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BEST CITIES FOR DRINKING WATER 2015 Training Top 125 Award Ranked 95th - BWWB Leadership Development Program (LDP) participants tackle actual organizational challenges by completing a workrelated team project that is approved by executive management. Employees devote many hours to research and other activities to provide management with solid recommendations for improving operational procedures, policies, and processes. The outcomes of each team’s project are presented to BWWB management with their recommendation. Of the 13 participants in the 2007-2008 LDP, 7 were promoted to management, and in 2008-2009, 3 of the 11 participants were similarly promoted. Training Top 125 Award Ranked 75th - BWWB developed and implemented leadership programs to support the organization’s commitment to fostering an environment that facilitates training to enhance the skills of its employees to prepare the organization for the future. Some 117 employees have enrolled in BWWB’s leadership programs, and 60 of them have graduated. Of these graduates, 37 have been promoted (62%) year to date. The quality of BWWB’s leadership programs is represented by the high percentage of graduate promotions. The development and implementation of these leadership programs successfully demonstrates BWWB’s commitment to its strategic goal/objective to “train the workforce to enhance innovative knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve system operations.” Training Top 125 Award Ranked 24th - Safety is equal with production and quality at the BWWB. The organization’s Safety First mantra is communicated, practiced, and observed daily. Safety training is not only conducted for compliance requirements, it’s also conducted to help employees be successful. In FY’13, BWWB focused on safety performance rather than compliance. This disruptive e thinking approach resulted in making a positive impact on BWWB’s overall safety culture. Safety training became more relevant, job performance increased, and hazard assessments improved. This also changed how employees viewed safety training. Employee engagement in safety training increased; coaching became more positive and less disciplinary; injuries decreased; and employee safety moral improved. Young Professional of the Year – BWWB Lorenzo Clay received this award from the AWWA’s Alabama/Mississippi Section. AWWA Alabama Operator of the Year – BWWB Operator Wendell Cox received this award from the AWWA’s Alabama/Mississippi Section. PAGE - 12

2016 Training Top 125 Award Ranked 10th - The organization’s commitment to investing in its people is apparent in its 3 leadership development programs. Supervisory Training And Readiness (S.T.A.R.) and the BWWB Leadership and Executive Leadership programs create a pipeline of well-trained and competent members of the workforce ready to achieve BWWB strategic goal “to recruit, develop, reward, and retain a high-performing and innovative workforce.” By incorporating real-life organizational challenges into its leadership training. BWWB employees receive the skills needed to contribute to the overall success of the organization. BWWB has filled 68% of its job vacancies with internal employees being promoted, which impacted overall retention of 95%. The Western Filter Plant received Water Treatment Plant of the Year from the AWWA Alabama/Mississippi Section. AWWA Alabama Operator of the Year – BWWB Operator Michael Walton received this award from the AWWA’s Alabama/Mississippi Section. Distribution System of the Year – AWWA Alabama/Mississippi Section. 2017 Training Top 125 Award Ranked 21st - As part of an organizational assessment, BWWB discovered its management needed to improve their ability to have important conversations with employees to increase accountability throughout the organization. In 2015, it set an organizational goal to complete company-wide performance metrics. Crucial Conversations training for leadership was implemented. Managers immediately applied the skills by engaging in conversations about the current performance status of their departments, the desired performance conditions, and what’s preventing their team from achieving this level of performance. BWWB met its organizational goal to complete company-wide performance metrics by 100%. Top 500 Security Award – The BWWB’s Security Department was recognized as one of the “Top Security Departments in North America,” for the last five years straight – by Security Magazine 38KM + AND COUNTING Western Filter Plant – was named the Water Treatment Plant of the Year from the AWWA Alabama/Mississippi Section AWWA Operator of the Year – BWWB Senior Plant Operator at Carson Filter Plant, Jeremy Hawkins received this award from the AWWA’s Alabama/Mississippi Section Aboratum simentis aut laborporios audae conest debitNienitatet reius incil ilique prae nim qui coreriaeria nis aperupt iusaperum ium que ipicienist, sitas et re volecumqui vendigent qui ratectur apera. voloritatur? Quis sandi aspici di repudiaerum fugitiatia pror re dolupta temolor. PAGE - 13

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