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Changing hearts

one speech at a

2 d a y s o f p u r e

a w e s o m e n e s s @

T i m b e r C r e e k H S


Table of Contents

Welcome Letter...............................................................4

Tournament Personnel ............................................5

President’s Letter .........................................................6

Novice State Information.........................................7

Schedule ..........................................................................10

Civility Code ...............................................................12

Coach of the Year Nominees ............................14

Regional Qualifiers .................................................16

Awards Program..........................................................24

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Welcome students, parents, coaches, judges and guests!

The Timber Creek Speech and Debate Team is honored to host the 2018

Florida Forensic League Varsity State Championship. This year, we come together

on the National Speech and Debate Education Day as a community to celebrate

the power and beauty of forensics. We come togther at a time when the importance

of respectful and informed discourse is more important than ever. We

come together at a time when our combined voices have the power to change the

world. This weekend, we highlight the best of speech and debate in our large and

diverse state, and our team is thrilled that you are here!

While you are here, there is more to Orlando than theme parks. Consider

exploring our local neighborhoods. The East Orlando area is home to the

University of Central Florida and many college-friendly restaurants. The Winter

Park area is not far and boasts some unique boutique stores and restaurants on

Park Avenue. The Mills 50 District is home to some lovely museums and fantastic

ethnic eateries. Consider exploring downtown Orlando, riding a swan boat on

Lake Eola, or taking in the downtown farmer’s market. Orlando is an inclusive

and gorgeous city.

Good luck to all of our students!


Beth Eskin, Coach

Timber Creek HS



Student Congress:

1. Paul Gaba – Wellington HS (4) ** Special Appointee

2. Luis Dulzaides – Belen Jesuit Prep (5) ** Special Appointee


1. Jen Kwasman – St. Thomas Aquinas (6) FFL Secretary

2. Kate Hamm – Ransom Everglades (5) Region Director


1. Aly Fiebrantz – Cypress Bay HS (6) VP / Webmaster

2. Jim Wakefield – Ft. Lauderdale HS (6) ** Special Appointee

3. David Mills – King HS (3) ** Special Appointee

4. PJ Samorian – American Heritage (4) ** Special Appointee


Traci Lowe – Suncoast HS (4) Region Director

Patricia Lewis – North Miami HS (5) ** Special Appointee


Logistics Coordinator: Beth Eskin – Timber Creek HS (2)

Tournament Director: Carol Cecil – G. Holmes Braddock - (5) League President

Ombudsman / Protests: Dario Camara – Western HS (6) VP/Operations

Treasurer / Ballot Call: Cathy Brown – Apopka HS (2) Treasurer

Maureen Mannion – (2) ** Special Appointee

Ballot Check In:

Extemp Prep:

Information Table:

Pauline Buis – Niceville HS (1) - Region Director

Nancy Dean – Western HS (6) ** Special Appointee

Courtney Chipman – Nova HS (6) ** Special Appointee

Bill Thompson – U School (6) ** Special Appointee

Dean Rhoads – Trinity Prep (2) ** Special Appointee

Timber Creek Debate Students

Protest Committee:

By rule, the Protest Committee for this tournament is composed of the five officers

elected statewide:

--Carol Cecil, President

--Cathy Brown, Treasurer

--Dario Camara, Vice President/Operations --Jennifer Kwasman, Secretary

--Aly Fiebrantz, Vice President/Webmaster

In the event of a protest involving one of these officers’ schools, that officer shall recuse him/

herself and a Regional Director from an uninvolved Region shall be appointed to serve in the

recused officer’s place by the remaining members of the committee.




Dear competitors, coaches, and judges:

It is with honor, appreciation and joy that I welcome you to the 2018 FFL state championship tournament.

I have consistently been impressed with the outstanding caliber of people I meet each year. Students

and Coaches throughout the year have always impressed upon me the importance of educating

our students. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is never final, Failure is never fatal, Courage is what

counts.” As we celebrate your successes, honor those who make this tournament possible, and promote

forensics as the tool to make the lives of those we touch that much better.

Competitors, we recognize the tremendous amount of work and enthusiasm you put into your craft.

FFL State Championship is here to recognize the highest quality of competitors. You are among the

best speakers and debaters in the state. Each and every one of you should be proud of your outstanding

success in your achievement as representatives of your region. With more than 400 competitors and

nearly 60 schools vying for a chance at a State Championship and the best trophy in the nation, the FFL

State Champion Eagle, this event will prove to be nothing short of spectacular. Whether you take home

a trophy or not, you have proven that you are the best in the state and we recognize your success.

Coaches, you are the heart and soul of each and every one of your teams. Without you there would be

no students or tournament. You continue to set the highest standards for your students to help guide

them from adolescence to adulthood. The hours that you give to your students in the multitude of tasks

from mentor, coach, judge and sometimes parent shows that forensics and your team are number one

on your list of priorities. We hope one day that your students will model the self-sacrifice and selflessness

that you have shown as they grow and become the future leaders for our state and our nation.

Volunteers, without you the many tasks that you undertake would never be accomplished. You are the

engine behind the scenes that allow for tournaments to run smoothly from preparing foods, to cleaning

rooms, running errands and finding donors. Most importantly, you know how significant these activities

are for our students. Volunteers want them to succeed as much as their coaches do, if not more. No

matter what role you play, as volunteers you are the backbone of our society.

We especially want to thank those volunteers under the direction of Beth Eskin at Timber Creek High

School, who have spent many hours preparing our welcome to their campus. I would like to give my

sincere thanks to the administration and staff of Timber Creek High School for allowing us to use the

campus this weekend. Please enjoy this facility … and treat it with respect.

Good luck, and have an enjoyable weekend!

Yours truly,

Carol Cecil

President, Florida Forensic League, Inc.

2018 State Championship Tournament Director

novice state


April 14th + 15th

On February 14, 2018 Marjory Stone

a tragic attack. It is said that the dark

before dawn. Your love and support

and onwards to a new day.

“There is always the need to carry

man Douglas High School suffered

est hour of the night comes just

has helped us through the night

on”- Marjory Stoneman Douglas


Mar. 2, 2018


4:00 PM Prep: DX, IX

4:30 PM Round 1: CX, DI, DUO, DX, GI, HI, INFO, IX,


Round 1A: SC (SC Dinner Break @ 630pm)

5:30 PM Prep: DX, IX

6:00 PM Round 2: DI, DUO, DX, GI, HI, INFO, IX, LD,


Policy Dinner Break

6:45 PM Round 2: CX

Speech Dinner Break

7:30 PM Round 1B: SC

Prep: DX, IX

8:00 PM Round 3: DI, DUO, DX, GI, HI, INFO, IX, LD,



• Speech postings will show CODES and NAMES

• Debate postings will show School & Initials

• Round 1 of OI starts with POETRY

• ALL Postings will be posted in the Cafeteria AND

online @ Speechwire.com

• Double Entered students are responsible for going

to their rounds on time

• NO JUDGE CALL. All judges must be present at

the time of ballots being handed out regardless if

your name is on the posting.

• Closed Campus - students may not leave during


For SPECIFIC event rules or information see

the FFL Varsity State Website

and Governing Documents

March 3, 2018

7:30 AM Prep: DX, IX

8:00 AM Round 2A: SC

Round 3: CX

Round 4: DI, DUO, DX, GI, HI, INFO, IX, LD,


9:30 AM Round 5: LD, PF

Prep: DX, IX

10:00 AM Round 4: CX

Round 5: DI, DUO, DX, GI, HI, INFO, IX, OI,


10:15 AM Round 2B: SC

11:00 AM Octafinal round: LD, PF

11:30 AM Speech Lunch Break

12:00PM LD/PF/CX/SC Lunch Break

12:30 PM Round 5: CX

1:30 PM Final round: SC

Prep: DX, IX

Quarterfinal round: LD, PF

2:00 PM Semifinal round: DI, DUO, DX, GI, HI, INFO,


3:00 PM Semifinal round: CX, LD, PF

4:00 PM Prep: DX, IX

4:30 PM Final round: DI, DUO, DX, GI, HI, INFO, IX, OI,


5:00 PM Final round: LD, PF

5:30 PM Final round: CX

7:00 PM Awards Ceremony

Civility Code

This document provides guidelines to coaches, judges, contestants,

observers, and others regarding decorum at league tournaments and

meetings. Our goal is to foster an environment, which encourages a full

and fair discussion of material issues; any activity or behavior in contravention

of this goal is discouraged and may be sanctioned in accordance

with Article IX of the bylaws of the league.

1. Respect shall be shown to all persons and property, especially

host school facilities.

2. The Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and/or the person designated

by the principal to function as supervising adult of a school at a

tournament shall be responsible for the conduct of his/her students,

judges, and observers affiliated with the school. This person must

be on campus at all times during the tournament and available to

answer questions from the tournament staff. Only these persons

may speak on behalf of a school, either for raising questions/concerns,

filing protests, or responding to protests.

3. No person at a league tournament shall audiotape or videotape

any round or performance.

4. No coach or judge shall ask a student to reveal the name of his/

her school. Similarly, students should not reveal the name of their

school to anyone except a tournament official.

5. All questions and concerns should be brought to the Tournament

Ombudsperson, who will be stationed in an area accessible to

coaches and judges. The tabulation room is not the proper venue

for initial concerns. The Ombudsperson, who shall have no other

responsibilities during the tournament, will bring relevant issues to

the attention of the tournament staff and/or league officers.

6. Formal protests must be submitted in writing on an official form

provided by the Ombudsperson and in a timely manner as defined

by the governing documents of the league. Unwritten and untimely

protests will not be entertained. Coaches shall refrain from participation

in gossip and hearsay regarding protests.

7. Requests that a judge divulge his/her decision/rankings in a

round, the questioning of a judge’s decision, and/or the harassment

of a judge is unacceptable behavior. Contestants and coaches with

concerns about a judge should bring that information to the attention

of the Ombudsperson.

8. The use of language that is abusive, threatening, obscene, or

slanderous, including using profanities, insults, or other disparaging

remarks or gestures will not be tolerated.

9. No person with access to information about tournament results

shall divulge those results to others.

10. No person shall provide coaching assistance to contestants

from the time that a round begins to the time that a round ends,

including the period of time after a contestant has drawn his/her

question in extemporaneous speaking events and during prep time

in all debate events.

Coach of the Year

Niceville—and yes we are! A former speech and debater myself, forensics is

my life. As any coach will tell you, coaching a team takes time beyond those

that we are with our team. But it is worth every hour to see the confidence,

ability, attitudes and characters—oh my, the characters—develop. Moreover

the camaraderie that grows within the team is inspiring. NHS competes in

our local region, TOC and in NSDA national circuits. Way up in the Panhandle,

one of my efforts is to grow more teams at high schools by helping

principals know the value of forensics and the opportunities it affords to our


Pauline Buis

Niceville HS

Kate Hamm, currently Director of Speech and Debate at Ransom Everglades

School in Coconut Grove, FL has been educating students in speech

and debate for over thirty years! During those years her students have won,

or had top finishes, at state and national tournaments in Lincoln Douglas,

Policy, Public Forum and Congressional Debate, as well as all of the Individuals

Events. In her first year in Florida, Kate coached the Dramatic Interp

and Duo Interp Florida State Champions as well as qualifying all three Duo

Interp spots to the NSDA national tournament. At Ransom Everglades

School she has built a team that has qualified 20 students to varsity states

and 8 congress and individual speech events to NSDA nationals. (Hoping to

add to that number at debate quals next month).

Kate Hamm

Ransom Everglades

Paul L. Gaba has been Wellington High School’s speech and debate coach

since 2002. He is chairman of the Florida Oceanfront NSDA District,

Vice President of the Palm Beach Catholic Forensic League, and served as

FFL Vice President/Webmaster for 10 years. He also serves on the NSDA

Public Forum Debate Wording Committee. Gaba was FFL Coach of the

Year in 2012, named a George Mason University Patriot Games Invitational

“Mason Mentor” in 2013, and is a 2018 William T. Dwyer Awards for

Excellence in Education nominee.

Paul Gaba

Wellington HS

David Mills is the speech and debate coach at C. Leon High School in

Tampa Florida. He teaches history in the IB program. He began coaching

the speech and debate team in 2005 despite having no experience. It all

began when a pair of very convincing students told him that it would be

easy and he would have to do no work other than sign a few things and

show up at a few tournaments. Despite his disappointment when he found

out he would actually have to do stuff, and lots of it, he found he enjoyed

the competition and comradery. He has since then lived vicariously

through the successes and disappointments of his students. Somehow he

has managed to be nominated for coach of the year despite being mostly

unqualified for the honor. Coach Mills does appreciate the nomination and

looks forward to seeing all the wonderful people at Varsity State.

David Mills

C Leon King HS

2017-2018 State Coach of the Year & Regional Coaches

of the Year These individuals were selected through

nominations and elections at the regional level. The

Board of Directors selects the statewide honoree from

among the list of regional winners. All seven will be

honored at the State Championship Awards Program.


Dario Camara has been involved in Speech and Debate, especially in Lincoln

Douglas Debate, since his freshmen year of high school back in 1996. During

college, Dario was the assistant coach in Speech and Debate at Ridge High

School in New Jersey. When he moved down to Florida, Dario coached both

at Royal Palm Beach High School and Christopher Columbus High School

before landing at Western High School. While in Florida, Dario has been a

2017 NSDA Educator of the Year finalist, the Art Deco and Palm Beach regional

state coach of the year, coached several champions in Speech, Congress

and PF at national tournaments including NCFL and NSDA. Western High

School was one of the top 10 schools at the 2017 NSDA Nationals,. On his off

days, Dario serves at the director of the SFCFL (Broward/Dade), Vice President

of the Florida Forensic League, host of the 2015 NCFL Nationals, host

committee of the 2018 NSDA National tournament.

Dario Camara

Western HS

Marna Weston

Oak Hall HS

Gainesville Oak Hall School’s Marna Weston was coached by NFL Hall of

Fame coach, Dale McCall at Twin Lakes High School in West Palm Beach. In

high school, he was a Florida NFL District Champion in Policy Debate and

a Florida Forensics Program (old FFP) State Champion in Lincoln Douglas

Debate. Marna currently coaches middle school through college debate

divisions. His team members at University of Florida and Oak Hall. The City

of Gainesville recognized his commitment to multiculturalism and diversity

in 1991 & 2015. He coached the Spring 2002 FFL State Champions in Current

Issues Debate & Policy Debate, and the 2017 FFL Novice State Policy Debate

runner up. As Moderator of the Saint Augustine Catholic Forensic League

(SACFL), he introduced middle school participation into CFL locals 5 years

ago to promote NJFL participation. This is his first FFL Coach of the Year


Ms. Apryl Taylor is the head coach from the Osceola County School for the

Arts. She has been in the Speech and Debate community for 5 years, starting

at Liberty High School. Ms. Taylor has worked closely with other coaches

to bring Speech and Debate back to Osceola County. She participates in the

CFDI, NFCFL, and FFL. Ms. Taylor also serves as Treasurer on the board for

the NFCFL. She loves helping new coaches and teams. In terms of what debate

means to her- well, EVERYTHING! Speech and Debate has brought Ms.

Taylor closer to her students and her community. It has shown her the power

of students’ voices. She loves seeing them be advocates for others and feels it is

the best method to train the future leaders of this country.

Apryl Taylor

Osceloa Country School for the Arts

Varsity State Championship

Qualifiers (by event)

Domestic Extemporaneous


Marco Munoz

Angela Yan

Saahas Rajendran

Max Pinkiert

Grant Bianco

Avah Dickinson

Mitchell Diaz

Mitch Rogoff

Max Schaked

Sarah Yang

Eli Finkelstein

Bhrajit Thakur

Brandon Sossoman

Blake Barclay

Aaron Jennings

Jose Quinones

Gus Lanz

Jonah Wexler

Jacqueline Sanchez

Kayla Wood

Ye Zhang

Dominic Chiappone

Christopher Alvarez

Hira Khan

Brian Boyd

Sava Glisic

Sean Jassenoff

Ellis Lee

Mya Hunter

Sam Berens

David Ott

Benjamin Rivera

Alex Dray

Alex Mendelson

Dallas Nickels

Dramatic Interpretation

Kevin Ahern

Michael Pincus

Tamsyn Butler

Emily Williams

Sivan Ben-David

Camilla Maionica

Ely Martinez

Ziwen Guan

Catie Sautter

Tara Sawhney

James Boone

Ashley Mason

Michael Nimbley

Kaylinn Escobar

Emma McCabe

Ashton Bosso

Marvin Fung

Christine Tao

Samantha Paradela

Veronique Louis-Jacques

Libby Clifton

Christopher Dimitrakakis

Warren Forrestman

Daliss Hicks

Stone Harrison

Christina James

Ilija Wan-Simm

Zachary Jacobson

Adrian Colina

Daniela Bolanos

William Espinosa

Gissele Martinez

Alejandro Cuellar-Mayoral

Duo Interpretation

Kevin Ahern and Kyle Ahern

Broderick Beauchamp and Tatiana Beauchamp

Kaysey Boscico and Marcarthiur Polycarpe

Anna Maria Nuryasin and Abbigail Gualda

Haseeb Memon and Jason James

Brian Inerfeld and Kathryn Brudzinski

Emma McCabe and Zach Helms

Olivia Vassiliades and Emma Sontag

Aitana Hidalgo and Lau Rodriguez

Zach Wurtenberger and Alexia Cosman

Hunter Tomich and Blaise Ramirez

Amanda Berger and Christine Tao

Andie Nichols and Maddie Eller

Kimberly Epstein and Olivia Brown

Mae Baltz and Eda Kutsal

Anna Lackovic and Hannah Wagner

Collin Carr and Jacki Eckstein

Pranav Anumulapally and Joshua Vogel

Daniel Bishop and Julia Bishop

Spencer Frybergh and Cassidy Herz

Amanda Gerulski and Sloane Kolesar

Alexander Blanco and Michael Mesa

Kendall Funk and Brian Lieu

Thalisa Bethel and Autumn Green

Jacod Williams and Kariana Ayala

Madison Barerra and Lauren Cartwright

Christina James and Jordan Singer

Randi Argow and Ryan Berg

Matthew Rocha and Sarah Rahman

Kristina Davis and Anthony Marton

Adrian Colina and Alejandro Cuellar-Mayoral

Melissa Orama and Wendy Rodriguez



Humorous Interpretation

Ivan Arias

Mara Vaknin

Seo Yoon Yang

Kyle Ahern

Akash Parvataneni

Danielle Nelson

Gavin Bradley

Evan Eiglarsh

Nikhita Toleti

Aleesha Chaudhry

Cameron Chang

Andrew Kwa

Gerardo Rodriguez

Hanna Buhadana

Zach Wurtenberger

Alexandra Benedit

Adam Berman

Janey Gauthier

Nicholas Marino

Sophie Rier

Michael Guitterrez

Libby Clifton

Jared Turnage

Anisa Khalid

Lucas Mesquita

Henry Schermerhorn

Addy Weintraub

Zachary Jacobson

Jayley Halpern-Drock

Informative Speaking

Brianna Seaberg

Emily Pacenti

James Boone

Eli Finkelstein

Bhrajit Thakur

Isabel Wood

Meghan Keough

Matteo Mauro

Cory Wurtenberger

Noah Rabinovitch

Jonathan Lun

Tristan Wertanzl

Maria Duran

Christopher Aguiar

Jorge Picos

Armando Hurtado

Raymond Fernandez

Christian Chase

Audrey Gabbard

Simrun Sharma

Eshaan Sharma

Amanda Law

Jacki Hatch

Sarah Lendzian

Juliette Reyes

Group Interpretation

Daniel Contreras, Nicole Marrero, Joshua Bullock and

Alexis Ernst

Lauren Brensel, Natalie Cabral, Kierstin Smith, Sara Bravo,

Sarah Brensel, Abbie Maldonado and Sarah Ruderman

Nandika Regatti, Sarah Tiktin, Aditya Nair, Alyssa Biggs,

Jered Olson, Adriana Hernandez, Gabriel Torrealba and

Myles Herbert

Sy Schimberg, Kelley Vinh, Emily Zezas and Megan


Charity Holmes, Kaya Rideaux, Carlos Soto, Shakyra

Jackson and Vyrlle Dixon

Michelle Frostrom, Ariel Hadley, Luisa Sanchez, Saraya

Purtee, Jovanna Harrop, Jody Herrera, Sofia Nachon,

Wendy Stein and Jessica Boyette

Maliha Ahmad , Kaylee Beck, Javier Serrano and Angela



Extemporaneous Speaking

Ricky Amar

Veronica Bloomberg

Emma Pereda

Zach Fotiadis

Gaby Morales

Hannah Siegel

Jay Nagabhairu

Alexandra Lipton

Alissa Vuillier

Chloe Kauffman

Jonathan Henley

Tristan Wertanzl

Gus Duran

Andres Baute

Kevin Cejas

Robert Diaz

Ricardo Aguilar

Zach Eckstein

Jose Leon

Arooj Khan

Grace Kim

Kevin Valido

Andre Hall

Nick Chen

Harrison Koeppel

Brian Reinhart

Kyla Cruz

Eshaan Sharma

Landon Lai

Lucas Miner

Matthew McGann

Jordyn Bergman

Daniel Phillips

Juliette Reyes

Oral Interpretation

Francesca Molfino

Katherine Oung

Seo Yoon Yang

Lorena Manasturean

Aksheta Kanuganti

Jason Glover

Lance Fischer

Henry Hurowitz

Luke Buchanan

Heavyn Lee

Mia Catania

Catie Sautter

Chandini Toleti

Amal Qureshi

Ella Saffran

Meghan Keough

Emily Jones

Aisha Jehaludi

Jessica Laurence

Mara Vaknin

Jillian Bamdas

Yanea Thomas

Ashley Mason

Lexi Good

Brian Inerfeld

Allison Marrero

Tyler Loring

Maria Duran

Jenee Cidel

Eda Kutsal

Mae Baltz

Francesca Pueguero

Daniel Bishop

Alexander Blanco

Megan De Vaney

Chloe Moussa

Glenna Li

Marium Abdulhussein

Marjan Mardanzi

Paola Cerna

Gabrielle Barton

Tiffany Guzman

Leandro Pita

Original Oratory

Matteo Mauro

Wyatt Sise

Noah Rabinovitch

Rock Navamuel

Nafisa Uddin

Janey Gauthier

Harris Lichtenstein

Jahnise Nixon

Hannah Moross

Simrun Sharma

Jacki Hatch

Alex Dray

Georgia Crosby

Carlos Souffront

Anthony Marton

Malai Escamilia

Jack Morrison

Leandro Pita



Student Congress

Michael Bole

Alexander Gordon

Maya Levkovitz

Christopher Hamilton

Salonee Singh

Sam Crombie

Saja Hussein

Logan Heller

Kyla Candrilli

Inez Nieves

David Frankel

Griffin Leckie

Ryan Psik

Iuri Lapa

Eric Dilts

Juliana Lucas

Sarah Tu

Ambreen Imran

Kanor Hutton

Layla Christie

Bruce Glasserman

Bryce Rubens

Brandon Lee

Govind Srikanth

Sahas Chintikayala

Dominic Abreu

Ally Partee

Sam Weirda

Luke Jones

Stephanie Odom

Davies Hoy

Zoe San Martin

Bennett Aikey

Nicole Guevara

Mary Faas

Chris Matei

Satya Alagarsamy

Chase Freeman

Program Oral Interpretation

Anh-Thu Le

Brianna Seaberg

Katherine Oung

Broderick Beauchamp

Emily Williams

Karson Povio

Hailey Rastrelli

Bekah Umansky

Tara Sawhney

Lau Rodriguez

Alicia Marrero-Riera

Aileen Flores

Breanna Nesbeth

Noah MacDonald

Leah Bolitho

Amy Pham

Caitlin Moore

Tara Nichols

Kariana Ayala

Jared Turnage

Nathalie Chowdhury

Amanda Law

Daliss Hicks

Jordan Singer

Ilija Wan-Simm

Megan Houchin

Jayley Halpern-Drock

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Blaine Beck

Benjamin Geller

Robby Gillespie

David Min

Eswar Mohan

Nikita Tanguturi

Arpan Bagui

Akum Kang

Jesus Capo

Andrew Castro

Javier Hernandez

Daniel De Izaguirre

Albert Sanchez

Angel Toro

Angelica Afanador

Charlie Seldin

Roxanne Daniel

Sherise Tracey

Gavin Day

Kaia Richmond

Kaitlyn Hutchinson

Ari Azbel

Abby Morris

Jerome Nashed

Julia Wu

Connor Darwish

Sinan Govaria

Charles Karcher

Caroline Sasser

Amanda Ciocca

Casey Glymph

Ethan Massa

Jephte Gauthier

Ryan Hauser

Joshua Hamilton

David Seymour

Anna Theissen

Policy Debate

Jordan Jenkins and Avery Alfred

Sean Buechele and Carlos Gutierrez

Rafael Casanova and Matthew Rockwell

Aiden Kennedy and Nicolas Sosa

Andres Perez and Marcos Ortega

Miles Berger and Shrenik Bhansali

Siddarth Kaul and Elijah Reisman

Lance Kotler and Tyler Kotler

Ella Laurent and Zach Levinson

Valentina Sarmiento and Josh Gavsie

Anthony Alfonso and Aaron Berger

Jayanne Forrest and Zoe Wynne

Tyler Brown and Jay Gopal

Kumail Zaidi and Jalesia Tillman



Public Forum Debate

Ashley Kulberg and Rhea Iyer

Pierre Louis and Devon Deford

Antony Perez and Eric Wagner

Carlos Caballero and Kevin Bjorkman

Eduardo Landaeta and Piyawut Supaprom

Christian Sheerer and Eden Medina

Ethan Silvey and Andrew Briceno

Emen Sukhera and Maggie Messer

Jonathan Ueberschaer and Cali Wilson

Liam Werner and Sachi Marshall

Jacob Anish and Muhammad Khattak

Anoosh Kumar and Jasper Ou

Sid Pinnamaneni and Max Steiner

Aleezeh Shaikh and Catie Ford

Andrew Huang and Albi Manfredi

Guido Dominguez and Alexander Sherer

Tali Peretz and Pablo Gonzalez

Nick Arozarena and MaryBeth Ehlbeck

Dylan Burke and Olivia Arozarena

Ethan Maas and Nick Gubler

Rachel McCoy and Fahad kabir

Olivia Cohen and Brenda Reiter

Nicole Damian and Emma Smith

Alex Goetschius and Ayden Wells

Robbie Linck and Alyson Brusie

Walker Stewart and Eli Reitman

William Speer and Thomas Ketterle

Alex Abinader and Thomas Murphy

Margaret Dill and Aidan Murphy

Marley Rywell and Brianna Kerr

Oliver Stern and Dori Schurr

Michael Anise and John Hunschofsky

Lauren Myerson and Matias Galguera

Mackenzie Jackson and Destiny Wiggins

Kenan Radwan and Carlos Freyre


The End!

I would like to congratulate all competitors who are here this weekend at the 2018 FFL

Varsity State Championship. You are here because of your commitment to excellence

in your craft. I feel that this quote by Ray Bradbury is most appropriate, “We are cups,

constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let

the beautiful stuff out.” I am quite sure that coaches, parents, judges and observers are

eager to see the fruits of your labor. However, we would not be here today were it not for

sacrifices by many across the board. Coaches wear many hats, whether it is that of judge,

travel agent, or stand-in parent. Each coach deserves a thank you. Parents also warrant a

thank you, because they routinely volunteer their time to judge at tournaments and chaperone

with little more than a promise of hot coffee to begin those early 7:45 AM judge calls.

It takes the efforts of all to continually make this happen and we choose to do so because

we believe strongly in forensics. As we begin this tournament I am excited to see what all

competitors have in store!

I would not have been able to represent the league as your President without the assistance

and support of others.

To my husband, Luis, for loving and always supporting me (even though he thinks I’m

crazy for continuing to do this). He tells me all the time to quit, but knows that quitting is

not a part of my nature.

To Dario Camara, Aly Fiebrantz, Cathy Brown, and Jen Kwasman for being amazing State

Officers! I feel that we all work so well together and I trust your opinions and respect your

decisions; as long as you don’t ask some of us about college football!

To my team at G. Holmes Braddock Sr. High, who routinely see me hunched over a

computer or on the phone, I want to commend you, for all your successes this year! It truly

has been a remarkable. I would like to say a special goodbye to my graduating seniors:

Alejandro Cuellar-Mayoral, Adrian Colina, Mary Faas, and Rolando Del Toro as always go

be magnificent!

To the FFL Board of Directors for their wisdom, support and encouragement this year and

for volunteering countless hours of your time in order to put together qualifying tournaments

and our State Tournament.

-- Dario Camara -- Kate Hamm -- Pauline Buis

-- Aly Fiebrantz -- Traci Lowe -- Paul Jannereth

-- Cathy Brown -- Justin Weaver

-- Jennifer Kwasman -- Beth Eskin

This group of talented young adults present here at Timber Creek this year represents the

best of Florida and this group has a voice that will be heard, that will not be silenced, and

will strive to make changes. DON’T EVER GIVE UP!

All students who advance to the elimination rounds in their respective events will be honored

at the awards pro-gram. Those students should remain in profession-al dress for the


Welcome & Announcements

Mr. Dario Camara

President’s Message

Ms. Carol Cecil

Coach of the Year Awards

Ms. Carol Cecil

Extemporaneous Speaking (UX & IX)

Mr. Bill Thompson & Mr. Dean Rhoads

Original Oratory, Informative & Student Congress

Mr. Paul Gaba & Mr. Luis Dulzaides

Humorous & Dramatic Interpretation

Ms. Jennifer Kwasman & Ms. Kate Hamm

Duo, Group, Program Oral & Oral Interpretation

Ms. Traci Lowe, Ms. Patricia Lewis & Ms. Courtney Chipman

Policy Debate

Mr. James Wakefield & Ms. Aly Fiebrantz

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Mr. PJ Samorian & Mr. David Mills

Public Forum Debate

Ms. Nancy Dean & Ms. Pauline Buis

Administrator of the Year Award

Mrs. Cathy Brown

School Recognition Awards

Ms. Carol Cecil & Ms. Cathy Brown


Presentation of State Champions

Ms. Carol Cecil & Ms. Cathy Brown

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