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Security on the slopes - Ski Andorra


7 WALKING UP OR DOWNHILL Any slope-users who is obliged to move up or downhill on foot must keep to the side of the slope and ensure that neither they nor their equipment endangers other slope-users. 8 RESPECT FOR SIGNS All slope-users must respect information concerning weather conditions, the condition of the slope and of the snow. They must respect signs and signposting at all times. 9 ASSISTANCE 10 IDENTIFICATION Any person who is involved in, or witness to, an accident must give assistance; particularly by raising the alarm. If needed they should place themselves at the disposal of the Ski Patrol. Any person, who is involved in, or witness to, an accident must identity themselves to the Ski Patrol.

Anyone who causes an accident due to non-compliance with these rules may be considered civilly or criminally liable. In Andorra, the Law regarding ski resorts and ski lift transport facilities regulates safety on the slopes and punishes abusive or fraudulent behaviour. If you practice ski mountaineering on the ski slopes You should note that: • All the ski resorts have specific circuits for this sport. • If you should go up a slope that is open to the public, you should always do so on one side of the slope and in single file. If you go snowshoeing, you should use the specific circuits created for this activity.