. Registration must then be renewed on an annual basis. Any vessel that is certificated for commercial use under any: • Small Commercial Vessel Code; • Workboat Code; or • Passenger Boat Code or licensed by Poole Borough Council under section 94 of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1907 must provide the Harbour Master with a copy of the relevant certificate of compliance or licence. Where a commercial vessel is not certificated for commercial use under any of the above codes of practice or licensed by Poole Borough Council, Poole Harbour Commissioners may, if deemed appropriate, conduct inspections of such craft and request owners to provide copies of manufacturer’s handbooks or other similar information. Where such an inspection indicates that a vessel is not properly maintained, equipped (by reference to MGN 469 or any subsequent replacement or amendment) or manned (by reference to MSN 1853 or any subsequent replacement or amendment) or is being used for a purpose for which it is not capable this, and any proposed restrictions on the vessel’s use, will be recorded and discussed with the vessel’s owner and/or operator and, where appropriate, Poole Borough Council and/or the MCA. Commercial vessels for the purposes of this Direction mean any vessel which is less than 24 metres in load line length and is not a pleasure vessel. A pleasure vessel is: • any vessel which is used solely for sport or pleasure by its owners (or the owners’ immediate family or friends) or, where the owner is a body corporate, employees or officers of the owner (or their immediate family or friends) on voyages or excursions for which the owner does not receive money for or in connection with operating the vessel or carrying any person, other than as a contribution to the direct expenses of the operation of the vessel incurred during the voyage or excursion; or • any vessel wholly owned by or on behalf of a members’ club formed for the purpose of sport or pleasure which, at the time it is being used, is used only for the sport or pleasure of members of that club or their immediate family, and for the use of which any charges levied are paid into club funds and applied for the general use of the club, as more particularly defined in the Merchant Shipping (Vessels in Commercial use for Sport or Pleasure) Regulations 1998, as amended. Anyone who fails to comply with this general direction shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale. 7

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