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24 MORE NEW DEVELOPMENT CORRESPONDENCE. Further to previous “ Over to you.” letters, I feel I would like to add my humble opinion to the debate yet again. First of all, I’m not being patronising when I say that it’s great that someone in their twenties offers their views on the subject of the New Development. As much as I like to think of myself a progressive, I guess I’m one of these ancients that can be classed as a NIMBY, this didn’t just happen but as referenced previously, was borne out of dealing with the Chelmsford Political elite all those years ago when a local Government body, again with a target, treated the South Woodham population with utter contempt by attempting to force a Traveller's camp within spitting distance of the Town Centre with all the impact that would have had on all our daily lives. While I accept the younger element of the community were obviously not around to experience the high handed, boneheaded arrogance of then Chelmsford Politicians, the experience taught me and I suggest a lot of Woodham residents some hard lessons given that the only thing that stopped it happening was the aggression of the then NIMBYS. Either way, what the exercise did teach me and I suspect a lot of others, was to beware of Chelmsford politicians of whatever persuasion, more so if they have a target and are trying to sell something. As I understand it the published figure is 35% of affordable homes, the houses for purchase will be limited with a proposed price pitched at 80% of current market value, again this will be dependant on the Developer/Builder making his margin first. Excuse my cynicism but for your information, Chelmsford has not hit their affordable homes target for 14 years! While I can’t speak for P. Price or for anyone else for that matter, apart from other issues, I do have concerns about the 60mph Burnham Road running through the New Development (have you tried crossing it recently?) I suggest that it is currently accepted as congested without another projected 1,400 cars plus the additional stuff coming out of one of the main arteries out of the Dengie! While I’m no Civil Engineer, I suggest that the New Development needs a new bypass circumventing the back of the Hill, Chelmsford says it wouldn't alleviate the traffic but it would vastly reduce the threat to anyone walking from South Woodham to Middle Woodham, proposed bridges or no bridges. Forgive my cynicism again but I suspect they haven't got the money for the infrastructure and doing it on the cheap.......dare I say, safety last! More controversially, I should like to ask why Woodham people against the New Development are classed as selfish, personally I’m all for youngsters purchasing affordabe homes, While I accept it’s much more difficult nowadays and I am extremely sympathetic to the cause. Having said that, I suggest the New Develpment will see a marked reduction in the vast majority of Woodham people’s quality of life, be it commuting by road and rail, Doctor’s /Dentist’s appointments to name a few that surely is the rub, the trade off being a limited number of affordable houses, who is it that‘s being selfish? Give it a few years, there you are sitting in the car in that long queue on the Burnham Road at 6.45am or having to wait 3 weeks for a doctor’s appointment, better call Ghost Busters as Chelmsford won’t want to know, they hit their target! WBW Cornwallis Drive OVER TO YOU..... CZECH SPEAKER WANTED Is there a Czech speaker in South Woodham who could spare An hour a week until the summer to help me improve my speaking skills. Please contact Claire 07711037794 TO ALL THE PEOPLE USING THE NEW BP GARAGE AND M&S SHOP. Please when you pull out on to Willow Grove would you consider the neighbours who walk on the foot path. After a lovely 2 hour walk with my children and Dog in the glorious weather Sunday afternoon, not only did it take over 10 minuets to cross by Shaw farm We then get to the exit of the Garage and people are so busy looking right cos it is a dangerous position to put the exit on a bend that they then pull out without slowing down or looking left. It is a bad enough road to walk along without the added worry of people driving to fast out of the Garage. Thank you Willow Grove resident THE FUTURE OF SOUTH WOODHAM FERRERS Dear fellow residents, You should know by now that you have one final opportunity to comment on the Chelmsford City Council local plan and you need to do this no later than 4.45pm Tuesday 14th March. Hopefully you will agree with us that the plan is a bad idea for our town but if you don’t, and actually welcome development, then we would still urge you to comment on the need for things such as a new outer ring road, improved infrastructure, improved local services, affordable housing and removal of the travelling show people sites. This is your town, please do not leave it to somebody else. Please take the opportunity to comment. To remind you how you can comment:- 1) E-mail to Please include your name and address. Anonymous comments cannot be accepted. 2) Commenting online at 3) Writing to Chelmsford City Council at Pre Submission Consultation, Planning and Housing Policy, Chelmsford City Council, Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford CM1 1JE If any residents need any help, please contact us at or contact us via our facebook page, We are very grateful for the messages of support we have received from residents thanking us for raising awareness of the consultation and we will continue to do our best to ensure the residents have the information they need to comment. PLEASE ACT NOW AND MAKE YOUR FEELINGS KNOWN. Kevin Green South Woodham Action Group SOUTH WOODHAM FOCUS

South SSoSouth Woodham Woodham Focus Focus 25 PARKING RESTRICTIONS REPLY I was interested to read the reply in the issue 840 of the SW Focus regarding the request for parking restrictions in King Edwards Road (KER). It suggested a recent request. A quick check on the South Essex Parking Partnership web site returned no hits for KER There were four bullit points in the article and comments on these are made below. (1) The last time I saw a traffic counting device was on the 19/1/2015 and it was installed about half way up KER chained to a power/phone line pole on the south side. According to its marking it was made/installed? by Advanced Transport Research and was only in place for a couple of days. And is January after the Christmas/New year break a representative time slot ? Determining the time a car has been parked by frost seems to me to be a most unreliable indicator and what was early morning? -first trains start at around 5:56AM so I would expect parking to start before that. (2) What is a reported traffic incident? As a casual observer I have been aware of two recent incidents. One must have been reported since it called out the emergency services ( 7/12/2017). The second a lady asked me if the car outside my house was mine as someone had sideswiped it and driven off It was not my car so I don’t know what follow up action if any was taken. (3) rarararararararararaCars do speed up KER and the parked cars seem to have only a minor effect on this. There is frequently a "race for the only gap” I have had to back up on numerous occasions. KER must be one of the few roads in the country that had traffic calming measures and then removed them so it would not hinder buses !!! (4) Most properties in KER have adequate off road parking. The note mentioned the 2014 survey. It is now 4 years on and the parking restrictions in place on other roads around the station are forcing the railway commuters traffic to find alternatives and one is KER. An observation at evening train return times shows the a significant number of the cars are for commuters. Some railway related parking are for periods over more than one day. My own preference is for the type of restriction that forbids parking for a midday period of around an hour. This would readily cope with the odd visitor that drops round for an hour or so but would deter long term ( all day) parking. OVER TO YOU..... SWF Development of Bushey Hill. I am wondering if other people have had problems commenting on the Development of Bushey Hill. I am reasonably IT literate but found it impossible to comment using the online CCC Portal. When I finally found the relevant portal page for SWF I was confronted with a Questionnaire Type document and not too dissimilar to an examination paper. There are copies of same in Champions Manor Hall Foyer but I will be surprised how many people have managed to complete and express their views. I have done some research and from what I understand, there is to be a pedestrian crossing on the Burnham Road with traffic lights for access to/from new development. With current new homes in the Dengie Peninsular, traffic during rush hour has increased on the Burnham Road and will increase further only to be held up by traffic lights. Dr Cormack in Focus Issue 840 reminded us of “the atrocious way the Essex County Council has treated SWF from the inception in terms of healthcare provision”. We have lost two GP Practices in the past years and trying to get an appointment with GPs has become nigh impossible. Dr Cormack is highly respected in SWF and I share his concerns not only for health care but how other services such as essential infrastructure which is not totally inadequate in the Plans. The extent of the development will be from where the Sainsbury Site is to beyond our Garden of Remembrance. I would add that by Shaw Farm and Garden of Remembrance it is not uncommon for the roads to be flooded and any building on Bushey Hill will increase the frequency of flooding. Remember the flooding at Hull due to excess building and nowhere for rains to go. The Pylons are another concern and have to be maintained by the National Grid who had to make emergency cut back of trees the other year for fear of arcing. There are plans afoot to build another Nuclear Power Station at Bradwell. The entrance to the new development is planned at the roundabout Hamberts Road/Garden of Remembrance – difficult with current traffic when trying to walk to Garden of Remembrance from Hamberts Road today. There are no plans for trains to be increased for this development so must expect more traffic on the Burnham Road which will dissect the New SWF. Plans should be for a perimeter road to the north of the development but it is no doubt too costly. Nationally we need more homes but I cannot see this is the way forward. Whatever your views please let CCC know as the future of SWF is important. I emailed: and NAME AND ADDRESS has to be in the email. BOB RICHARDSON P. Sherwood. OVER TO YOU: Dear people in South Woodham My name is Joshua and I am 8 I live in South Woodham Ferrers and I have heard how many houses are being built here and I think It is crazy .I hope the people who are planning to do this are reading this because you are destroying the natural environment and are cutting down trees and destroying trees which is known as deforestation which is giving us less oxygen. which is destroying animals homes. What if the people who live in caravans or campervans love their homes you would be building houses for the sake of it. If animals have no homes they won’t have anywhere to get food. They won’t survive and they can’t look after there children. So please help to stop this happening. I love South Woodham Ferrers the way it is we all do so Leave South Woodham as it is! Joshua Published and printed by Maypole Press & Publishing Co. All material contained within this publication is strictly copyright and all rights are reserved. Reproduction in any form without permission is prohibited. Every care is taken by the publishers in compiling the contents of the South Woodham Focus, but no responsibility is assumed for any injury, loss or damage arising from any article, letter or advertisement contained within the publication. The views expressed within this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers. The publishers reserve the right to publish or not publish any material that is sent to their offices either in writing or by electronic format. Send your over to your thoughts to SOUTH WOODHAM FOCUS