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Advice to men regarding

Advice to men regarding Aqua Aerobics I have just come back from Mallorca so I shall share some thoughts from this experience. Have you ever walked by a swimming pool such as the Peak or Dunblane Hydro and watched 30 or 40 women splashing wildly, waving their arms about and jumping up and down? It is called Aqua Aerobics (not many men know this). It is a tribal pastime similar to watching the New Zealand rugby team prepare for a big match just before kick-off. Its benefits include: It gives you a good cardiovascular workout, gently increasing your pulse and breathing rate, so it’s great for helping to improve your heart health. It strengthens and tones muscles – the resistance of the water means that opposing muscle groups are worked in each movement as you push and pull against it. It improves flexibility, while the support of the water greatly reduces the risk of muscle and joint injuries. It’s a great stress reliever – the water massages and cools you, giving you a feeling of weightlessness and an enormous sense of wellbeing. In 1930, a marine biologist called Alister Hardy theorized that our ancestors were more aquatic than previously imagined. His theory suggested we have a primordial disposition to aquatic situations. So here is the advice. If the men in this audience, like me, find joining a class of 40 women jumping about in a pool somewhat daunting, yet would like the physical exercise the activity provides then go to a Mediterranean island. Find a pool class with a bikini clad instructor and try to follow her every move in an open air pool on a sunny day. It refreshes the spirit better than a cool Heineken during a heat wave.

Advice for Grandparents who Coach Grandchildren (Inner Peace) It is now the summer holidays. Do any of you have children or grandchildren in your care for significant periods of time? Is it not fabulous? We have two aged 10 and 6. Most of the time we have fun with visits to The Kelpies, Bannockburn, Stirling Castle etc. Occasionally the youngest is hoiked out of bed, in her jim jams, into the car seat, around to our house. Half awake, big sister makes some provocative remark and little sister has a melt-down. Anyone else ever experienced anything similar? Recovery is usually quite quick but for a little while it is quite difficult. So here is the advice. I leaned this from watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with her one afternoon. Anyone watched the Kung Fu Panda series? These animated cartoons have superb dialogue - they are not just for kids .The Kung Fu series is nearly as good as The Incredibles my favourite cartoon movie. So here is the advice in the form of a warning. The advice concerns how to help your grand-child control meltdowns. In Kung Fu panda 2, the panda has to overcome grave adversaries and he needs the help of the Master, She Fu (like the DG of Rotary), to prepare. I won’t spoil the story for you by giving too much away. Basically the route to higher levels of mastery is the pursuit of inner peace. Strong inside, being always calm gives you more power to overcome obstacles. I have taken on the grandfatherly task of teaching Emily the route to inner peace on the basis she will no longer have melt-downs once she reaches this level of mental harmony. She is beginning to grasp the concept and there are some early signs of success. However here is the advisory warning. As she gets closer to achieving inner peace her manipulation of the rest of the family increases. I cannot be sure where all this will end but just be cautious of training grand-children in techniques which equip them to outwit you too early in their lives. They learn very quickly indeed. Final Toast – Children throughout the world, Rotary International and Rotarians worldwide.

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