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MIXOLOGY CRUISE LINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE Online Tutorial Printed book 70 Book Pages 150 Online Slides 70 Text Questions 4 Certificate 24

SUBJECT Mixology AVAILABLE AS Printed Book & Online Tutorial 150,00 € ABOUT You want to be the mixologist with “WOW”? Or are your ambitions slightly less lofty, but you still want to be able to mix some cocktails and make your own creations? Not a problem at all. You can do it, and we will show you in this Book and the Online Tutorial the ground fundamentals of it. We will start you off with the basics about the liquor and spirits, the equipment and of course the Basic Bar Techniques and the Cocktail Making. If you want to take it up to the next level, we recommend you to go through our other Book & Online Tutorial: Bar & Beverage (Bar Edition) RECOMMENDED FOR Anyone who desires to work on board a cruise ship as bar waiter or barkeeper. Table of contents & Order 25