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Chairman and President — Tommy Joe Alexander was named Chairman and President of the Birmingham Water Works Board on January 18, 2018. Alexander comes from many different professional backgrounds and plans to channel his past into this position. Alexander was born during World War II and was raised in Irondale by his mother and grandparents, while his father served in the military. In an interview with The Tap, Alexander stated that his grandparents were very good people and helped raise him. “His grandmother was probably one of the best people I knew on this earth and she would help anybody and do anything to help.” That is where he learned his servanthood from, he wanted to be like her and help anyone possible. Alexander graduated from Leeds High School and went to study geology at Jacksonville State University. After his father returned from duty, he started a construction business in Huntsville, which Alexander left school to work for. They had more business and potential opportunities there than in Birmingham. Eventually, the construction market in Huntsville took a downturn, and Alexander made a career change. He took the opportunity to leave this sector and move into law enforcement with the Huntsville Police Department. “I’d never been a policeman but I needed a job, and I liked it,” he said. Alexander continued his career in law enforcement in Birmingham as a motor scout, which he described as “probably the most enjoyable job” of his life and eventually joined the department’s tactical unit. After training at Redstone Arsenal, he became a member of the first bomb squad in the state, he disarmed six bombs. He trained in his time with the department, he attended the SWAT school at the FBI Academy in Quantico, and learned how to combat street crime from the New York Police Department. After retiring from the Birmingham Police Department as a Sergeant, Alexander sought a new profession. He continued his pursuit of a geology degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, but instead accepted an offer from Sloss Industries to work on the Jefferson Warrior Railroad. After ten years, he was promoted to a management position, where he worked for another ten years before retiring again. He wasn’t done yet. In 2004, Alexander ran for Mayor of the City of Irondale, his childhood home. During his three terms, he counts the recruitment of the Auto Mall, the economic centerpiece of the city, among his top achievements. In addition, he was instrumental in convincing The University of Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban to bring his Mercedes-Benz dealership to the corner of Grants Mill Road and 1-459. Alexander retired from his Mayoral position in 2014, but accepted an appointment to the Birmingham Water Works Board last year. He was appointed to the Board by the Jefferson County Mayors Association of 35 local municipalities, including the City of Birmingham and Irondale. Over the past year, he has gained an appreciation for the leadership of the board and the challenge of bringing various viewpoints to a cohesive vision. His tenure as mayor has given Alexander experience managing both a local municipality of approximately 13,000 residents and a water system with about 3,000 customers. As with his mayorship, Alexander views his Chairman role not only as a leader but also as a servant. “You’re the leader. You have to go from one of the board members to the leader of the board, and sometimes that’s difficult, but I have had plenty of experience in leading,” he said. “When you’re serving water to 600,000 people, it’s also a servant role, and I’ll help our customers anyway I can. When I was the Mayor of Irondale, my office was open and people could come and talk to me, no matter if they were the richest or the poorest. I will help any of them, and that’s what I intend to do.” PAGE - 5

Awards Book
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