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Nepotism in Kashmir

Nepotism in Kashmir Javeed Bin Nabi ince decades, Kashmir valley commonly known as the valley of SSufi's and Saints sustains under the innovative ways of corruption. Every time with this ominous monster the common people suffers and also undermines the delivery of good governance, accountability, alienability and transparency. Unfortunately, the term corruption is diverse and omnipresent across the Kashmir valley. More importantly, one could say that it is sowing the seeds and strengths the deep “political alienation” and “political distrust” among the people and in general leaves a society bankrupted, powerless and a place of many ills and evils. Corruption is an illegal and misuse of power especially by the elites and so called the bureaucrats who are enjoying sweeping of powers in different government institutions in Kashmir. Nowadays, in Kashmir, the word corruption and favoritism has become a common and a familiar language. Apart from bureaucracy it has also a large presence in our education department including colleges and universities, banks, judiciary and police as well. Corruption in Kashmir is not following the ways by through hard cash or worth cheques but it also follows the ill form of Safarish (Bad Influence) , phone calls from politicians, bureaucrats and many others who holds power or wealth either directly or indirectly. Perhaps it would not be wrong to say that we the people of Kashmir have given a clean chit to nepotism through many forms, even people here accepted it on social and moral grounds. Some viewed it as their honor and some as power. Pertinent to mention here that the world history bears the witness that how the great empires and dynasties of the world got destroyed and dismemberment because of the height of corruption. In Kashmir it follows the same way; meritorious candidates are being deprived from their posts either during JKPSC or JKSSB recruitments, rather the posts are being fulfilled before the advertisement through phone calls or by other means; 31 12 February 2018

later these exams and the interviews for personally think that the hard the said posts are only held to fulfill the punishments and the strong judiciary will moral grounds of the advertisement. create a fear among those who became . habitual of it. Moreover, it is time we Indeed, the height of nepotism in Kashmir people of the state seriously start work have left a profound impact on the against this injustice which is being done intellectual, competent and dedicated in each passing day with the dedicated and youth of the valley, especially the ones competent youth of Kashmir. Let us who are being deprived and denied pledge to demolish and expunge the everywhere despite being highly heights of nepotism and favoritism in meritorious in every form. Unfortunately Kashmir and restore the lost charm and it is the incompetent system and the glory of “Vadi – e – Kashmir.” Indeed, it is absence of anti – corruption departments duty of every citizen of the state to raise in Kashmir which promotes rampant voice against the heights of corruption corruption through government officials and raise above the so called social red who frequently use their government line of bribery. chairs for bribe and nepotism. Javeed Bin Nabi is a student of International Relations. Unfortunately we live in a state where a crisp note can take you anywhere and get you out of anything. There are many such examples where high profile politicians, bureaucrats and famed persons of Kashmir valley were caught red handed but nobody was brought to task for their faults and flaws, you know why? because they had two magics one money and the other is Power. For example, the big cricket scandal which was exposed in Kashmir few years back headed by former chief Minister Farooq Abdullaha and many others went unnoticed and unpunished, the corruption case of Peerzada Mohammad Syed when he was stepped down as the state congress president in 2008 and the case of many other politicians and bureaucrats as usual all went unnoticed . However, as nepotism in Kashmir became common, hopes disappeared and the misery prevails. Thus, it is high time for anti-corruption agencies and related departments to act upon the means through which this menace can be tackled and mitigated. It is time for state government in particular and common masses of the state in general to raise serious efforts and best improvements in administration against this ill thing. I 13 February 2018

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