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CRUISE INDUSTRY RELATED EXPECTATIONS CRUISE LINE CAREER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE Online Tutorial Printed book 40 Book Pages 52 Online Slides 20 Text Questions 4 Certificate 6

SUBJECT Cruise Industry Related Expectations AVAILABLE AS Printed Book & Online Tutorial 60,00 € ABOUT Look at it from an employer’s eyes. What do they want? They want skilled professionals but have difficulty finding them. What is it a recruiter sees first of you? Your CV. We will guide you step by step through how to create a proper CV, one that even the most pressed for time recruiter will notice. We will take you through how to apply for a job, where to apply and when and how to follow up. We will also prepare you for the interviews and help you to improve your interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. And finally we will take up all the Do's and Don’ts when it comes to approaching a prospective employer in the cruise industry! Whether you make contact by mail or telephone, we will help you learn how to communicate your skills effectively. RECOMMENDED FOR Anyone who desires to work on board a cruise ship or a land-based establishment. Table of contents & Order 7