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Dow Surfactants for Paints and Coatings – Unmatched Selection and Performance from the World’s Leading Supplier A drilling platform off the coast of Venezuela withstands the corrosive effects of seawater, thanks to a specially formulated marine coating. In the U.S., workers brighten the interior walls of a newly constructed office complex with a low VOC paint. And in Korea, workers apply durable automotive finishes to cars slated for export around the globe. No matter where you are, Dow Coating Materials can provide you with innovative paint and coating solutions for a wide range of architectural and industrial applications. We bring together two of the industry’s strongest suppliers of coating solutions – The Dow Chemical Company and Rohm and Haas. Together, we offer the world’s leading portfolio of coatings innovations, including surfactant chemistries. And our coatings experts around the world can help you find the optimal solution for your application. The breadth of our product portfolio is driven by innovation to address formulators’ critical needs: • Improving sustainability along with performance and cost advantages • Enhancing environmental performance • Reducing application, manufacturing and processing costs • Enabling smart coatings We offer an innovative and diverse portfolio of coatings solutions that includes these well-known surfactant products: TRITON specialty nonionic and anionic surfactants DOWFAX specialty anionic surfactants TERGITOL specialty and general purpose nonionic surfactants The total value of Dow surfactants goes well beyond brand names. Our investments in surfactant products and innovative technology have created a capabilities package unsurpassed in the paint and coatings industry. A wide range of available chemistries enables solutions that meet almost any performance requirement. Unsurpassed experience across the full range of paint and coatings means we can help you optimize surfactant performance in your formulation. Our industry knowledge and expertise fosters innovation and collaboration, bringing new products and technologies as we work with you to meet your current and future needs. Awareness of regulations and legislation allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date information as well as valuable assistance with product stewardship. Our global sales, distribution and technical support network means we are “on the ground” in your local area, ready to serve your surfactant needs. World-class surfactant manufacturing facilities contribute to the operational excellence of Dow Coating Materials, for high-performance products that are consistently high-quality and cost-effective. Our broad portfolio of ingredients for paints and coatings offers you the convenience of focused supply, backed by our in-depth knowledge of other formulation components. Our Broad Range of Surfactant Chemistries Expands Your Possibilities Surfactants from Dow Coating Materials include many diverse products across several surfactant chemistries. The unique functional and economic characteristics of these materials open the door to innovative surfactant solutions for paint and coatings formulations. Dow Coating Materials currently offers almost 200 surfactant products. Read on to learn more about the major families of our surfactant products, their functional contributions and their key applications. To find out how we can help with your coatings challenges, please contact your Dow Coating Materials representative (see back cover). What can we make possible for you? 2

Explore Your Surfactant Possibilities Secondary Alcohol Ethoxylates TERGITOL 15-S Series Surfactants TERGITOL TMN Series Surfactants TERGITOL 15-S-Series and TERGITOL TMN Series Surfactants offer a unique combination of excellent emulsifying, dispersing, stabilizing and wetting property profiles. These secondary alcohol ethoxylate (SAE) surfactants feature narrow aqueous gel ranges, rapid dissolution even in cold water, fast foam collapse rates, wide range of solvent compatibility and solubility, and favorable handling and formulating properties, making them ideal surfactants for many paints and coatings. The SAE fast aqueous dissolution properties of the water soluble surfactants (7-40 EO) result in even the low mole ethoxylate (3-5 EO) surfactants, which are oil soluble, being readily water dispersible. This allows the use of the low mole SAE to enhance the coalescing of emulsion polymers for low VOC (volatile organic compounds) systems, while also providing pigment wetting and stabilization, and substrate wetting and rewetting. TERGITOL 15-S-Series and TERGITOL TMN Series Surfactants are widely regarded as highly effective nonionic wetting agents having low aqueous dynamic and equilibrium surface tension profiles. These SAE surfactants may provide the necessary substrate wetting and rewetting properties often provided by anionic surfactants, but with lower foam profiles and with less water sensitivity compared to anionics. Low Foam Surfactants TRITON DF-16 Surfactants TRITON CF-10 (90%) Surfactants TRITON CF-10 Surfactants TERGITOL MinFoam 1X and 2X Surfactants TERGITOL MinFoam 1X, TERGITOL MinFoam 2X, TRITON CF-10 and TRITON CF-10 (90%) feature low foam and outstanding wetting and dispersing properties. TRITON CF-10 (90%) is a lower pour point product for enhanced handling at cooler temperatures and storage. These low foam surfactants are widely used for pigment stabilization in a range of coating formulations, including architectural, industrial, maintenance and automotive paints. Seed Oil Surfactants ECOSURF SA-7 Surfactants ECOSURF SA-9 Surfactants ECOSURF SA-15 Surfactants ECOSURF SA Surfactants offer a distinct combination of dispersing and wetting properties with excellent handling performance in a product based on seed oil. ECOSURF SA Surfactants have excellent wetting properties, with low equilibrium surface tension and rapid dynamic surface tension reduction. These surfactants feature no aqueous gelling, rapid dissolution even in cold water, fast foam collapse and favorable formulating and handling properties, making them ideal for many paint, coating and ink systems. They are especially suited to pigment wetting and stabilization. Octylphenol Ethoxylate Surfactants TRITON X Series Surfactants TRITON X Series Surfactants are versatile nonionic specialty surfactants that provide excellent emulsification performance. They are recognized as the industry standard OPE for pigment wetting and stabilization in coatings and are offered in a range of HLB to match specific wetting and dispersing requirements and waterborne coating stabilization requirements. Sulfosuccinates TRITON GR Series Surfactants GR-5M, GR-7M TRITON GR Series Surfactants feature outstanding wetting, emulsifying and dispersing properties. They are available in a range of solvent compatibilities and are widely used as substrate wetting and rewetting agents for waterborne paint applications. Alkyl Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonates DOWFAX 2A1 Surfactants DOWFAX 8390 Surfactants DOWFAX 30599 Surfactants DOWFAX 2EP Surfactants DOWFAX 2A1 Surfactant is the “workhorse” of the family of DOWFAX Surfactants. It’s used widely in emulsion polymerization, providing increased mechanical and chemical stability, lower reactor waste and low critical micelle concentration (CMC). 3

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