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VOLUME VOLUME 36 • NUMBER 37 • NUMBER 4 3 • • (PUBLISHED MONTHLY EXCEPT JUNE JUNE & JULY) & JULY) •• <strong>MARCH</strong> APRIL <strong>2018</strong> 2017<br />

INSIDE<br />

THIS<br />

ISSUE<br />

Join the Illustrious Potentate<br />

Horace Perkins, III<br />

& his Lady Tammy<br />

for A Walk<br />

In The<br />

Park<br />

On March 24, <strong>2018</strong> celebrating the<br />

Potentate’s Ball<br />

Your invitation is inside.<br />

INSIDE<br />

THIS<br />

ISSUE<br />

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Potentate’s<br />

Message<br />

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Divan<br />

Messages<br />

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Patients’ Easter<br />

Egg Hunt<br />

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Potentate’s Ball<br />

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Hospital Message<br />

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Unit News<br />

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Children College<br />

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Golf Clown Info<br />

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Notices &<br />

Upcoming Evenets<br />

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Fishing<br />

Tournament<br />


Black Camel<br />

Imperial Session

* Deceased<br />

Al Menah Temple<br />

Oasis of Nashville<br />

Desert Al Menah of TennessEE Temple<br />

P.O.Box 78545<br />

Oasis<br />

•<br />

of<br />

Nashville,<br />

Nashville<br />

TN 37207<br />

Phones<br />

Desert<br />

1.615.226.7766<br />

of TennessEE<br />

P.O.Box 1.877.505.7766<br />

78545 • Nashville, TN 37207<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

Phones 1.615.226.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

The www.almenahShriners.org<br />

Publication Committee<br />

The The Divan/Board Publication of Committee<br />

Directors<br />

Potentate .................... Frank Hester<br />

Chief Rabban The ........... Divan/Board Horace of Directors Perkins III<br />

Assistant Potentate Rabban .................... ..........Randy Horace Frank Williams Perkins Hester III<br />

High Chief Priest Rabban. & Prophet ..........Randy Horace Scott Perkins Williams JonesIII<br />

Oriental Assistant Guide Rabban ...........<br />

........... .........Randy<br />

Donnie Scott Drayton<br />

Williams Jones<br />

.......... Scott Jones<br />

Treasurer High Priest ........................ & Prophet. Donny ........... Donnie<br />

Wes Drayton<br />

Drayton<br />

Frye<br />

Recorder<br />

Oriental ...................Robert<br />

Guide Vernon Blackburn<br />

........................ Daniel<br />

Treasurer Wes Frye<br />

Editor Recorder. ..................... ...................Robert Maurice Smith Daniel<br />

Editor. Published ..................... monthly except June Maurice and July Smmith Smith<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

Published monthly except June and July<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />



*Charles *Charles Barham Barham *John *John E. E. Patton Patton<br />

*V. K. *V. *Charles Stevenson K. Stevenson Barham *John *John D. D. E. Whalley Patton Whalley<br />

*W. F. *W. *V. Hunt K. F. Hunt Stevenson Jack Jack *John Norman, D. Whalley Jr. Jr.<br />

*J. Pink *J. *W. Pink Lawrence F. Hunt Lawrence<br />

*Albert Jack Norman, Bennett Jr.<br />

*Ed R. *Ed *J. Burr Pink R. Burr Lawrence<br />

*Clyde *Albert R. R. Bennett Watson<br />

*Ed R. Burr<br />

*Clyde R. Watson<br />

*J. Harry *J. Harry Murphy Murphy<br />

*Marshall S. S. Whitley<br />

*J. Harry Murphy<br />

*Marshall S. Whitley<br />

*Charles *Charles<br />

*Charles N. Rolfe N. Rolfe<br />

N. Rolfe *James *James<br />

*James J. White J. White<br />

J. White<br />

*Paul *Paul<br />

*Paul DeWitt DeWitt<br />

DeWitt<br />

*G. *G.<br />

*G. Cooper Cooper<br />

Cooper Holt Holt<br />

Holt<br />

*E. M. *E.<br />

*E. Kelly M. Kelly<br />

M. Kelly<br />

*J. *J. Coleman Coleman<br />

*J. Coleman Hayes Hayes<br />

Hayes<br />

*Joseph<br />

*Joseph<br />

*Joseph Higgins<br />

Higgins<br />

Higgins *Donald<br />

*Donald<br />

*Donald R.<br />

R.<br />

R. Dunning<br />

Dunning<br />

*Ira E. Parker<br />

*J. P. Foster<br />

*Ira E.<br />

*Martin<br />

*Ira Parker E. Parker<br />

S. Roberts<br />

*J.<br />

*Gale<br />

P. *J. Foster P. Foster<br />

Robinson<br />

*Martin *R.<br />

*Martin<br />

C. S. Roberts Derivaux<br />

S. Roberts *Gale *C.<br />

*Gale Robinson V. Cramb<br />

*R. C. *Oren<br />

*R. Derivaux C.<br />

A.<br />

Derivaux<br />

Oliver *C.*J. *C. V. Nelson Cramb V. Bryan<br />

*Oren *Lee<br />

*Oren A. Oliver L.<br />

A.<br />

Gamble<br />

Oliver *J. *Robert Nelson *J. Nelson Bryan Battle<br />

Bryan<br />

*Lee*R. L. *Lee Gamble R.<br />

L.<br />

Clark<br />

Gamble *Robert *Jerry<br />

*Robert Battle N.<br />

Battle<br />

Tate<br />

*R. R. *William<br />

*R. Clark R. Clark<br />

Raine *Jerry *Fred<br />

*Jerry N. H.<br />

N. Tate Gay,<br />

Tate<br />

Jr.<br />

*William *Hugh<br />

*William<br />

Raine F. Smith,<br />

Raine<br />

Jr. *Fred<br />

*Fred H. Gay, Jr.<br />

James H. A. Gay, Campbell Jr.<br />

*Hugh F. Smith, Jr.<br />

James A. Campbell<br />

*Hugh *W.<br />

*W.<br />

F. A. Smith, Bryan<br />

A. Bryan<br />

Jr.<br />

James *Claude<br />

*Claude<br />

A. Campbell<br />

G.<br />

G.<br />

Southall<br />

Southall<br />

*W. A. *Charles<br />

*Charles Bryan L. Cornelius<br />

L. Cornelius *Claude *W.<br />

*W. B.<br />

B. G. Lawson<br />

Lawson Southall<br />

*Charles *W.<br />

*W.<br />

Bush L. Bush Cornelius Herbert<br />

Herbert *W. *Gale<br />

*Gale B. Lawson Robinson<br />

Robinson<br />

*W. Bush *Marshall<br />

*Marshall Herbert Hotchkiss<br />

Hotchkiss *Gale J.<br />

J.<br />

Dudley<br />

Dudley Robinson Phillips<br />

Phillips<br />

*Marshall *Jess<br />

*Jess<br />

B. Hotchkiss B.<br />

Templeton<br />

Templeton J. Dudley *M.<br />

*M.<br />

Norris<br />

Norris Phillips Jenkins<br />

Jenkins<br />

*Jess<br />

*T.<br />

B. *T. Templeton<br />

A.<br />

A.<br />

Springfield<br />

Springfield *M. *James<br />

*James Norris F.<br />

F. Jenkins Scalf,<br />

Scalf,<br />

Jr.<br />

Jr.<br />

*James<br />

*T. A. *James<br />

G.<br />

Springfield G. Stahlman<br />

Stahlman *William<br />

*William B.<br />

B.<br />

Jones<br />

Jones<br />

*James F. Scalf, Jr.<br />

*J.<br />

*James *J.<br />

Clark<br />

G. Clark<br />

Akers<br />

Stahlman Akers<br />

Jack<br />

Jack<br />

C.<br />

C. Phelps<br />

Phelps<br />

*R.<br />

*J. Clark *R.<br />

E.<br />

Akers E.<br />

Baulch<br />

*William<br />

Baulch<br />

*David<br />

B. P. P.<br />

Jones<br />

Brumfield Brumfield<br />

*Thomas<br />

*R. E. *Thomas<br />

E.<br />

Baulch E.<br />

Doss Jack<br />

Doss<br />

*Zack C. Phelps<br />

S. S. Parrish, Parrish, Sr. Sr.<br />

Kerbela<br />

*Thomas<br />

Kerbela Temple<br />

E. Doss<br />

‘28 ‘28 *David *Robert P. Brumfield<br />

E. Newman<br />

*Maurice Weinberger *Zack *George S. Parrish, Cook Cook Sr.<br />

Kerbela *S. *S. N. Temple<br />

N. Allen<br />

‘28 *Robert *R. *R. Parker E. Newman Graham<br />

*Maurice *W. *W. B. B. Weinberger Hager<br />

*George H. H. Parker Cook Toler<br />

*S. N. *O. *O. Allen Lynn Meek<br />

*R. *R. Parker T. T. McNaney<br />

Graham<br />

*W. B. *Jack *Jack Hager Norman<br />

H. James Parker L. Toler<br />

Ham<br />

*O. Lynn *James Meek J. J. Vaughn<br />

*R.*Charles T. McNaney H. H. Williams Williams<br />

*Jack*C. *C. Norman H. H. Smith<br />

James William L. Ham<br />

D. Jones<br />

*James *Fred J. Vaughn C. C. Laskey<br />

Charles John L. H. Weaver, Williams<br />

III<br />

*C. H. *Ivo Smith A. A. Burton<br />

William Gale B. D. Robinson Jones<br />

*Fred<br />

*T. *T. C.<br />

W. W. Laskey<br />

Bray, Jr.<br />

John<br />

Joe L.<br />

Bell<br />

Weaver, III<br />

*James<br />

*Ivo A. R.<br />

Burton<br />

Cox<br />

Ronny<br />

Gale L.<br />

B. Robinson<br />

Greer<br />

*Paul<br />

*T. W. R.<br />

Bray, R. Jarratt<br />

Jr.<br />

Charles<br />

Joe Bell<br />

E. Cardwell<br />

*J.<br />

*James<br />

*J. Sumpter<br />

R. Anderson<br />

Cox<br />

J.<br />

Ronny<br />

J. Franklin “Jay”<br />

L. Greer<br />

Scalf, III III<br />

*Hugh W. Robertson<br />

Conley Dykes<br />

*Paul*M. R. Jarratt T. T. Gossett<br />

Charles David E. Smith Cardwell<br />

*J. Sumpter *Joe C. Anderson Carr<br />

J. Franklin Jim Cain<br />

“Jay” Scalf, III<br />

*Hugh *James W. Robertson T. Hayes<br />

Conley *Mike Dykes<br />

Martin<br />

*M. T. *E. Gossett Lee Bennett<br />

David *Johnny Smith Dudley<br />

*Joe C. *Orris CarrE. E. Davis<br />

Jim David Cain Wantland<br />

*James *Raymond T. HayesH. Leathers *Mike Melvin Martin<br />

Meadows<br />

*E. Lee *Hilry Bennett H. Shaffer<br />

*Johnny Dennis Dudley<br />

Belford<br />

*Orris *James E. Davis N. Stansell *James N. David David Wantland Vaughn<br />

*Raymond H. Leathers Stansell Melvin Carl E. Meadows<br />

Barnes<br />

*Hilry H. Shaffer<br />

Dennis Mike Belford Van Sant<br />

Jeff<br />

*James N. David Head<br />

Vaughn<br />

Frank Hester<br />

Stansell Carl * Deceased E. Barnes<br />

Mike Van Sant<br />

2<br />

Jeff<br />

*<br />

Head<br />

Deceased<br />

It was a great month at Al Menah! Full of fun and<br />

fellowship! First, I would like to thank Frank and<br />

Valerie Wilson and the committee for a great Valentine<br />

Party. Over 150 were in attendance.<br />

Going back to the old way of Stated Meeting worked<br />

great. All the unit rooms were full and 97 at the meeting<br />

on the floor. Thanks to each Noble for spending your<br />

night in support of your Unit and Temple. The drawing<br />

went great for the Marlin .22 rifle, and Parker Toler<br />

won! In March, I will be drawing for a 20 gauge turkey<br />

shotgun (turkey season is right around the corner).<br />

Please come to the Stated Meeting for your chance to<br />

win the shotgun. I would love to break the 100 mark in<br />

attendance.<br />

Please make plans to be at the Potentate’s Ball on<br />

March 24th. Read the flyer located in this Shriner.<br />


Horace Perkins, III<br />


From the desk of...<br />


<br />

Let’s Look A Little Deeper. We see them at some of<br />

our events, helping out... picking up... serving<br />

dinner. Who are the Young Men of DeMolay?<br />

These Teens come form different walks of life,<br />

different schools, some with Mom & Dads<br />

many from broken homes living with others.<br />

Teens today are having to face problems like<br />

Drugs, Sex, Guns, Lonely, Pressure. Through<br />

DeMolay, they are a part of BROTHERHOOD,<br />


CARE! Each meeting is open with Prayer, the Holy<br />

Bible Open, and Pledge to Our Flag. The Young Men of DeMolay run their<br />

own meeting, set their own goal, plan their on events and elect their own<br />

Officers (it takes 12 to19 officers).<br />

DeMolay is a part of OUR MASONIC BODY, with Master Masons serving<br />

as Advisors to these young men. They meet within Our Lodges. Each Officer<br />

has a Ritual Part to learn not only for the Opening and Closing but also for the<br />

Two Degrees that a New DeMolay must take.<br />

March is DeMolay Month and on March 24 as we enjoy our Potentate<br />

Ball, DeMolay will be CELEBRATING 99 YEARS that day. A Club that<br />

was started by Frank Land, a Past Imperial Potentate, and 9 teens has grown<br />

into Chapters all around the World, where 1,000,000’s of Young Men have<br />

become Brothers within DeMolay working together.<br />

For more info, go to DeMolay.org. Building Leaders of Tomorrow through<br />

DeMOLAY.<br />

Chief Rabban<br />

Randy Williams<br />



great to see everyone over the winter months<br />

and hope you are thawed out by now. We had a<br />

great turn out for the Valentine’s Party and a big<br />

round of applause to the committee members<br />

who worked so hard to prepare for the event.<br />

We have several events that are approaching<br />

us soon... First, the Southeastern Shrine Clown<br />

Association and the Southeastern Shrine Legion<br />

of Honor will be having their Mid-winter meeting<br />

in Gatlinburg on March 8th -11th at the Black<br />

Bear Inn and Suites. The Al Menah Clowns will be<br />

competing against other clowns that are in SASA, Dixie,<br />

CSSCA and SESCA, so let’s cheer them on as they represent Al Menah<br />

Shrine. Also, our very own Harry Dunn is serving as current President of the<br />

SESLOH so let’s wish his group a great time.<br />

Our Potentate’s Ball will be on March 24, and we hope everyone can come<br />

out and support our Potentate Horace Perkins and Lady Tammy (P.S. there<br />

will be no water allowed).<br />

Next, our Patients’ Easter Egg Hunt will be on Saturday, March 31st at the<br />

Al Menah Shrine Center. The patients are why we are all Shriners, so come<br />

out and see the joy in their eyes as we celebrate one of our best holidays.<br />

Our Shriners’ hospitals are at a point that they need to adapt and become<br />

more relevant in the 21st Century and like before, we have to change with the<br />

times. When we opened our first Shriners’ hospital in 1922, it was because<br />

there was a huge need to treat kids with Polio. When that was eradicated<br />

in 1955, there was no need for treatment to continue, so we expanded our<br />


healthcare services to accommodate and treat more kids in other ways.<br />

We are at that crossroads again with our healthcare system and Al Menah<br />

is very blessed to have Imperial Jim Cain and six other nobles serving on<br />

Cincinnati and Lexington Hospital Boards. These men, along with all of<br />

us, will make a difference in how we move forward into the future for<br />

the next 100 years.<br />

Remember, the Best is not behind us, as it is yet to come!<br />


I have to say February has been a dreary, wet<br />

month with very few bright spots other than<br />

the Beech Bottom BBQ of our illustrious<br />

possumtate Horace Perkins.<br />

Past Potentate Jeff Head put in a perky<br />

appearance dressed in drag (or maybe it<br />

was just cold outside). Horace barely<br />

squealed at all when we duck taped<br />

him to the tree…all he kept saying was<br />

“Randy, don’t come next year!” What<br />

a<br />

Assistant Rabban<br />

Scott Jones<br />

could he expect? He showed up dressed like<br />

raccoon with the cutest little cat ears on his<br />

head… Pictures to follow, boys!<br />

Now on to more serious matters. As your local Prophet, I predict the<br />

following: the Clowns will lose the unit room decoration contest to the<br />

Greeters at the Ball… the chicken dance will be the best dance at the<br />

Ball… the music will likely be too loud.<br />

See you there,<br />

High Priest and Prophet<br />

Donnie Drayton<br />



The Valentine’s Party was a great success. Thanks<br />

to all who gave of their time and talents to<br />

make this party such an enjoyable event.<br />

Special thanks to the Demolay and Rainbow<br />

Girls for your help. Your efforts are very<br />

much appreciated.<br />

March is upon us and the weather is finally<br />

starting to cooperate with the schedule of<br />

events we have ahead. In just a few short<br />

days we’ll kick off the new parade season with<br />

the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Erin, TN.<br />

Don’t procrastinate. If you haven’t made your<br />

reservations for Daytona <strong>2018</strong>, be sure to do so very soon. You don’t<br />

want to miss this exciting time in history for all of Al Menah. The dates<br />

are July 15, <strong>2018</strong> – July 19, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

As always, thank you for all that you do for Al Menah Shrine and<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children. The smallest token of charity can truly<br />

impact a life forever.<br />

Oriental Guide<br />

Vernon Blackburn<br />

3<br />


AL MENAH <strong>SHRINER</strong>S<br />

Present<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

For our Hospital Patients and Families<br />

SATURDAY, <strong>MARCH</strong> 31st<br />

10:00am-12:00pm<br />

Inside Al Menah Shrine Center<br />

.<br />



We'll need lots of support from Al Menah Nobles as there will be activities for the Patients, Clown skits,<br />

balloon tying, games, lunch, maybe a visit from an Easter Bunny or 2, and other goodies. As in our annual<br />

Christmas Party, we're asking the Ladies of Al Menah to please bring finger desserts such as cookies, brownies,<br />

and cupcakes.<br />


Paper Sale Donation from Kroger<br />

On Monday, 7/18 Potentate Jeff Head and members of the Williamson<br />

County Shrine Club were with Kroger Management at their Belle<br />

Meade store where they presented a $1,000.00 to us for the Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children. The Kroger Manager was an acquaintance of<br />

Scotty and Teresa Travis who put this together for the Al Menah Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children Paper Sale.<br />

This is a portion of a message from Phyllis Berry, wife of this<br />

Kroger Store Manager, Michael Berry.<br />

Let me tell you, our son was a Shrine Hospital patient<br />

and we are forever grateful The experience was an<br />

awakening in humanity. The care was phenomenal. The<br />

friendship my family made. The support from the men in<br />

your fraternity was phenomenal. We thank you for all you<br />

and your members do for children across the country.<br />

Sincerely<br />

Phyllis Berry<br />

Fraternally,<br />

Butch Mayes, WCSC<br />


Al Menah Shrine Temple<br />

Illustrious Sir Horace Perkins, III, Lady Tammy,<br />

the Divan and Nobility invite you to<br />

the<br />

day of<br />

<strong>MARCH</strong><br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

Schedule of Events<br />

Friday, March 23rd Saturday, March 24th<br />

5:00 pm Hospitality 11:00 am -2:00 pm Hospitality<br />

1:00 pm Presentations<br />

11:00 pm Afterglow<br />

Hospitality, Presentations and Afterglow will be held at the<br />

Millennium Maxwell House Nashville, 10th floor<br />

Formal or Business Suit with Fez<br />

$50 per Couple<br />

Shuttles will start loading at 4:30 PM for<br />

Al Menah Shrine<br />

Unit Rooms/Social Hour 4:30 PM<br />

Grand March 6:30 PM<br />

Dinner 7:00 PM<br />

Dancing following Dinner<br />

Last bus leaves for Hotel at 11:00 PM<br />

Hotel information:<br />

Millennium Maxwell House Nashville<br />

2025 Rosa L Parks, Nashville, TN 37228<br />

For reservations call 615-259-4343 and ask for the<br />

“Potentate Ball <strong>2018</strong>” block, room rate $129.00 per night.<br />

*Limited number of rooms available at this rate, so call early!<br />

Deadline for Hotel Reservations March 2, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Deadline for Ball Reservations March 10, <strong>2018</strong><br />


Dear Nobles,<br />

As a leader in pediatric burn care, research, and education, Shriners Hospitals for Children® has<br />

served children with burns for more than 50 years. As the number of acute pediatric burn<br />

injuries has decreased in the United States, due in large part to prevention efforts led by Shriners<br />

Hospitals, the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, and the executive leadership team for<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children are recommending a consolidation of acute burn care in the<br />

United States.<br />

As a result of national policies to reduce healthcare costs, reduce utilization and make the United<br />

States more competitive in the global economy, Shriners Hospitals for Children is building a<br />

visionary burn care model that is able to deliver care to more children, in more places at less<br />

cost. Change will be necessary across the Shriners Hospitals for Children system in order to<br />

make this vision a possibility. Our commitment to the children and families we care for will not<br />

change. The methods in which care is delivered, however, will change in order to modernize and<br />

increase the quality of care we deliver.<br />

A recent assessment of domestic and international pediatric burn care revealed that care can be<br />

effectively delivered utilizing fewer facilities. Under a consolidation plan that will be proposed<br />

to voting representatives of Shriners Hospitals for Children at the <strong>2018</strong> Imperial Session, burn<br />

care would be consolidated throughout the Shriners Hospitals for Children system, allowing for a<br />

refocused delivery of burn care and potential expansion to various locations around the world.<br />

Emerging technologies and the introduction of Telehealth initiatives combined with an everchanging<br />

health care environment are transforming Shriners Hospitals for Children’s mission to<br />

serve more children in more places. Having served children from 176 countries, Shriners<br />

Hospitals for Children is exploring improved access to care for children throughout the United<br />

States and around the globe.<br />

More information will be forthcoming in the near future.<br />

Fraternally,<br />

Gary J. Bergenske<br />

Imperial Potentate<br />

Chairman, Board of Directors<br />

Jerry G. Gantt<br />

Chairman, Board of Trustees<br />


CeNter<br />

NeWS<br />

Clowns<br />

Thank goodness February is past! For<br />

the clowns it’s always slow with no<br />

dress-outs to be had! We stayed busy<br />

regardless meeting most Tuesdays at<br />

the “barn” going over skits and just<br />

enjoying the fellowship (and Razz’s<br />

pickled eggs). The Erin St. Patrick’s<br />

Day parade on March 17th will be our<br />

first of the year. It will be great to get<br />

back into make-up and bring joy to<br />

the crowds.<br />

The Valentines Part was well<br />

attended, chaired by our Captain<br />

Frank “Froggy” Wilson. The romantic<br />

movie theme decor that Lady Valerie<br />

came up with was wonderful! Thanks<br />

are in order for the kitchen crew, the<br />

steak dinner was perfect.<br />

Not to sound like a broken record<br />

(millennials can look that up), but<br />

March is time for the South East<br />

Shrine Clown Association (SESCA)<br />

Mid-Winter convention and clown<br />

competition; also known as the “<strong>2018</strong><br />

Shrine Clown Jamboree” March 8<br />

through 10 in the Great Smokey<br />

Mountains, Gatlinburg Tennessee.<br />

We’ve dusted off some classic skits<br />

and look forward to bringing home<br />

the trophies!<br />

Congratulations are in order for<br />

Clay “Flat Top” Hedgepath and Brent<br />

“Shooter” Aulidge. They’ve put in a<br />

very productive first year and have<br />

been elevated to Regular Clown<br />

status!<br />

Thank you again, brothers for all<br />

the support you give to our children’s<br />

hospitals. Please keep those that are<br />

sick and unable to attend our events<br />

in your prayers.<br />

Keep on Clowning!<br />

Jim “Snips” Lee<br />

Secretary<br />

8<br />

Director’s Staff<br />

The New Year has begun with our<br />

Captain Barry Eldridge putting the<br />

focus of the Directors Unit on growth<br />

and attendance.<br />

Our Past Captain Randy Byram<br />

was very instrumental in starting this<br />

by signing up several new Directors<br />

in 2017. With this focus we look<br />

forward to some new events that will<br />

be happening through out the year.<br />

Captain Barry announced that Billy<br />

Fits will be the units Social Chairman<br />

and request that anyone with new<br />

ideas present them to Billy so that<br />

we can continue to increase our<br />

fellowship.<br />

We do have several events that<br />

the Directors are involved in and are<br />

already planned or happened:<br />

• The Valentines Dinner Feb 10.<br />

A great time was had by all who<br />

attended.<br />

• The Potentates Ball March 23-24,<br />

“Hospitality at the Maxwell House”<br />

• The Paper sale May 3rd to 6th A<br />

great fund raiser but does require a<br />

lot of support<br />

• The Fun Fest will be announced but<br />

is usually in May and we will have<br />

our Hospitality Room<br />

• The Golf Tournament date and<br />

location to be announced<br />

• The Fall Ceremonial Sept 15, The<br />

stunts will be repaired and some<br />

new ideas will be looked at as we<br />

approach the date<br />

• Circus in October, This was a huge<br />

success last year and look forward<br />

to another great one<br />

• The Onion sale will not take place<br />

this year due to the quality and<br />

timing of the onions creating an<br />

unfavorable response from the unit<br />

At every Al Menah Stated Meeting<br />

there will be a drawing for a 22 riffle,<br />

although you must be present to win,<br />

your attendance at the Unit meeting<br />

gives you an additional chance to win.<br />

Please note these dates, plan to<br />

attend, and help out as needed.<br />

Fred Lysak<br />

Lt Directors Staff<br />

Legion of Honor<br />

While the cold winds and rain of<br />

January held up our Stated Meeting,<br />

the Legion of Honor was busy in<br />

January supplying support to the<br />

National Sojourners meeting in<br />

Nashville. The LOH provided drivers<br />

for various activities that the ladies<br />

were attending, the LOH honor guard<br />

provided the presentation of colors<br />

at the National meeting. It was a<br />

pleasure for the two veterans groups<br />

to work and function together.<br />

With that, the LOH has started the<br />

rewrite of our Unit Handbook and<br />

bylaws, which we plan<br />

to have done by August for Unit<br />

member and Divan approval. We<br />

are forming various committees for<br />

the upcoming year, and all chairmen<br />

have begun their work. An initial<br />

success is the update of our Al Menah<br />

webpage and our LOH Facebook<br />

page. Nobles Singleton and Lindsey<br />

are leading the charge, and we also<br />

now have a handout brochure and<br />

presentation to give out or present.<br />

A key activity in <strong>2018</strong> is the<br />

formation of the Color Guard Teams.<br />

Under the capable leadership of<br />

Nobles Steele and Singleton, the LOH<br />

will have a team to present colors at<br />

Al Menah’s Stated Meetings, and<br />

we will have a separate team to<br />

present colors as we are asked by<br />

various groups, for competitions<br />

and for Imperial Sir Jim Cain’s<br />

presentation as the new Imperial<br />

Potentate.<br />

With this article, the LOH is<br />

inviting all Nobles with military<br />

experience to come forward and be<br />

part of these teams. We are in need<br />

of help, and we will work with you<br />

to become a member of the Unit!!<br />

There is no unit more visible than the<br />

LOH, and just think what Unit will<br />

lead the 2019 Parade in Nashville!!!<br />

With this, we are preparing for<br />

SESA meeting in Gatlinburg March<br />

9 - 11, where Noble Harry Dunn<br />

will assume Commandership of<br />

SESA LOH - Southeastern Shrine<br />

Association - Legion of Honor. The<br />

Al Menah Unit is in total support of<br />

Noble Dunn and Noble Silva - Noble<br />

Dunn’s Vice Commander!<br />

Lastly, we always look forward<br />

to the Shrine’s parades, and we are

gearing up for the Erin Parade on<br />

March 17th and the Potentate’s Ball<br />

on March 24th - both should be fun<br />

for all!!!!<br />

Respectfully and Fraternally<br />

Submitted.<br />

Art De Vooght<br />

<strong>2018</strong> Commander<br />

Motor Corps<br />

February is almost behind us and we<br />

all are looking forward to spring. We<br />

honored 19 Motor Corps and Divan<br />

ladies who joined us for our ladies<br />

luncheon. Everyone enjoyed the good<br />

food and fellowship. Thank you to<br />

our Motor Corps Ladies for all you<br />

do. Thank you to my Lady Cheryl<br />

for all she does and her help with this<br />

event. Also thank you to Fat Rabbit,<br />

Van Miller, Frank Hester, John Dean,<br />

Sammy Isbell and Walt Toney for<br />

helping with the food preparation<br />

and service.<br />

We are mourning the passing of<br />

our brother Henry Tittle, Past Captain<br />

and his wife Barbara. We know they<br />

are with our Lord<br />

We are getting ready for the<br />

Parade season, starting with the<br />

Erin, TN parade. It should be a great<br />

event as usual. We are also looking<br />

forward to going to Daytona for the<br />

Imperial Session. We currently have<br />

5 members committed to making<br />

the trip to support our Divan and<br />

Imperial Sir Jim Cain. If anyone<br />

wants to Caravan down to Daytona,<br />

please let me know. I will have a<br />

little room in my truck or trailer for<br />

anyone who needs to transport a<br />

small motorcycle, cart or equipment.<br />

So please let me know if you would<br />

like me to take something down there<br />

for you.<br />

We also have been asked to help<br />

out at the Ray Stevens Golf and<br />

Charity event this summer. Leighton<br />

Bush Jr. has been asked to coordinate<br />

our volunteers at this event. In<br />

return, Ray Stevens will donate a<br />

sizeable amount to the Shriner’s<br />

Hospital.<br />

Fraternity, Fellowship and Fun<br />

Dedicated to helping Children in Need<br />

Jim Asad<br />

Captain<br />

Shrine Club News<br />

Hendersonville Shrine Club<br />

Our Temple is off to a good start<br />

for an outstanding year. We had a<br />

great Valentine Party. The Temple<br />

looked their best and the steaks were<br />

good. We had a good evening and<br />

enjoyed the entertainment with John<br />

Whitaker and his music.<br />

Next is the Potentate’s Ball on<br />

Saturday, March 24th at the Temple.<br />

Make your reservations now. The<br />

tables are limited. Come on out<br />

and show your support to our new<br />

Potentate Horace Perkins, III and his<br />

Lady Tammy.<br />

Looking at our calendar, our next<br />

big event is our Patient Easter Egg<br />

Hunt on Saturday, March 31st and it’s<br />

for patients only.<br />

Our club would like to invite all<br />

the Nobles and their ladies to join<br />

us at our next meeting. It will be<br />

March 26th at the Black-Eye-Pea, 164<br />

East Main Street in Hendersonville.<br />

We meet at 6:00pm for food and<br />

fellowship and our meeting will be at<br />

7:00pm.<br />

As we go about our daily lives, let<br />

us remember to thank God for our<br />

many blessings, this great country,<br />

our health, our family, our temple and<br />

the Hospitals that treat our kids and<br />

the doctors and nurses that provide<br />

their services.<br />

God Bless America<br />

Boyd C. Parnell<br />

Williamson County Shrine Club<br />

Welcome to our all our new Club<br />

Officers for <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Our new President is Bill Jager and<br />

he has a goal to make WCSC Great<br />

Again! We think he will get it done!<br />

We had our new Potentate at our<br />

January meeting along with<br />

PP Parker Toler.<br />

Both presented information about<br />

the Shrine Imperial Session to be in<br />

Daytona Beach, Florida this July. This<br />

will be our Potentates Trip for the<br />

year in support of soon to be Imperial<br />

Potentate Jim Cain! Parker is gearing<br />

up for the <strong>2018</strong> Session and the one<br />

coming up in Nashville in 2019.<br />

Stew Long is the Captain of the<br />

WCSC Motor Division and we are<br />

looking for new members. Our<br />

Motor Division has lots of fun in<br />

the Shrine Parades and you will too<br />

once you get in! We have Golf Carts<br />

– Dune Buggies and a Classy Cars<br />

which includes Convertibles – Hot<br />

Rods and Antique Cars. If you have<br />

one of these vehicles or would like to<br />

acquire one, please come on down<br />

and we can help you become one of<br />

our members.<br />

Our Club meets on the third<br />

Thursday of the Month, 6:00 pm at<br />

Logan’s Steakhouse in Cool Springs.<br />

We usually have an interesting<br />

program at the meeting to entertain<br />

you. Come on down, visit with us<br />

and have some fun! You will be glad<br />

you did!<br />

Our number one thing is helping<br />

the Shrine Hospitals and our number<br />

two thing is to have fun doing it! Our<br />

total for 2017 was around $27,000.00.<br />

Thank you for all who helped us have<br />

successful paper sale.<br />

Nobles, please remember to thank<br />

God, every day for the freedom we<br />

enjoy in this Great Country! We also<br />

pray for the victims of the Florida<br />

School shooting and their families<br />

Butch Mays,<br />

WCSC Ambassador<br />

No Communications<br />

from following Units & Clubs:<br />

Al Menah Band<br />

Greeters<br />

Horse Patrol<br />

D & B Mountaineers<br />

Provost Guard<br />

Sumner County<br />

Shrine Past Masters Association<br />

Wilson County Shrine Club<br />

Hillbilly Clan #151<br />


<strong>2018</strong> Shriners Hospitals for Children College Classic<br />

Check out the schedule.<br />


Al Menah Clowns invite you to join us<br />

Monday May 21 st<br />

for a fun & exciting day of Golf at<br />

Nashboro Village Golf Course<br />

Registration starts at 10 AM<br />

Lunch provided starting at 11:00<br />

Shotgun start 12:30 pm<br />

$65 per Man / $260 per team when accompanying<br />

your entry form.<br />

Deadline for entry form is May 10, <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

Any entry after May 10 th will be $70 per man / $280 per team.<br />

Name:<br />

Name:<br />

Name:<br />

Name:<br />

We need hole sponsors. A sign will be placed on the course to show your<br />

support, with entire amount going to the Hospitals.<br />

Sponsorships are: $100.00<br />

Including a sign at a hole & Plaque showing your support for the Hospitals.<br />

So PLEASE let us know if you or your business wishes to donate to the Shrine<br />

Hospitals via a hole sponsorship and include it with your entry!<br />

Make checks payable to Al Menah Clowns.<br />

Please mail your application & check with your team players or sponsorship<br />

information to: Al Menah Golf Day<br />

4235 Hermitage Rd.<br />

Old Hickory, TN 37137<br />

For more info contact Maurice Smith @ 615-513-7643<br />

or email: wms2849@gmail.com w/subject Clown Golf<br />


Notices<br />

Congratulations<br />

go to Parker Toler for winning the Marlin .22 rifle at the<br />

February Congratulations<br />

Stated Meeting! Be sure to attend the March meeting for your chance to<br />

win Congratulations a 20-gauge go to turkey Parker shotgun!!”<br />

Toler for winning the<br />

Marlin .22 rifle at the February Stated Meeting! Be<br />

sure to attend the March meeting for your chance<br />

PATIENTS Easter Egg Hunt<br />

to win a 20-gauge turkey shotgun!!”<br />

Wes Frye<br />



Patient’s Easter Egg Hunt<br />

in past years, this party is for our Hospital Patients<br />

no Nobel siblings, grandchildren, et al. so that all<br />

attention is directed to our Patients.<br />

Thanks for all your support and help with this<br />

heartwarming event.<br />

From the<br />

Imperial Chief Rabban<br />

PLEASE<br />

We'll need<br />

NOTE:<br />

lots<br />

This<br />

of support<br />

is a different<br />

from Al<br />

format<br />

Menah<br />

from<br />

Nobles as there will be activities for the Patients,<br />

Clown past egg skits, hunts balloon and the focus tying, will games, be on lunch, our patients. maybe a visit from an Easter Bunny or 2, and other<br />

goodies.<br />

JULY 18, <strong>2018</strong><br />

We'll As in need our lots annual of support Christmas from Party, Al Menah we're Nobles asking Patsy the Ladies and I would of Al Menah like to personally to please bring invite finger each of<br />

desserts as there such will be as activities cookies, for brownies, the Patients, and cupcakes. Clown you As to in attend past years, and participate this party in is the for pageant our Hospital and installation<br />

that attention of the Imperial is directed Potentate to our on Patients. July 18, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Patients skits, balloon no Nobel tying, siblings, games, grandchildren, lunch, maybe a et visit al. so<br />

from an Easter Bunny or 2, and other goodies. in Daytona Beach, FL. We are so proud to represent<br />

our Al event. Menah family and would be honored<br />

Thanks As in for our all annual your Christmas support and Party, help we're with asking this heartwarming<br />

the Ladies of Al Menah to please bring finger desserts<br />

such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. As<br />

Imperial Chief<br />

Wes Frye<br />

by your presence.<br />

Jim Cain<br />

Rabban<br />


From the Imperial Chief Rabban<br />

March<br />

Mar. 17 Erin Parade<br />

Mar. 20 Stated Meeting<br />

Mar. 23 Potentate Ball Hospitality @<br />

Maxwell House<br />

Patsy Mar. 24 and Potentate I would Ball @ AMT like to personally July<br />

invite each of you to Oct. 20 attend Oes Homecoming and @ AMT<br />

Mar. 28 Grand Lodge<br />

July 8-14 Demolay Conclave<br />

Oct. 27-28 York Rite Festival<br />

participate<br />

Mar. 29 Maundy<br />

in<br />

Thursday<br />

the pageant and<br />

July<br />

installation<br />

15-19 Imperial Session<br />

of<br />

-<br />

the Imperial Potentate on July<br />

18, Mar. <strong>2018</strong> 31 in Patient’s Daytona Easter Egg Hunt Beach, - FL. We Daytona are Beach, so Fl proud to represent our Al Menah<br />

Patients Only<br />

July 24 Captain’s Meeting Only @<br />

family and would be honored by your presence.<br />

April<br />

Apr. 2-6 Paper Sale Caravan<br />

Apr. 13-14 Rainbow Girls Event @ AMT<br />

Apr. 13-14 Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

Upcoming events<br />

Apr. 17 Stated Meeting<br />

Apr. 20-21 Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

Apr. 22 Gospel Singing @ AMT<br />

March 17 - Erin - St. Patrick’s Day parade<br />

May<br />

JULY May 10-12 18, <strong>2018</strong> Fun Fest –- Pigeon Imperial Forge Session – Sept. Daytona 15 Beach<br />

May 15 Stated Meeting<br />

May 17-20 Dixie Association<br />

Convention-Panama City -<br />

More Information To Come<br />



June<br />

June 2 Ladies Luncheon<br />

June JULY 19 Captain’s 18, Meeting <strong>2018</strong> Only @ 6:00PM<br />

June 23 Casino Party @ AMT<br />

6:00PM<br />

Jim Cain, Imperial Chief Nov. 2-3 Rabban<br />

August<br />

Aug. 16-18 Southeastern Shrine Association<br />

(S.e.s.a) - Pigeon Forge, TN<br />

Aug. 21 Stated Meeting<br />

Aug. 24-25 Cincinnati Shriners Hospital<br />

Divan Weekend<br />

September<br />

Ceremonial @ AMT<br />

Sept. 18 Stated Meeting<br />

Sept. 20 Directors Staff Golf Tournament<br />

Sept. 29 Al Menah Car Show<br />

October<br />

Oct. 5-7 Shrine Circus -<br />

Municipal Auditorium<br />

Oct. 13 Clown Auction<br />

Oct. 16<br />

Stated Meeting<br />

November<br />

Nov. 1 Hospital Driver’s Dinner @ AMT<br />

Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

Nov. 3 Ladies Extravaganza @ AMT<br />

Nov. 9-10 Scottish Rite Reunion<br />

Nov. 10 Director Staff Auction<br />

Nov. 20 Stated Meeting - Dinner@6:00PM/_<br />

Meeting To Follow<br />

Nov. 24 Manchester Parade<br />

Nov. 25 Dickson Parade<br />

December<br />

Dec. 5 Chief Rabban Dinner<br />

Dec. 9 Patients Christmas Party @ AMT<br />

Dec. 18 Chief Rabban Dinner<br />

Dec. 20 Stated Meeting - Election Night<br />

Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve Party<br />


10th Annual<br />

AL MENAH <strong>SHRINER</strong>S<br />

John David Dudley Fishing Tournament<br />

SATURDAY JUNE 23, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Sanders Ferry Park (Hendersonville, TN)<br />


*Registration will start at 4:00am*<br />

Starting number/positions determined by registration number.<br />





.<br />


*Make checks payable to Al Menah Fishing Tournament*<br />

Master Card and Visa accepted prior to tournament date.<br />


Payback 10% of the Field.<br />

Come on out and have a great time and support a great cause!<br />

Stick around after the tournament and be included in our raffle.<br />

Hundreds of great door prizes will be raffled off!!<br />

WEIGH-IN conducted by: C&O Tournament Team<br />

Contact:<br />

Jeff Head<br />

615-480-4844<br />

615-310-9009<br />

jeffhead2016@yahoo.com<br />

jeff@jarvissigns.com<br />

Contact:<br />

Dennis Belford<br />

615-305-4559<br />

pbelford@bellsouth.net<br />

All contributions are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.<br />



NOTICe:<br />

ALL communications<br />

for the Shriner<br />

should be sent to<br />

editor.amsc@gmail.com<br />


Joe R. Ashley<br />

Columbia<br />

10/24/46 – 2/4/18<br />

Nobles Nobles Visited Visited By By<br />

The Black The Black Camel Camel<br />

Ray D. Hawkins<br />

Hendersonville<br />

10/10/36 – 1/28/18<br />

Henry E. Tittle<br />

Hermitage<br />

8/30/30 – 2/13/18<br />


A.A.O.N.M.S.<br />


P. O. P. Box O. Box 78545 78545<br />



TN TN 37207 37207<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

Nonprofit<br />

Organization<br />

U.S. U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />

Nashville,<br />

Nashville,<br />

TN<br />

TN<br />

Permit No. 1731<br />

Permit No. 1731<br />

Charles C. Bos<br />

Cookeville<br />

11/12/40 – 1/26/18<br />

James H. Boyington, Sr.<br />

Cookeville<br />

12/31/31 – 12/29/17<br />

Harold D. Dawes<br />

Smithville<br />

12/24/38 – 2/3/18<br />

Joe M. Haynes<br />

Goodlettsville<br />

10/8/36 – 1/26/18<br />

Joseph O. Martin<br />

Nashville<br />

10/11/19 – 1/2/18<br />

Charles D. Pickard<br />

Centerville<br />

8/19/40 – 1/25/18<br />

William A. Treadway<br />

Brentwood<br />

3/29/30 – 1/24/18<br />

Charles “Chuck”<br />

Williams, PP<br />

Hixson<br />

1/13/29 – 1/25/18<br />

William Lester Worsham<br />

Pulaski<br />

10/30/38 – 2/11/18<br />

DEADLINE FOR APRIL <strong>SHRINER</strong> IS <strong>MARCH</strong> 21, <strong>2018</strong>

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