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Talent Talks - Issue 4

The newsletter for The FA Disability Talent Pathway

Talent Talks - Issue

The Football Association Disability Talent Pathway News Talent Talks Issue four - February 2018 Issue [Date] England Talent Day Update Now caters for players aged 7-11 and 12-16 years With nine of the new FA Talent Hubs having held their dedicated England Talent Days (ETDs), 202 players have already been observed and signposted to relevant playing opportunities; from new players being found grassroots clubs or some players being nominated for trials for the Regional Emerging Talent Programme! Over the coming months; four of the existing hubs will hold their ETDs which will hopefully boost their numbers and continue to Outcome! Great entry programme for players to attend and be appropriately signposted. More inside! Page 2

Pathways to Sustainable Performance - Building Talent
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