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HYGIENE (HACCP & USPH) CRUISE LINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE Online Tutorial Printed book 74 Book Pages 131 Online Slides 44 Text Questions 4 Certificate 10

SUBJECT Hygiene (HACCP & USPH) AVAILABLE AS Printed Book & Online Tutorial 100,00 € ABOUT We all know that hygiene is important, but what we might not think about in our daily life is that it is even more important in closed communities where many people are gathered for a long time, as they are on cruise lines. Not only can viruses or bacteria thrive and spread quickly in this setting, but the consequences of being out at sea far away from hospitals are severe if there is an outbreak. This is also true on board river cruises even though the help is not as far away. Hence strict rules apply when it comes to hygiene on board ocean and river cruise lines. We will guide you through not only the basics of hygiene through HACCP but also the United States Public Health (USPH) system which is mandatory for all ships sailing through U.S. water. RECOMMENDED FOR Anyone who desires to work on board a cruise ship or a land-based establishment. Table of contents & Order 11