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How are we doing 2016-17 July 17

Children’s Survey

Children’s Survey March 2017 In March 2017 we carried out a whole school pupil survey. The survey was carried out using OFSTED pupil survey statements. from at least 90% of pupils. Results Across the school the number of positive responses regarding the school has mostly increased from last year with most statements scoring a positive response 98% of children agreed that teaching in the school is good. 96% of children agreed that their school encourages them to take responsibility and 97% feel that the leaders in the school do a good job. The statement with the fewest number of positive responses was, ‘behaviour is good at my school’. Whilst 84% of children agreed with this statement it is a big improvement on last year. We hope that this is as a result of the implementation of the new behaviour policy and the hard work of all staff on transforming movement in and around the school. Staff Survey Summer 2017 “100% of staff are proud to be at this school” All staff members have the opportunity to participate in the staff survey to facilitate thinking about ways to enhance pupil outcomes in terms of achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour & safety and quality of leadership and management. 98% of children agreed that teaching is good There was an increase of 31 responses from the last survey, showing staff know their voices are heard. Again 100% of staff are proud to be at this school and agree that the school runs smoothly on a daily basis. 98% of staff believe feel children are safe in school. 95% believe leaders do all they can to improve teaching and that the school is well led and managed. 93% of teaching staff feel the school makes appropriate provision for their professional development. 6

Parent and Carer Survey Summer 2016 In Summer 2016 we asked you to fill in a questionnaire to tell us how you felt we are doing. 234 parents and carers completed the Questionnaire. Thank you for taking the time to take part. The vast majority of parents and carers remain happy with the work of the school and the responses to the survey were very positive. “98% of parents and carers felt their child feels safe at school” What parents and carers said: 96% of parents and carers felt the school helps their child develop their skills in English and Mathematics, and 97% feel their child is taught well at the school. 95% of parents and carers agreed that their child is making good progress, that there is a good standard of behaviour at the school and that they would recommend the school to another parent. Most other statements scored at least 90%. The statement that had the fewest number of positive responses was the ‘The school deals with any cases of bullying effectively’ at 83%. The surveys are just one way in which the school gathers views from important stakeholders. There is a school council for pupils, teachers are available to meet with parents and carers, and there are termly forums for parents and carers. Copies of the full reports of the surveys are available on request from the school office. 7

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