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Yearbook 2016-2017ii

A message from the

A message from the Headteacher Welcome to our sixth yearbook in which we look back over our achievements in 2016-17. Once again we have had a very successful academic year. We know you will enjoy reflecting on some of our key events in words and pictures, contained in this book, which give an account of the broad and balanced curriculum available at this outstanding school. I hope you have a great summer and I look forward to working with you again in September 2017. B J Hazell July 2016 Food Flagship Scheme & Healthy Schools Award For the last two years Clapham Manor Primary School has held Food Flagship status. This project has involved working with pupils, families and staff to ensure that nutrition and physical exercise are valued as part of a healthy life style. Part of this project involved the school becoming a Natural Thinkers’ accredited setting in 2015. This is a Lambeth-wide programme that aims to connect young people with the world around them. Children have access to the nature garden year-round and in all weathers. All pupils are encouraged to take part in digging, planting and growing during their free time. The curriculum for all year groups is being developed to include activities such as clay oven building, foraging and hut-building. The school has areas for edible plant beds. These are being developed into vegetable and other edible plant growing areas to support the school’s Food Flagship work and develop pupils’ understanding of healthy eating. The food grown has been used in the school’s cooking classroom by pupils from all year groups. The products they make were sold in Venn Street Market. We finally have a greenhouse at Clapham Manor! This will enable us to grow many different vegetables and herbs much more quickly. Some children in RT went inside the greenhouse and felt how warm it is inside. Then they were very helpful with watering the existing plants. We also planted more wildflower seeds in the natured garden. Mr Jamois has continued to teach every class from Reception to Year 6 a series of recipes for four weeks. As part of their leaving gift, the children from Year 6 were presented with a collection of their recipes from their time at Clapham Manor. Whilst the funding from Food Flagship has ended, the school is determined for these invaluable lessons to carry on and with support from the Friends of Clapham Manor the children will continue to have cooking lessons next year. Through the Food Flagship Programme, the Sports Premium and the Personal, Social and Health Education Curriculum the school aims to ensure pupils develop a healthy relationship with food and physical activity. This work has been recognised through the Healthy School Bronze Award which rounds of a very healthy year at Clapham Manor. Yearbook 2016—2017 2

School Houses This academic year has seen the introduction of a ‘House System’ at Clapham Manor – this change in recognising pupil achievement has been part of a wider project to develop and promote positive behaviour and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) across the school. Teamwork, collaboration and unity were elements of the Clapham Manor ethos that drove this change and the now up and running House system is a demonstration of these values in practice. An instrumental factor in the development of the Houses has been the involvement of pupils in the entire process – from naming the houses, to electing House Captains to the organisation involved in collecting and collating points. The House Cup has quickly become a weekly highlight for the children and staff alike – this celebrates the achievements not of individuals, but of the House collectively, again promoting a sense of belonging to a team and unity. Over the term staff have demonstrated commitment to implementing the use of Houses to foster teamwork and collaboration across the school – from Maths Day Olympiad competitions to Phase/ House rounders competitions on Clapham Common. It is an exciting time for the Clapham Manor Houses, culminating this term in Sports Day and whole school House picnics at Grafton Square to celebrate each Houses termly achievements. Yearbook 2016—2017 3

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