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Yearbook 2016-2017ii

The Award for Best

The Award for Best Achiever 2017 goes to…………….. Samerah Preddie, 6D Year 6 - Moving On 6D 6R Yearbook 2016—2017 6

Take One Picture In October 2016, Clapham Manor took part in a whole school art project ‘A Roman Triumph’, which was based on Ruben’s painting of 1630. A large reproduction of Ruben’s ‘A Roman Triumph’ was introduced to all classes which then lead to discussions about what artwork the children wanted to create. This varied from making clay animals and paintings, to torches and standards. Some children made Roman temples! As a school we wanted to perform a Roman parade in order to show everyone their amazing art work and invite parents and carers along to spectate a unique and collaborative filmed event. All children could access this project and were thoroughly engaged in the process of deciding what to make/produce and the designing itself. Year 6 decided they wanted to make posters to advertise the parade, which were distributed around the school. As the parade was to be filmed, a year 6 child produced an illustrated storyboard for the purpose. The parade and artwork lead to meaningful discussions and projects about Romans and what it might have been like to live in those days. Some classes researched the Romans and did history projects on this. Year 5 children studied the painting and each produced a breakdown of their observations. They made temples, flaming torches and Roman standards- The children learned about these items which were carried by the Romans in victory celebration parades. Both children and teachers learnt how to utilise recycled materials to produce much of the artwork. The parade was filmed for a forthcoming assembly and our website, while it was also advertised beforehand and afterwards in the weekly school newsletter sent out to parents and carer’s. An article about the event was also published in ‘Lambeth Talk’, a local Clapham Newsletter! Go to to read it. A Roman Triumph, about 1630 by Peter Paul Rubens The National Gallery, London Yearbook 2016—2017 7

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