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South 20 Woodham Focus

South 20 Woodham Focus South Woodham Focus SW S March 17th 2018 – Next Concert at Holy Trinity Church, South Woodham Ferrers. This will be a fantastic opening FORTHCO concert for 2018. Swift Singers will perform new and old songs from their repertoire including songs from Adele, West Side Story, Mamma Mia, All that Jazz, All My Trials, Let’s Face the Music and many more. We are privileged to announce the Soloist for this concert will be the well known tenor/painter decorator. John Pierce. Tickets are for suggested donation of £10 available. Not to be missed! New parkrun in South Woodham Ferrers We are delighted to be bringing parkrun to South Woodham Ferrers. Parkrun is a free, weekly 5km run which now has almost 500 events throughout the UK. Our first event is on Saturday 3rd March and will take place at Marsh Farm Country Park, starting in the car park by the river. The event begins at 9am with a briefing shortly before this. Volunteers will be setting up the course from 8am, and we will be finished by 10am. We have a website and will shortly have a Facebook account - you will be able to keep up to date with our news via both of these channels. Parkrun relies on volunteers, donations and support from the community to be successful. To that end, we’d like to thank Chris Blowers for getting this event off the ground; the Town Council for the funding they have provided; Essex County Council and the support of Rob Haworth the Park Ranger; and the waterski club for allowing us access to their new defibrillator should we need it. Thanks also to Marsh Farm Adventure Park, who are providing ongoing facilities for runners. The layout of the course can be found on our website. One of the reasons for this letter is to make visitors, walkers and dog walkers aware of the event, which will take place every Saturday. Please be assured that everyone taking part is reminded that the park is a shared facility and that we have no rights over any other park users. This is covered on our website and in the weekly briefing before every event starts. Finally, we need volunteers to make this a success and a roster covering the next few weeks is on the website. If you or someone you know is able to be a volunteer, please contact us by clicking on the email link on the website. Jason Finch and Helen Hall, Event Directors SOUTH WOODHAM FOCUS

South Woodham Focus The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance was chosen by Swift Singers to receive donations made by members in lieu of Christmas cards for 2017. The amount collected was added to from choir funds and a total donation of £2000 was sent to the Air Ambulance. Swift Singers were very happy to receive a Certificate from Essex & Hearts Air Ambulance in recognition of that donation. Cooked Breakfast Swift Singers perform concerts to raise funds for a wide range of charities. Please see our website for more information: Cooked Breakfast COOKED BREAKFAST East Hanningfield charity book sale and coffee morning for Hanna’s Field Charity Reg. No. 286877 As a fundraising event for the Hanna’s Field Charity and All Saints Church we hold coffee mornings with a book sale about every 3 months. As well as helping raise money for our good causes, it is a lovely way of getting to know your neighbours, whilst having a drink and home made cake. The Charity runs and develops the village hall and field facilities. We are East Hanningfield, Chelmsford Essex CM3 8AE. Car parking and disability facilities are available. We have about 5,000 good quality second hand books in our village hall loft library, all at extremely cheap prices. You may have heard of us when we appeared as one of the clues on Essex Radio ‘Essex Quest’ just prior to Christmas. The book sale is held in our upstairs meeting room and loft library. The next one is on Saturday 17th February 2018 from 10.00am until 12.30. Followed by one on Saturday 21st April 10.00am until 12.30. Watch out for large banners around the village. After Eight Social Club Dance! Dance! Dance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est Maldon Community Centre Saturday 17 March Admission: Members £8.00 Non Members £10.00 To include a Ploughmans Supper Doors open 7.30pm ! ! ! ! ! The after eight social club runs various activities every month of the year. These include quiz nights, meals out, coffee evenings, excursions etc. If you require further information call Mike on 01621 856219 We also have a facebook page ! !!!"#$%&'&()*%+,-(#.-./0"-,"/1!