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AMA at UCF Chapter Report 2018

Fundraising - the

Fundraising - the UCF chapter. Being a newer organization, we understand the incredible importance of raising funds. In addition to getting funds from membership dues, we hold partial proceeds as well as create strategic partnerships with organizations such as AMA Orlando. In the past year, we have held two partial proceeds. One was at World of Beer, while the other was held at Flippers Pizzeria. We recieved 10% of the proceeds from both of these events. The great thing about fundraising through partial proceeds is we get to interact with our members on a more social level. Thanks to our great partners at AMA Orlando who fundraised on behalf of us with corporate sponsors, we were able to receive $1,000 as a result of this. This is being offered as an annual donation to

-Goal: Increase membership by 20 members Result: Increased membership by 23 members Because this has been our first full school year as a registered student organization with UCF, our recruitment strategies are a very strong focus in order, and are key to achieving our long-term goals. While -recruiting is most heavely implemented at the start of each semester, we continue to actively spread awareness and recruit throughout the year. There are a variety of ways that we reach out to prospective members throughout the year. One way we are able to reach a lot of business students is by tabling at UCF’s semi-annual Welcome to the Majors Event. This event is required for business students when they statistics Membership Recruitment strategy begin their business courses. This helps us reach younger students to help them get involved as early as possible. Another way we reach out to students is through giving presentations in the preliminary core classes at UCF. In these presentations we explain the benefits of joining our chapter and why it is in the students’ best interests to join AMA. Another way we are able to gain additional members is through our presence on LinkedIn. Prospective members will see our posts and reach out to us on this social media platform. Finally, we gain members through referral by AMA Orlando. Seeing as we have a close partnership with them, when students attend their events they are informed of the UCF chapter as a way to get more involved.

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