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Closing Remarks


Closing Remarks: The Advice Series 2016-17 Dr Nick Rawlings (President, Rotary Club of Bridge of Allan & Dunblane, 2016/2017) Foreword “At the end of each meeting of the Club, it has become a tradition that the President makes some closing remarks. These will vary according to the whim of the President. One President may look to history for significant happenings on that date; another President may have some favourite jokes. In each case, the objective is to give some food for thought, or simply to entertain. In the case of President Nick Rawlings, closing remarks varied: some were based on his reaction to a topical issue, or were a reflection on some personal experience, or commented on a specific minor annoyance. Having been enjoyed by Club members, Nick was persuaded that these closing remarks should be retained on the Club’s website to allow members in the future a glimpse into the past. They are offered in that spirit.” Peter Holmes

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