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Our Superb Range of Excursions – Extended Fleet Extended Fleet Ardeche Gorges Avignon Bridge Beaune Chalon Chalon sur Saone MS Amadeus Provence Ardèche gorges Over millions of years, the Ardèche river has carved through a high plateau to form a magnificent 30 kilometre canyon, hailed as the Grand Canyon of Europe. The triumphal entrance to this geological piece of perfection is a magnificent natural arch, the Vallon Pont d’Arc, which stands around 66 metres tall. Each year this protected region serves as a magnet to walkers and canoeists who come to enjoy the spectacular views and rich wildlife. Arles city tour Arles is a beautiful place to explore on foot. It was an important city during the Roman Empire and there are a number of preserved sites in and around the town, including a huge amphitheatre that is still used for entertainment and can hold 12,000 people. Vincent van Gogh produced some of his most famous paintings while living here, including Cafe Terrace at Night which depicts the warmth of a café in Arles. Avignon city tour From our ship you have a nice view of the fortress wall surrounding Avignon and the world famous Pont d’Avignon. We take a walk from here to the Place de Horloge, in the centre of town and just a few steps from the Palais des Papes. This imposing fortress is built on a cliff above the Rhône and shows how much power on earth the supreme servants of Christianity had for almost 70 years. Beaujolais wine route scenic tour The Beaujolais region is known as le pays des pierres dorées (land of the golden stones) because of its beautifully coloured sandstone which glows in the sun. It gives the villages a Tuscan flair and is a delightful place to pass through. Beaune Known as the capital of burgundy wines and a city of art, Beaune is a charming town with an exceptional heritage. Within its ramparts are historical mansions, medieval half-timbered houses and flower filled squares. Beneath the cobbled streets you can discover the cellars of local wine growers and merchants, where you can purchase that extra special bottle, before we take a scenic tour of the celebrated burgundy wine route. Chalon sur Saône walking tour This lively town nestles on the banks of the Saône, from which it takes its name, and was where Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (who invented the first photograph) was born in 1765. It was once a distribution point for local wines which were sent up and down the river; today it is an interesting place to explore with a beautiful cathedral and a bustling square. Cluny Abbey The Abbey of Cluny was founded by Benedictine monks in AD910. The height of its influence was in the 12th century when itz was one of the greatest powers in Europe, with around 10,000 monks, the largest church in the world and the most important library in Europe. The war of religions and the 12 To book simply call 01858 438 315

Lyon Camargue Macon French Revolution destroyed most of the Abbey in 1798 but the remains still suggest its size and glory and the site offers prestigious heritage, with pleasant gardens and a museum. Lyon city tour The city of Lyon is shaped by two great rivers, the Saône and the Rhône, and watched over by the Fourvière – the hill that prays. Between these two rivers we discover the heart of the city, celebrated as the French capital of gastronomy, with an exhaustive list of sights to see and some beautifully preserved historic areas recognised by Unesco world heritage. Mâcon walking tour With its canal tile rooftops and pastel coloured buildings, the town of Mâcon, the most southerly town in Burgundy, has a distinct Mediterranean air about it. Once home to the poet Lamartine, it’s a pleasant place to pass some time and our walking tour will show you the best views and the main sights. The Camargue This coach trip winds through the romantic wetlands of the Camargue, which extend between the Grand and the Petit Rhône. One of the last quiet oases in France, it is famed throughout the world for the stunning white horses, black bulls and pink flamingos. Tournus walking tour Tucked away in the southeast corner of Burgundy, this delightful town is filled with alleyways and ancient buildings that are great for exploring. Highlights include a superb abbey which dates back to the 10th century, and Hôtel Dieu, the old hospital and apothecary. Vienne walking tour The town of Vienne made its mark in Roman times when it became an important city; it is still home to some beautifully preserved remains, including an obelisk and an amphitheatre, which you can see on our walking tour, along with a number of medieval buildings and important religious monuments. Our Superb Range of Excursions – Extended Fleet Lamego Castelo Rodrigo MS Douro Spirit Castelo Rodrigo Castelo Rodrigo is among the 12 historic villages in Portugal and has landmark status. From its elevated position we can enjoy panoramic views as we walk around the village, taking in the medieval walls, the church, the cistern and the palace ruins. City tour of Lamego This elegant city is filled with Renaissance and baroque mansions, and tucked away in an 18th century palace is one of Portugal’s best regional museums which we see during our visit. It includes huge 16th century Flemish tapestries depicting mythological scenes and works by the great 16th century Portuguese artist Grão Vasco showing the Creation, Annunciation, Visitation, and Circumcision. Guimarães This well preserved town is often referred to as the birthplace of Portugal. With the consistent use of traditional building materials and techniques, it exemplifies Portuguese architecture from the 15th to the 19th century, and is a beautiful place to explore on foot. For excursion prices please see page 18 13

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