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AMA at UCF Chapter Report 2018

ommunications internal + external communications - - internal external Communication is the foundation To reach our external audience, we of the success of our organization. In order to keep continuous communication among members of the board, we have formed a GroupMe for quick questions or urgent information. The executive board also meets monthly to establish goals and create plans for future events. This routine meeting helps ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and promotes collaboration. have increased our social media presence by implenting postings among our various platforms. We have developed accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allowing us to facilitate communication with our members effectively. Our posts not only mention upcoming events, but shine light on outstanding members and display general support for the University. Along with our social media posts, In addition to these monthly our VP of Communications sends out a meetings there are micro meetings prior to events. This helps make sure those in charge of coordinating the event have solidified all of the important details. bi-weekly newsletter. In the past, emails typically only went out to remind members of events. However, now our email includes, job postings/internships, marketing news, upcoming events, and even a few marketing jokes to keep the communication personal and engaging.

Operations Chapter Operations Executive Board Structure There are currently 12 officers that make up our executive board. Many of the board positions also have a committee attached to them. For example our VP of Events has a committee to help her plan and implement any of our given events. Below are the 12 positions: President Vice President VP of Membership Membership Coordinator VP of Events VP of Social Media Social Media Strategist VP of Chapter Development VP of Communications VP of Career Development VP of Advertising and Promotions Treasurer Board Meetings: Board meetings are held on a monthly basis unless otherwise needed. Collegiate and Professional Chapter Meet Up: There is close contact between the AMA chapter at UCF and the AMA Orlando chapter. From UCF students going to network at AMA Orlando events to AMA Orlando board members coming to speak with us, we have developed a strong partnership. “ Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. ”

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