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Sulfates and Sulfonates

Sulfates and Sulfonates TRITON XN-45S Surfactants TRITON X-200 Surfactants TRITON XN-45S Surfactant is an outstanding anionic emulsifier and stabilizer that offers excellent particle size control in emulsion polymerization. TRITON X-200 Surfactant is an excellent emulsion polymerization emulsifier and stabilizer. Specialty Surfactant TRITON CA Surfactants TRITON CA Surfactant is a superb pigment stabilizer with the unique ability to correct many colorant acceptance problems resulting from unknown pigment instability issues in paint production environments. TRITON CA Surfactant is an outstanding wetting and stabilizer for pigment and colorant dispersions. It improves color acceptance in even marginal, unstable pigment systems. Its broad HLB range makes this versatile surfactant suitable for use in most paint systems. TRITON CA Surfactant is also an effective wetting agent for pigments and extenders. EO/PO Copolymers TERGITOL XD, XH, XJ Surfactants TERGITOL L Series Surfactants TERGITOL XD, TERGITOL XH, TERGITOL XJ and TERGITOL L Series Surfactants are efficient emulsifiers and stabilizers for a broad range of materials, including aromatic and chlorinated solvents. TERGITOL XD Surfactant provides excellent pigment and colorant stabilization especially for concentrated dispersions such as carbon black and other very small particle pigments. Nonylphenol Ethoxylates TERGITOL NP Series Surfactants TERGITOL NP Series Surfactants cover a wide range of ethoxylation and HLB values. They are used as emulsifiers, wetting agents and dispersants in a variety of applications, including emulsion polymerization and paints and coatings. 4

Match One or More Dow Surfactants to Your Performance Requirements Dow surfactants include products designed to provide a wide range of valuable functional contributions to paint and coatings formulations. Refer to the table below to identify the most likely Dow solution to meet your functional requirements. If you require... We recommend... Because... Conventional Pigment Wetting and Stabilizing (APE) Conventional Pigment Wetting and Stabilizing (Non-APE) Low-Foam Pigment Wetting and Stabilizing (APE) Low-Foam Pigment Wetting and Stabilizing (Non-APE) EO/PO Copolymer Steric Stabilizers (Non-APE) High Mole Ethoxylate Steric Stabilizers (APE Based) TERGITOL NP-9 & NP-10 TRITON N-57, X-114, X-100, X-102 & X-165 (70%) ECOSURF SA-4, SA-7, SA-9 TERGITOL 15-S-3, 15-S-5, 15-S-7 & 15-S-9 TERGITOL TMN-3, TMN-6 (90%), TMN-10 (90%), TMN-100X TRITON CF-10 (90%) & CF-10 TRITON DF-16 TERGITOL MinFoam 1X & 2X TERGITOL XJ, XD & XH TRITON X-705 (70%), X-405 (70%) & X-305 (70%) TERGITOL NP-70 (70%), NP-50 (70%), NP-40 (70%) & NP-30 (70%) NPE 5 EO readily water dispersible; NPE and OPE 7-12 EO water soluble global standard and most often used for pigment wetting and stabilization SAE 3-5 EO readily water dispersible SAE 7-9 EO water soluble pigment and colorant wetting OPE global standard low foam nonionic for pigment wetting and stabilization; Enhances freeze-thaw stability and colorant stability; CF-10 (90%) has lower pour point and enhanced handling SAA low foam nonionic 1:1 MinFoam 1X / 2X blend matches CF-10 cloud point High MW EO / PO copolymer steric stabilizers; 100% solid OPE and NPE 30-70 EO steric stabilizers; Aqueous versions for enhanced customer-friendly handling; 100% actives solid available High Mole Ethoxylate Steric Stabilizers (Non-APE) TERGITOL 15-S-40 (70%), 15-S-30 & 15-S-20 (80%) SAE 20-40 EO steric stabilizers; Aqueous version for enhanced customer-friendly handling; 100% actives solid available Substrate Wetting and Re-Wetting (Anionic) DOWFAX 2A1 TRITON GR-5M & GR-7M GR-DOSS standard anionic for substrate wetting and rewetting; Low equilibrium and dynamic aqueous surface tension Substrate Wetting and Re-Wetting (Nonionic) ECOSURF SA-4 & SA-7 TERGITOL TMN-3, TMN-6 (90%), TMN-10 (90%) & TMN-100X TERGITOL 15-S-3, 15-S-5 & 15-S-7 SAE 3-8 mole EO have low equilibrium and dynamic aqueous surface tension APE = Alkylphenol Ethoxylate Non-APE = Not APE Based NPE = Nonylphenol Ethoxylate OPE = Octylphenol Ethoxylate SAE = Secondary Alcohol Ethoxylate SAA = Secondary Alcohol Alkoxylate PAA = Primary Alcohol Alkoxylate 5

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