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AMA at UCF Chapter Report 2018

- EV ents professional

- EV ents professional development events Fall Kickoff Goal: 30 attendees Result: 40 attendees Our Fall Kickoff meeting was a great start to the Fall semester. The goal of this meeting was to educate students about AMA at UCF and the types of professional development activities they can expect to see within the club. We also had the students form eight teams where they came up with a unique superhero and designed a marketing campaign to promote that hero. This was a great ice-breaker to promote relationships among members Find Your Path in Marketing Goal: 40 attendees Result: 44 attendees Many students, especially underclassmen, do not know exactly what path in marketing is right for them, we put together an event with marketing professionals from various aspects of the industry. Each guest shared what their job entails and the type of skills that are beneficial in their specific role. Following the guest panel, students had the opportunity to talk further with professionals that they connected to. AMA Halloween Night Goal: 30 attendees Result: 26 attendees In honor of Halloween right around the corner, we hosted Fabian Colon, Universal Orlando’s Event Marketing Coordinator. Fabian explained the overall process of event marketing for Universal’s main events such as Halloween Horror Nights and Mardi Gras. He also described the importance of constant communication between different departments within marketing to successfully create a marketing campaign on a scale of this size. Building Your Brand Goal: 20 attendees Result: 23 attendees We hosted James Ort, a consumer specialist at Red Bull to speak with our members about personal branding as well as marketing opportunities with Red Bull. James spoke with us about his journey to where he is today and how each experience he has had helped him develop his brand. He showed us the different aspects to focus on when developing a personal brand in comparison to a business brand and how that can help us when looking for employment.

- EV ents professional development events Gartner Information Session Goal: 35 attendees Result: 37 attendees In order to get an inside look at a local Marketing Agency, we invited Michelle Mayra from Gartner to come speak to us about interview ettiquette and how Marketing and Sales work together in a firm. Michelle also shared internship opportunities with Gartner for our members to apply in order to gain hands on experience. A Celebration of Brand U This was a very unique event not only for our members to get involved in but our executive board especially. Brand U was an event put on as a collaboration between the marketing clubs at UCF. Brand U was a night of networking as we recognized top students within the Marketing program at UCF. Kevin McMahon, a recent UCF graduate, spoke at this event about his unconventional career path in marketing. Spring Kickoff Goal: 50 attendees Result: 47 attendees We held a kickoff meeting the third week of the semester to welcome students back from break and introduce AMA to those who have not yet gotten involved in our organization. At this meeting we gave a brief overview of the types of events we have held and what we are planning for the rest of the semester. We then played a similiar game as at our previous kickoff where students promoted a character through developing a marketing campaign. This helped our members network and get to know each other. Guest Speaker Dale Dupree Goal: 30 attendees Result: 37 attendees Dale Dupree, “The Copier Warrior,” is the General Manager for Zeno office Solutions. He came and spoke with us about how to sell yourself. Dale has been very successful in selling copy machines and he explained to us how much that has to do with his personal brand. He explained how sales don’t have to be the negative experience most of us think of and that it has to do with how we sell ourselves. This was a great talk for all of our members whether they want to go into sales or not.

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