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MY ESPOO TIMO PORTHAN GROWING UP WITH THE HELP OF TEAM SPORTS A FOOTBALL IS ROLLING around the artificial turf of Espoo’s inflated football hall. The Espoonlahti Icehearts team, composed of boys aged 9 to 11, is practicing at full throttle. The team also practices ice hockey and cross training, and already plays football at the division level. However, the success of the team is not measured in division rankings, but social work. Icehearts, an association working to prevent social exclusion, organises team sports for children and young people who need special support. “We use sports to teach children team skills and how to deal with disappointments and guide them towards an athletic lifestyle,” says Jyrki Tuukkanen, Managing Director at Espoon Icehearts ry. Espoo has four boys Icehearts teams, and next autumn they will be joined by a girls team. The activities are free of charge for the participants. The educators acting as mentors for the teams support the children and youths also at school and at home for a period of 12 years. Icehearts pledges to support the children “from pre-school to conscription”. “With our help, many young people can avoid social exclusion and find employment instead.” PIRITTA PORTHAN READ MORE ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION ICEHEARTS.FI There are currently 32 Icehearts teams in ten different locations in Finland. Each team contains some 25 children. 2

A MAGAZINE FOR ESPOO RESIDENTS 1 2018 8Espoo is growing upwards. CONTENTS 1/2018 is the winter sports enthusiasts’ 16Oittaa dreamland. OITTAA ALSO OFFERS POSSIBILITIES FOR WINTER SWIMMING. IN THIS ISSUE: 2 MY ESPOO Growing up with the help of team sports 4 EDITORIAL Jukka Mäkelä 5 PICKS Espoo residents content with maintenance 7 AT YOUR SERVICE The chef of the manor 8 THEME Higher and more sustainable 12 ACTIVE ESPOO What’s on this spring? 15 INSIGHT Support for multicultural families with infants 16 PEARL Oittaa offers a multitude of activities 18 SERVICE Building a new Tapiola 20 VI ESBO Culture is part of life in day care centres 22 TAKE A BREAK The Espoo crossword 23 THE PEOPLE OF ESPOO Sights set on the medal 7 20 23 ESPOO MAGAZINE 1/2018 >> 3

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