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Clapham Manor Primary School Prospectus

Creative Arts Being

Creative Arts Being involved in the Creative Arts at school offers children different ways to express themselves. It also gives them opportunities to build self-confidence, communicate with others, and to explore feelings and emotions. This area of the curriculum includes Drama, Movement, Dance, Art, Craft, and Music. Children develop a range of skills to enable them to make the most of any creative task they do. As children get older they learn more complex skills, from learning how to use equipment such as scissors and paintbrushes correctly up to complex batik techniques in Year 6. We also provide after school Art clubs for both infants and juniors with our Artist in Residence. We expose children to a variety of art forms by going to art galleries, theatres and exhibitions. Displays around the school are important and by displaying children’s work, we show our appreciation of their efforts and of our surroundings. We provide the same opportunities with well-planned productions by all year groups. Dancing, acting and musical talents, including playing a range of instruments are performed to a high standard. We have developed links with artists, musicians and performers in the local community to allow children to watch and work alongside experts: e.g. Chance to Dance [the Royal Ballet] and we are members of the South London Children’s Scrap Scheme, an organisation from which we obtain a variety of art and craft materials. 17 Clapham Manor Primary School

Humanities Children develop their historical and geographical enquiry skills through a broad Humanities curriculum following National Curriculum Programme of Study. Geography In Geography children develop their understanding of the world around them, beginning with their local area and extending to the UK, Europe and the world. Children gain an awareness of their own environment and develop this by investigating their local area and its landscape. Skills such as following directions, interpreting maps, globes and atlases, and photos, and asking and exploring geographical questions are key parts of the curriculum. Children are able to apply their geographical skills through fieldwork outside of the classroom, taking advantage of our access to locations across London to embed their learning. Children learn to understand different human and physical features of the world around them, including landscapes (rivers, coasts and even volcanoes) and to appreciate differences and similarities in different societies and cultures, and consider how humans impact the world when learning about climate change, sustainability and fair trade. History Children develop their historical understanding first through exploring events in living memory and making comparisons with their life and life in the past. The curriculum explores key individuals and events in the past such as the Great Fire of London, Space Exploration and WWII. Children are able to build up their understanding of key periods of time from around the world including the Bronze Age and Ancient Egyptians, up to the Victorians and key events in our local history. We draw on the diverse background of the learners at our school to develop a broad and balanced view of the past through work with members of the school communities and celebrations such as ‘Black History Month’. Children are able to use artefacts, photographs and digital resources, as well as taking advantage of the wealth of museums and places of historical interest easily accessed from our school. Clapham Manor Primary School 18

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