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ASSISTANT GENERAL Michael Johnson Assistant General Manager of Finance and Administration Mr. Johnson manages several departments within the utility including accounting, finance, human resources, information technology and customer service. A certified government financial manager with more than 20 years of experience, Johnson served as deputy director of finance for the City of Birmingham before joining the Birmingham Water Works Board. Johnson earned a Master of Science degree in taxation from National University and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. PAGE - 10

MANAGERS T.M. “Sonny” Jones Assistant General Manager of Engineering and Maintenance Mr. Jones oversees several aspects of company operations including engineering, systems development, maintenance, distribution, and environmental services. Jones has previously held numerous positions with the City of Vestavia Hills, including finance director, treasurer, engineer, and city clerk. He holds a Master’s degree in business administration, as well as a professional engineer (P.E.) license in structural engineering. Darryl R. Jones Assistant General Manager of Operations and Technical Services Having served the Birmingham Water Works Board since 1988, Mr. Jones oversees and directs the board’s raw water intakes, pumping stations, reservoirs, SCADA system, water-testing laboratory services, and security. Jones is a registered and licensed engineer in the state of Alabama. He has also received training and education in chemical engineering and hydraulic network modeling, among other areas. 38KM + AND COUNTING Aboratum simentis aut laborporios audae conest debitNienitatet reius incil ilique prae nim qui coreriaeria nis aperupt iusaperum ium que ipicienist, sitas et re volecumqui vendigent qui ratectur apera. voloritatur? Quis sandi aspici di repudiaerum fugitiatia pror re dolupta temolor. PAGE - 11

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