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CRUISE BASICS AND CRUISE INDUSTRY CRUISE LINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE Online Tutorial Printed book 100 Book Pages 112 Online Slides 30 Text Questions 4 Certificate 8

SUBJECT Cruise Basics & Cruise Industry AVAILABLE AS Printed Book & Online Tutorial 120,00 € ABOUT Why is it important to study Cruise Basics and Cruise Industry? What differentiates the Cruise Industry from the land-based Hospitality Industry? What is the history of the Cruise Industry and where does it stand today? If you are not familiar with the industry and you have not been working on board a cruise line, this material will give you an insight into the industry. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be for you to feel at home both with your work routines and your new life on board! RECOMMENDED FOR Anyone who desires to work on board a cruise ship. Table of contents & Order 9