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Yearbook 2016-2017ii

Children’s Centres,

Children’s Centres, Pre-School Early Years and Community Provision The provision of high quality holistic community services is at the heart of everything we provide for all the children and families that access our services. Despite many financial challenges over this past year including a 20% cut to funding for Children’s Centre services we have continued to offer a wide variety of stay and play, targeted sessions, parenting , family and adult learning courses. Our reach area shows that there are 1522 children aged 0-5 in our catchment. In the academic year 2015/16 we reached 1582 (104%). Data from the end of quarter 2 (March 2017) shows that currently 1716 children aged under 5 have accessed our services, with still half of the year to go this is already 13% above the number living in our reach area. So we can safely say that despite all the financial challenges a vast majority of our community have continued to access our services. Much of the success for this increase in users is down to our hugely popular sessions delivered at The Spinney by David Beldon, our lead for Natural Thinkers activities. His popular sessions regularly attract between 100-150 families. Comments from families accessing his sessions show how valued they are: “In 10 years of being a Lambeth resident and mother using local services, I can't think of anything that has helped my children more. We are using the common more making new friends and really feel part of the community since we've started coming. David and the team are amazing. How lucky we are to have them.” “We have been coming to The Spinney regularly enjoying the activities of 'Little Diggers'. It's a safe environment for kids to explore the park and learn about nature. Great job from Clapham Manor school running it. Thanks." Last summer we introduced a new Natural Thinkers session during the school holidays for children with SEND and their families. Families expressed how invaluable these sessions were and in order to continue these sessions we submitted a bid to Children in Need and were awarded £9,000 to continue these much needed sessions for the next 3 years. In July 2016 we were chosen as one of 4 provisions by Lambeth Education to submit a bid to the Department for Education to expand our provision. This was to meet the needs of working parents eligible for the government’s new extended childcare offer for 3 and 4 year olds (30 hours). Our project was chosen and as such our Clapham Manor Nursery will benefit from an extension worth £356,848.00. This new extension will provide an additional 30 places a day for Little Diggers – 150-200 families weekly attend Spinney Natural Thinkers SEND session Interior of the new extension Exterior of the new extension children aged 3-4 years old accessing this offer. We are hugely excited and look forward to inviting you all to the opening of the new building in January 2018. Yearbook 2016—2017 4

Growth Mindset This year, children, staff and parents and carers have been developing a ‘Growth Mindset’. A fantastic 80 plus parents and carers attended our ‘power of yet’ Growth Mindset sessions in March 2017 with expert Tricia Taylor. She has already worked with staff to support us in our understanding of the work of Professor Carol Dweck. Those in attendance were very positive about the sessions and enjoyed learning about how the brain works and how it relates to practice and effort. Parents and carers also expressed appreciation for the language to use with children to encourage a Growth Mindset, as well as the importance of ‘making meaning from mistakes’. Feedback included: “I really enjoyed this workshop as I’ve learned so much from it and will now work differently with my children. This will improve how they see learning.” “It’s great to know the school is investing in this and thinking about improving resilience in our children.” “Thank you Clapham Manor for putting this on. Thank you Tricia for making it so energising.” Ms Taylor also worked with staff members. The staff gave positive feedback about the session including appreciation for the classroom exercises and the opportunity to share good practice with colleagues. With parents, carers and teachers all on board together, we hope that the emotional resilience needed in life and learning will be well supported for our children. Yearbook 2016—2017 5

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