G-Health Enterprises 2017 Annual Report.

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Welcome to G-Health Enterprises

. . .

Every day our hearts and minds are touched by what we see unfolding at G-Health Enterprises. When we unlocked

the doors to our new facility, we unlocked our dream to establish a state-of-the-art medical facility conveniently

located for our primary client base. Our G-Health facility is a bricks and mortar representation of our

GBUAHN mission – “To transform health care by removing barriers created by social determinants of health in

underserved communities.”

The year 2017 was one of immense growth for our organizations. We revealed the name G-Health Enterprises

to encompass all of our progressive health care affiliates: the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare

Network (GBUAHN), the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Care Organization (GBUACO) and the Greater

Buffalo United Independent Physicians Association (GBUIPA). We saw GBUAHN reach a membership of more

than 7,500 members and become the sixth largest health home in New York state. GBUACO successfully completed

its first full year in operation and in co-operation with YourCare Health Plan. The National Committee

for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognized GBUAHN as accredited in case management, making GBUAHN the

first and only health home in New York state to achieve such recognition. NCQA also presented GBUACO with

level two accreditation as an accountable care organization (ACO). GBUACO is one of only ten ACOs in the

U.S. to receive this distinction.

The numbers show that G-Health Enterprises significantly reduced the number of hospital readmissions and

emergency room visits among its members. These statistics represent just the tip of the iceberg for the barriers

to quality health care that the affiliates of G-Health Enterprises are knocking down.

We thank everyone who helped make 2017 a huge success for G-Health Enterprises. You, as leaders in health

care, human services, business and government, along with the citizens of Buffalo and Western New York, have

helped us unlock the dream of better health care for underserved populations. Your support is the key that will

open more doors for us in the future.

G-Health Enterprises’ new facility


. . .

In August 2017 G-Health Enterprises opened the doors

to its new $6 million, 40,000-square-foot medical

facility at 564 Niagara Street, thus unlocking the

dream to bring conveniently-located, outstanding

health care to members of GBUAHN and patients of

Urban Family Practice.

G-Health Enterprises’ new building is the largest

commercial development on Buffalo’s Lower West

Side in 25 years. It stands as a testament to G-Health

Enterprises’ CEO Dr. Raul Vazquez and Chief

Systems Operator Toni Vazquez for their persistence

in bringing the very best in progressive health care to

the citizens of Buffalo.

The building brings together all of the elements that

make up G-Health Enterprises’ care philosophy. Dr.

Vazquez moved his own private practice, including

all specialists, into the new building. An ultramodern

fitness center graces the lower level; as does a teaching

kitchen where GBUAHN members and staff attend

healthy cooking classes.

Mrs. Vazquez spoke of the importance of bringing

quality health care to the Lower West Side.

“We decided where there’s a need and a void, there

must be a vision – a vision that can find potential in

the least likely of places,” Mrs. Vazquez said.

New York State Senator Tim Kennedy spoke

with enthusiasm about the ribbon cutting and

what GBUAHN and GBUACO are doing for the


“This is a monument of success in the city of Buffalo,”

said Senator Kennedy. “This multi-million-dollar

health care facility is unmatched anywhere in the great

state of New York.”

And now that the dream is unlocked, doors are

opening everywhere for G-Health Enterprises. As the

leader in innovative methods for the delivery of health

care, the best is yet to come.

On a picture-perfect day in September 2017, an

official grand opening and ribbon cutting celebration

was held at the facility. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown

led the program of speakers, calling the new medical

building a “game changer.”

“Today marks a huge step in building a city of

opportunity for all people, connecting our residents to

vital health and human services, while also creating

jobs for the members of our community,” said Mayor


“We want to create jobs in our community,” said Dr.

Vazquez. “I want to create 200, 300, 400 – I want to

add up to 1,000 jobs in five years.”


. . .

GBUAHN nationally recognized for

excellence in case management

In October 2017, the National Committee for Quality

Assurance (NCQA) announced that GBUAHN has

received level two NCQA case management accreditation.

GBUAHN is the first and only health home in New York

state to achieve NCQA recognition for case management.

Earning NCQA’s case management accreditation shows

that GBUAHN’s case management program is dedicated

to care coordination, patient-centeredness and improving

quality of care. NCQA sets its standards high to encourage

case management organizations like GBUAHN to

continuously enhance the quality of services they deliver.

NCQA Case Management Accreditation is the only

program that focuses on care transition.

“This NCQA accreditation in case management for

GBUAHN is huge in our organization’s commitment to

providing smart, coordinated health care for the Medicaid

patients we serve,” said GBUAHN CEO Raul Vazquez,

M.D. “Our patient health navigators, or care coordinators,

work tirelessly to organize the right services for our

members through the development of individualized care


NCQA accreditation standards are developed with input

from researchers in the field, the Case Management Expert

Panel and standing committees, employers, both purchasers

and operators of case management programs, state and

federal regulators and other experts.

GBUAHN now the largest Medicaid

Health Home outside New York City


GBUAHN is now the sixth largest Medicaid Health Home

in New York State. October 2017 data from the New York

State Department of Health shows only health homes

located in the Hudson River area, Manhattan, Brooklyn

and the Bronx have larger memberships than GBUAHN.

In addition, GBUAHN is the first and only health home

organization in New York State to achieve National

Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition for

case management.

“Buffalo can be proud that we care so much about our

citizens that GBUAHN is leading the way in when it

comes to keeping people of all socioeconomic groups

healthy,” said GBUAHN CEO Dr. Raul Vazquez. “We

are breaking down barriers to health care that many low

income individuals face and we are making them healthier,

improving the overall wellness of our city and region.”

GBUAHN answers the call for

help in the wake of Hurricane


GBUAHN teamed up with WIVB-TV News4 on

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 to host a telethon for

victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The telethon

yielded more than $36,500 in donations for those who were

forced to flee their homes due to the natural disaster.

Volunteers from GBUAHN and members of the

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund answered close

to 1,000 calls from donors. WIVB-TV reporter/

anchors Christy Kern and Nalina Shapiro provided

live televised updates throughout the event, and

interviewed GBUAHN Chief Executive Officer Dr.

Raul Vazquez several times during the telethon.

“It’s not like ‘oh this happened, things are better.’

Things are still not good,” said Dr. Vazquez during

News4’s 6:00 p.m. broadcast. “And a lot of these

people are coming (to Buffalo), so that’s what we’re

doing here – trying to support them.”

Dr. Vazquez and GBUAHN Chief Systems Officer

Toni Vazquez (on behalf of the Raul and Toni Vazquez

Foundation) donated a total of $1,500. All of the

funds raised in the telethon went to Hurricane Maria

survivors who are resettling in Buffalo and Western

New York. The funds were used toward housing,

furniture, clothing, appliances, etc.

GBUAHN is 7,500 Members Strong

GBUAHN celebrated a milestone of reaching membership

of 7,500 in 2017. The milestone came on the eve of

GBUAHN’s Grand Opening Ceremony, celebrating the

new, multi-million dollar medical facility at 564 Niagara

Street on Buffalo’s Lower West Side. GBUAHN has

tripled in size over the past two years, creating jobs,

revitalizing the city’s economy and helping individuals

navigate the often-complex Medicaid system.

“This increase is monumental in such a short span

of time,” said Raul Vazquez, M.D., GBUAHN CEO.

“However, this is just the beginning for us. We are

passionate about helping our members, and GBUAHN

will make sure that we have the resources to continue to

provide phenomenal services for Medicaid recipients.”

Significant savings for taxpayers is another key result

of this program. With their assigned GBUAHN patient

health navigators, members receive on-going support for

preventive care with a primary physician and maintenance

care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and

high blood pressure. As a result, expensive emergency

room visits decrease and Medicaid costs are reduced.

GBUAHN donated over 20 pallets of water to the Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria Relief Block Party on October 1, 2017

GBUAhn Stats

. . .

Source: New York State Department of Health 2016 Health Home Quality and Utilization Report

ER Visits per 1000 Health Home Medicaid Members











State Avg.


State Avg.

(Based on the percent of total mental illness hospitalizations/ER visits for health home members)

GBUAHN was 33.12% better than the state average at preventing hospital readmissions.

(Total number of potentially preventable readmissions per 100,000 health home enrollees)

GBUAHN was 14% better than the state average at preventing emergency room visits.

(Total number of preventable ER visits per 100 health home enrollees)

Source: New York State Department of Health 2016 Health Home Quality and Utilization Report

(Percentage of sexually active female health home

members who had a screening)

(Percentage of health home members who had

their BMI documented)

(Based on percentage of ER visits for health home members diagnosed with alcohol/drug dependence)

Source: New York State Department of Health 2016 Health Home Quality and Utilization Report


. . .

GBUACO one of only ten ACOs in the

U.S. to receive NCQA accreditation

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

presented GBUACO level two accreditation as an

accountable care organization (ACO) in 2017. GBUACO is

one of only ten ACOs in the U.S. to receive this distinction.

Earning NCQA accreditation as an accountable care

organization shows that GBUACO is dedicated to

delivering coordinated patient-centered care and is

accountable for improving clinical quality, enhancing the

patient experience and reducing cost. The NCQA sets its

standards high to encourage accountable care organizations

like GBUACO to continuously enhance the quality of

services they deliver.

“This NCQA accreditation is a huge honor for GBUACO,

which is in its very first year of existence,” said GBUACO

CEO Raul Vazquez, M.D. “We are changing the way

health care is delivered in Buffalo, Western New York

and the nation. The NCQA sets its standards high, making

this accreditation very difficult to achieve, with only nine

other ACOs in the entire country holding this honor with


The NCQA Accountable Care Organization Accreditation

not only involves a rigorous review of an organization’s

structure and processes, but also requires organizations

to collect data on key clinical and service measures (e.g.,

mammography screening rates, comprehensive diabetes

care, consumer satisfaction).

“By earning NCQA ACO Accreditation, GBUACO has

demonstrated to payers and other purchasers that it has met

challenging requirements designed to show the efficiency,

integration and high quality expected of an accountable

care organization,” said NCQA President Margaret E.

O’Kane. “Accreditation also shows patients and providers

that GBUACO is prepared to deliver on the promise of

better care on all these dimensions.”

GBUACO gives its patients a Lyft

GBUACO, the first Medicaid accountable care organization

in New York state, is also one of the first health care

companies in Western New York to team up with Lyft to

provide free rides for patients. GBUACO officials inked the

deal with Lyft shortly after the ridesharing company was

approved to operate in the Buffalo area.

Lack of transportation to appointments has been a longstanding

issue in health care, especially among Medicaid

recipients. GBUACO offers free rides to patients who are

utilizing the services of any of its network providers. With

the addition of Lyft, GBUACO will be able to move more

patients, more swiftly.

“The major reason our Medicaid patients miss doctors’

appointments is because they cannot find an efficient mode

of transport,” said GBUACO Chief Executive Officer

Raul Vazquez, M.D. “This partnership with Lyft enables

our care coordinators to arrange rides for our patients that

are cheaper, faster, and oftentimes more comfortable and


Care coordinators will set up rides for GBUACO network

patients utilizing Lyft Concierge.

The highlight of the evening was the live auction of a group

art painting by kids from Fantastic Friends of Western New

York. Fantastic Friends of Western New York sponsors

monthly events for people of all ages with special needs.

The group painting was purchased by Carmen Greenberg-Perez,

Medical Sales Director at United Healthcare,

for $600. Paintings by the kids who created and completed

their artwork at the tournament sold for $100 each.

About Vive:

Concierge is a third-party web application that allows

GBUACO care coordinators to arrange rides online on

behalf of individuals who may not have the technology, or

the ability, to do it themselves.

“Our partnership with GBUACO will help remove

transportation barriers and provide reliable, on-demand

rides to patients who need it,” said Gyre Renwick, head of

health care partnerships at Lyft. “The response from health

care companies that have been using Lyft Concierge has

been outstanding, with patients using words like ‘exciting’

and ‘comfortable’ to describe their Lyft experiences.”

“This collaboration with Lyft is in perfect keeping with

GBUACO’s mission to use innovation to transform patient

lives,” said Vazquez. “Ridesharing is the newest way to get

around in Western New York, and we are jumping aboard

to help our patients live healthier lives. When we get them

to their medical appointments, smaller health issues are

less likely to become larger ones causing expensive, yet

preventable, trips to the ER.”

Vive provides services to refugees who cannot return to

their homelands due to their race, religion, nationality or

political opinion.

About The Western New York Center for Survivors

of Torture at Jewish Family Services:

The Western New York Center for Survivors of Torture at

Jewish Family Services provides programs for survivors of

refugee trauma and political and state-sponsored torture.

About Back to Basics Outreach Ministries:

Back to Basics helps ex-convicts who are just out of prison

with their transition back into the community.

“For the GBUACO Golf Tournament, we select charities

that serve some of our most vulnerable citizens who do

not have many places to go to get the help they need,” said

GBUACO Chief Executive Officer Raul Vazquez, M.D.

“The organizations our tournaments support are usually

smaller agencies that really need the help and we want to

let them know they are not forgotten.”

Raising some green, on the green

- the 3rd Annual GBUACO Charity

Golf Tournament

GBUACO’s 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament took

place on Friday, September 22, 2017 at Glen Oak Golf

Course in East Amherst. After hitting the links, golfers

enjoyed an awards ceremony, basket raffle and check

presentations to charities that each received $2,500 from

the tournament: Vive, Back to Basics Outreach Ministries

and Western New York Center for Survivors of Torture at

Jewish Family Services. United Healthcare was the premier

sponsor of this event.

The William L. gaiter Conference Room

named after tireless civil rights

William L. Gaiter played a huge role in helping the

Buffalo African-American community through some of its

most arduous times. He used boycotts, demonstrations and

lawsuits in his fight for equality for African-Americans.

He also happens to be someone G-Health Enterprises

Chief Systems Officer Toni Vazquez calls “Dad.”

Therefore, it only seemed appropriate that the exquisite

conference room in the new G-Health facility receive the

moniker, The William L. Gaiter Conference Room.

Gaiter was born in Selma, Alabama in 1927. Upon

arriving in Buffalo, he attended a meeting of B.U.I.L.D.

(Build Unity, Independence, Liberty and Dignity) in

Buffalo in 1966 and was inspired to join the movement.

Coincidentally, Gaiter became president of B.U.I.L.D. on

the same dreadful day that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was

assassinated in 1968.

Under Gaiter’s leadership, B.U.I.L.D. fought for a better

community. City Hall, the Buffalo School Board and the

Buffalo Police Department were all targets of change for

the organization. Gaiter said: “We are not going to get

anything from City Hall or Albany or Washington unless

we fight.”

B.U.I.L.D., with Gaiter at the helm, achieved many

great things for the black community, including the

implementation of the Juneteenth Festival. The yearly

festival has evolved into one of the premier summer

events for all of Buffalo.

Other organizations that Gaiter was affiliated with include:

the Buffalo Affirmative Action Program (BAAP), which

was responsible for recruiting, training and unionizing

minorities into the construction industry in the Buffalo

vicinity. Through the WNY Council for African Relief

(WNYCAR), he raised over $75,000 to aid Malika Village

in Senegal, West Africa, and other African countries. He

served as president of the Institute for People Enterprises

(IPE), which he founded in 1978. In 1984, he organized

and chaired the Western New York Council for African


. . .


Gaiter received numerous awards including: the Buffalo

Challenger Buffalo Citizen Award; Phyllis Wheatley Club

Certificate of Appreciation; Black Educators Association

Community Service Award; the Buffalo Urban League

Evans-Young Humanitarian Award and the prestigious

Buffalo News Man of the Year Award.

I am g-fit!

. . .

by: Dana Ingebretson, MS, RD, CDN, G-Health Enterprises Director of Nutrition Services

2017 brought the launch of GBUAHN’s Member

Wellness Weight-Management program. Structured to

help members reach a healthier weight, the program

consists of combined group nutrition and fitness

classes over the course of an hour and a half. The

classes are taught by GBUAHN’s on-staff personal

trainer DaMond Brock, ISSA CPT and registered

dietitian, Dana Ingebretson, MS, RD, CDN.

During the class time, members first tackle nutrition

by learning to read nutrition facts labels and balance

their portions and types of food. Additionally,

members share stories of success and failure with each

other and applaud each other on their journey to better

health. The classes include stress management and

better sleep techniques to help manage their weight

holistically. After 45 minutes of group nutrition,

members head over to the gym, where they participate

in a variety of physical activities such as Zumba, yoga,

lifting weights or walking on the treadmill, and enjoy

encouraging each other to work out.

Since the program launched in the winter of 2017,

at least 169 GBUAHN members have attended the

program at least once. Over a period of time, 75% of

members who attended the program lost an average of

5.5 pounds with some members losing as much as 15

pounds. Research shows that even a five pound weight

loss can improve health conditions such as high

blood pressure. Says one GBUAHN member, whose

diabetic numbers have improved since she started, “I

have never been this energetic before. It’s been a great

program and I appreciate everything you guys do for


. . .


The Greater Buffalo United Independent Physicians

Association (GBUIPA)

WNY Medical, PC

Jericho Road Community Health Center


Kaleida Health


DENT Neurologic Institute

WNY Imaging Group

MASH Urgent Care

Vivian L.Lindfield, M.D.

Thank you to our 3rd annual gbuaco golf tournament


. . .

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YourCare Health Plan

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Strategic Interests

Fallon Health Weinberg

Kenneth Gayles, M.D.

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2017 awards

. . .

WNY Muslims Humanitarian Award – Raul Vazquez, M.D., G-Health Enterprises CEO

WNY Muslims Humanitarian Award – Ava White, G-Health Enterprises Senior Vice President of Outreach

Kidney Foundation of Western New






Service Award – GBUAHN

Population Health Collaborative Spotlight on Population Health Awards (SOPHi) – Data-Driven – GBUAHN

Urban Chamber of Commerce Award – Outstanding Business Leadership Award 2017 – Raul Vazquez, M.D.

G-Health Enterprises

Greater Buffalo United IPA

Raul Vazquez, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.


Kenneth L. Gayles, M.D. F.A.C.C.

Vice President

Dwight Lewis, M.D.


Winston Douglas, M.D.


Frances Ilozue, M.D.

Riffat Sadiq, M.D.

Ted Triana, D.O.

Kenton Forte, M.D.

Jesslyn Perry, M.D.

George Haddad, M.D.

G-Health Enterprises

GBUACO Board of Directors

Raul Vazquez, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.


Kenneth L. Gayles, M.D. F.A.C.C.

Vice President

Frances Ilozue, M.D.


Riffat Sadiq, M.D.


Kenton Forte, M.D.

Jesslyn Perry, M.D.

George Haddad, M.D.

Winston Douglas, M.D.

Dwight Lewis, M.D.

Faizan Haq

Joseph Serghany, M.D.

Nicolas P. Saikali, M.D.

Sam Yi, M.D.

Saravanan Rohith, M.D.

Roan Reynolds

Phenerson Chillis

G-Health Enterprises


Raul Vazquez, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.

President/Chief Executive Officer

Toni Vazquez

Chief Systems Officer

Chet Fox, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Ivan Agosto

Chief Operating Officer

Luis A. Santiago

Chief Financial Officer

Ava White

Senior Vice President of Outreach

Ralph Hernandez, MS/HSA

Executive Director

Nadia Vazquez

Assistant Director of G-Health Enterprises

Jason A. Isbrandt

Director of Marketing/Provider Relations

G-Health Enterprises 2017 Annual Report


Anthony Pierce

G-Health Enterprises - Multimedia Producer

Pablo Colon

G-Health Enterprises - Multimedia Producer


Dana Ingebretson, MS, RD, CDN,

G-Health Enterprises Director of Nutrition Services

Julie A. Doerr

G-Health Enterprises - Assistant Director of Marketing

YourCare and GBUACO team up to

improve health care

. . .

In 2017, GBUACO and health insurance provider

YourCare Health Plan officially embarked on a historic

partnership. It’s a collaboration of firsts – YourCare is the

first health plan that provides Medicaid and other free or

low-cost health insurance plans to pair up with GBUACO,

the first Medicaid accountable care organization (ACO) in

New York state.

every barrier for the individuals for which they care,” said

Graziano. “Providers looking to effect change – not only

within the WNY community, but within health care models

as a whole – should consider forming a relationship with

the GBUACO team.”

At the heart of the agreement between GBUACO and

YourCare is a value-based payment system. Under a valuebased

payment system, practitioners in an ACO must meet

clearly-defined quality metrics that measure prevention

of disease and chronic disease management. Providers

who have partnered with GBUACO work as a team and

are incentivized for keeping their patients healthy and

minimizing expensive emergency room visits and hospital


“Launching the first Medicaid ACO partnership with

GBUACO was a major accomplishment, as it will lead

us to reduce costs and provide better-coordinated care

for each individual served by the ACO,” said YourCare

President and CEO Dennis Graziano.

Graziano says GBUACO and YourCare are a great fit

because both organizations strive to reduce barriers to

health care for underserved populations.

“GBUACO providers truly put their patients first –

something that resonates strongly with the YourCare

Plan team – (also) known for putting its members first,”

Graziano stated.

When asked why a provider should join GBUACO,

Graziano cited the commitment of the individuals that

make up the ACO.

“The providers associated with GBUACO are really

phenomenal practitioners – always looking to provide the

utmost quality care to their patients by defining the social

determinants of health, and then eliminating each and

YourCare Health Plan President and CEO Dennis Graziano

photo by: Chris Coe, Chris Coe Photography

564 Niagara St., Bldg 2.

Buffalo, NY 14201

(716) 247-5282

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