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ASBS Certificate

ASBS Certificate Completion When an applicant or student has completed an online tutorial and passed the final exam, ASBS provides a hard copy certificate of completion. No matter in which language this tutorial was taken, it certifies the successful completion of the exam The recruiters and perhaps your future employer can view the certificate and the content of the online tutorial on our online database Boost your application There are thousands of applicants all around the world who seek an onboard career. As a result, recruiters see a lot of applications and review them based on several factors: 1. Presentation and up-to-dateness of the application 20% 2. Qualifications and proof of qualifications 60% 3. Way of communication and interview outcome 15% 4. Your preferences and ambitions 5% 25,00 € We can help you to stand out from all the rest and to grab the recruiter’s attention. We do this not only by professionally assessing your qualifications and developing them further, but also by providing you with a stylish cover letter and perfect CV. This includes up to three revisions until you are 100% satisfied. We also offer discounted online tutorial packages. 4

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