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Policing and Immigration

Policing and Immigration We will always take a robust approach to crime and ensure the police forces of Britain are properly funded and accountable to the people. The Libertarian Party will take all the necessary action to keep you and your family safe: we will give terrorism and violent crime no quarter. Revoke the citizenship of British Islamic State fighters. It is wholly unacceptable and dangerous to allow those who commit atrocities abroad to continue their life in Britain. The Libertarian Party will never risk the wellbeing of Britons with a weak and sloppy approach to terrorism. Install a fair and balanced point-based immigration policy after leaving the European Union. Those who speak English, already have a job waiting or hold important skills will be given priority, regardless of nationality. This will ensure immigration benefits Britain's economy, is fully transparent, whilst welcoming a diverse range of people. The Libertarian Party recognises the contribution and benefits of immigration, but also that an open door policy is unsustainable. No blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants. It cannot be right that those who choose to enter Britain illegally are rewarded whilst those who follow the rules must endure a long process. This is only counter productive and encourages more illegal immigration. Allow police forces to purchase additional armed response vehicles and train additional armed officers to fight the threat of terrorism and serious crime. With a Libertarian government, the police will always have the tools to keep us safe. With that in mind, we will support police forces in training additional taser-armed officers. Tasers are the near perfect non-lethal solution to dangerous criminals and should be available in every situation. Ensure police resources are spent efficiently and properly. Overzealous policing of social media is a gross misuse of police time. Moreover, police should never be intimidated by political correctness or well funded pressure groups. A crime is a crime, and should be investigated regardless of gender, race or sexuality of the victim or accused. We shall also encourage the use of intelligence-led stop and search to fight knife crime and drug trafficking. Knife crime is only increasing, a robust approach is required. By introducing democracy into our policing system we will make it more accountable. Under a Libertarian Party government, police chief constables will be locally elected. We are also eager to ensure that we have as many police on the streets as possible. To this end, we will reduce the amount of paperwork they have to do. Continue to invest in the security services (MI5) to ensure the United Kingdom is protected against PAGE 16

malicious foreign states and terrorist organisations. The future battlefield is the internet, we will invest heavily to ensure British institutions and businesses are properly defended against cyber attack. PAGE 17

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