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educe reliance on

educe reliance on pesticides and make a tangible difference to the lives of the world most impoverished. We affirm that Britain has a role to play in ethical genetic modification. We will not hinder the development and research of genetically modified organisms given there is no risk to public health or the welfare of Britain’s ecosystems. Naturally, farmers will be anxious about leaving the Single Market and changes to the subsidy system. The Libertarian Party backs British farming and believes a more efficient and effective agricultural policy, gradually removing the need for large and unnecessary subsidy. A proportion of funds recovered from the failed CAP scheme will be invested to improve food security and the development of technology to improve productivity. The Libertarian Party will consult with farmers to launch a government-backed insurance scheme to support farms affected by weather-related disasters. We will consult with British farming to end the export of animals for fattening and slaughter. This practice subverts Britain's excellent animal welfare regulation and can be cruel. However, to protect farming in Northern Ireland we shall exclude exports to the Republic of Ireland. PAGE 32

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