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Transport and

Transport and Infrastructure We will radically change the way transport work in Britain to benefit consumers and minimise public expenditure whilst increasing efficiency. We will aim for full market driven privatisation. To this end, we pledge to pursue ambitious policy. We will seek to privatise all state owned airports and transport which leads to improvements in infrastructure and an increase in the overall quality of services. Network Rail and all UK rail operations will be privatised under a new revised ‘Franchise System’. The Libertarian party will ditch the failed nationalised model of the railways. After privatisation capital spending increased by £4.6 billion between 1990 and 2002, partly to make up for decades of under-investment before privatisation, train punctuality improved considerably – improvements only came to a halt as a result of government meddling after the Hatfield incident. In 2003 the rate of broken rails per million train kilometres was the lowest for 40 years. The dogma of the far let meant they abandoned a successful model. We will amend this and will return the railways back into private ownership, basing our model off the successes of Japan. We will sell off rolling stock and stations but will continue to own and maintain the tracks. We will allow the development of new railway lines by whoever wants to build them. In doing so, we invite anyone with an idea of a service they want to provide to try to provide it. Applications will be processed by the Transport Secretary to ensure there is a valid case. This model will encourage competition. We will Institute tolls on major bridges so that the people that benefit from the infrastructure the most contribute the most to its development and upkeep. The Libertarian Party will not support HS2 and HS3 until a sustainable business case can be delivered. The cost of these vanity projects it eye watering and we cannot be confident construction can be completed on time and under budget. With Heathrow at capacity, we recognise the potential of London losing out to other European cities. However, the Libertarian Party will oppose the expansion of London Heathrow, the additional expense and time to make these changes will not make any significant difference to the South East capacity issue. Other airports in the London area (London Oxford, London Stansted & London Luton) have capacity and airports with 60 miles of the LACA also have significant capacity. Connecting these to an upgraded transport network will allow the South East Airport area to benefit in a shorter time frame with less cost. The Libertarian Party recognises the huge potential , which is often underappreciated, of Britain’s private space industry and will enable Britain to be the centre of this industry in Europe. To this end, we will allocate PAGE 26

additional funding to the UK Space Agency to build a new dedicated spaceport at Glasgow Prestwick Airport or another suitable site. This will send a strong signal that Britain is open for business and will always stand for innovation. PAGE 27

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