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Online Training and Certification


ASBS Training and Testing Solutions for Hospitality Crew Position We offer training materials for hotel & catering positions including Hygiene ( HACCP & USPH ) Chef on Board ( cold galley edition ) Chef on Board ( hot galley edition ) Baker on Board Pastry Chef on Board Food&Beverage Service ( restaurant waiter edition ) The Sommelier ( beverage & wine fundamentals and theory ) Bar&Beverage Service ( bar waiter & barkeeper edition ) Mixology ( beverage & cocktail mixing theory and recipes ) Allergens Cruise Basics & Cruise Industry Cruise Industry Related Expectations Communication German – Cruise ship edition English – Cruise ship edition We Provide Online & Offline Testing Tools with Options Our testing database includes nearly 10.000 questions for all hotel and catering positions ³ ³ Individual set of question catalogs per position ³ ³ Individual set up of various categories such as Language knowledge Hygiene Position-related knowledge ³ ³ Set up passing grades per category and the overall question catalog Personality tests 2

Consistent Tools Across Multiple Languages There is a big difference between communicating in a foreign language and being capable of learning new stuff in a foreign language. What's need are consistent training materials in various languages. However, finding it, is a real challenge. ASBS is aiming to provide all materials in more than 14 different languages. This is an ongoing process, and we are continuously adding language versions to our libraries including: English German Spanish French Italian Portuguese Romanian Hungarian Bulgarian Croatian/Serbian Russian Philippino Indonesian/Malay Chinese (Mandarin) Hindu Arabic Burmese Education and Qualification doesn't have borders 3