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We about us In december 2003 Gerhard Raschke founded the “ Memo Steel society of framework construction company“ mbH in Heroldstatt Germany. His aim was to implement all visions of multilevel steel platforms with the help of experienced logisticians and trained staff. Under the direction of experienced master mechanics the assembly is realized by the sister company Memo Team. Feb 2008 first Euroshop Düsseldorf new glass balustrade and glass facade Oct 2009 new opening showroom in Heroldstatt Feb 2011 Euroshop Düsseldorf steel platform suspended at stainless steel rods the roof rim projecting portion June 2013 new strogage building extension area over 1800 m² in Heroldstatt Memo Steel possesses a comprehensives stock of rental objects. The modular setup of the assemblies allows a variety of construction options. The steel systems are provided with standardized girders and connectors. The ground level assembly not only ensures a swift on- depleting. By reason of the structure it also allows to place the pillars below the freely positioned girders. The steel system submit cantilever arms of up to 2 meters. The program contains headroom standards heigt 16 - 21 slopes. The flooring made of 38 mm chipboard is included. The stairs and balustrades are modular and therefore randomly combinable. Connecting crafts like ceilings, facings, covers, support trims and floor lifts are naturally at choice. MEMO STEEL - Wir über uns / We about us Typ: MS We about us Register: MS-03 /16 MS

Technische Daten / Technical Data Tragwerk Modular aufgebautes Trägersystem alle Träger aus IPE 270 Profilen Spannweite bis 7 m, in Abstufung von 0,5 m Verkehrslast 3,5 kN/m² Verkehrslasterhöhung auf 5,0 kN/m² möglich Eine Vielzahl an unterschiedlichen Grundrissen Standardbauhöhen 16 - 21 Steigungen, Bauhöhen 2848 - 3738 mm weitere Bauhöhen auf Anfrage Trägersystem auch in Sichtbauweise dunkelgrau lackiert möglich Bodenplattenbelag aus Spanplatte 38mm, bei Sichtbauweise Untersicht in beschichteter Spanplatte nach Wahl (schwarz, grau, weiß) Stützen aus HE-A 160, IPE 270 Profil oder Rundrohr-Spindelstütze Ø 193,7 mm Steel structure modular composed steel girder system all steel girders made of IPE 270 profiles span width up to 7 m in Steps of 0,5 m live load 3,5 kN/m² increasing of live load up to 5,0 kN/m² is possible several different outlines standard construction heights 16 to 21 steps, construction heights 2848 - 3738 mm further construction heights to be asked steel girder system with optional facing style lacquered (visible construction) bottom platform covered with chipboard 38mm, optionally the visible surfaces in decor (black, grey, white) pillars made of HE-A 160, IPE 270 profile or steel tube spindle pillar Ø 193,7 mm Treppen Stairs Laufbreiten 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,5 / 2,0 m Ausführungen: gerade, Podesttreppen abgewinkelt 45°, 90°, 180° Wangen aus Rechteckprofil, silber lackiert Geländer aus Winkelstahlprofil in anthrazit, pulverbeschichtet Füllungen aus Edelstahlstäben oder Glas Stufen in Buche oder Ahorn Handlauf in Buche, Ahorn oder Edelstahl Brüstung aus Winkelstahlprofil in anthrazit, pulverbeschichtet Füllungen aus Edelstahlstäben oder Glas Handlauf in Buche, Ahorn oder Edelstahl Weitere Füllungen auf Anfrage stairway width 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,5 / 2,0 m versions: straight; platform stairway angled 45°, 90°, 180° stringers made of square profiles, lacquered in silver banisters made of angle steel, anthracite coloured, powder-laminated fillings out of stainless steel bars or glass steps made of beech or maple handrail made of beech, maple or stainless steel Balustrade made of angle steel, anthracite coloured and powder-laminated fillings out of stainless steel bars or glass handrail made of beech, maple or stainless steel futher fillings on inquiries TECHNISCHE DATEN / TECHNICAL DATA Typ: MS-270 Technische Daten Register: 270-TD-01 /13 MS 270

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