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EDITORIAL Read “Stories from Espoo”! Espoo in 2017 THIS EDITION of the Espoo Magazine is even thicker than usual, as the city’s annual report “Stories from Espoo” is delivered to all homes as a supplement to the magazine. The supplement offers a quick peek into everyday life in Espoo, including development, education, planning, construction, services, sports services and culture. Our communications department has really done a great job creating a comprehensive, easy-to-read information package of what is going on in Espoo. Read it and find out where the tax euros of Espoo residents are used! It is essential for the development of the city that the inhabitants and companies are vocal about what they require for a smooth and comfortable daily life. Espoo’s most important value is its resident and customer-oriented approach, and it is always good to receive feedback on matters that need to be developed. Espoo will succeed in any project where local residents and customers come together for a joint effort. Urbanization continues and Espoo keeps growing. There are plenty of construction projects around the city. Espoo is home to new, diverse neighbourhoods and apartments that suit various stages of life. Espoo’s sustainability goals, smart urban solutions, well-functioning transport solutions and emission-free energy production offer great ways to promote a carbon-free society while also taking care of urban nature, much valued by the locals, and ensuring the safety of the residential areas. Sustainable, high-quality growth comes from cooperation with inhabitants. Espoo has been named among the top seven intelligent communities in the international Intelligent Communities Awards 2018. The previous European winner was Eindhoven in 2011. The final will be held in London next summer. As usual, success in this competition comes from our cooperation with the local people. Jukka Mäkelä, mayor Updates from different parts of the city and pages dedicated to various operators. ” Espoo begins a reading campaign! Read aloud to a child, support their development and affect their whole future. #luelapselleEspoossa Always up to date. Information, answers and discussion. #readtoachildEspoo ” #Espoo has a great atmosphere. In 2017, almost 600 new companies were founded through @YritysEspoo. Wow! Great moments, events and landscapes through the eyes of Espoo #espooinnovation residents. ” We have just signed an agreement with @fortumcorporation to continue implementing our energy goals. #sustainableespoo MAGAZINE FOR ESPOO RESIDENTS Public bulletin to all households FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS PUBLISHER City of Espoo, PO Box 12, 02070 City of Espoo, tel. 09 81 621,, EDITOR IN CHIEF Satu Tyry-Salo, Communications director EDITORS Omnipress Oy, MANAGING EDITOR Kimmo Kallonen LAYOUT Hannu Kavasto/Hank PRINTED BY Punamusta DISTRIBUTION SSM NOTIFICATIONS COVER Timo Porthan ISSN 1798-8446 Next issue 19.5.2018 4

PICKS 105,000 IN THE JANUARY–FEBRUARY PERIOD OF 2017, THE EMPLOYEE VOLUME OF ESPOO-BASED COMPANIES WAS APPROXIMATELY 105,000, WITH 47,500 EMPLOYEES IN THE WEST METRO DEVELOPMENT CORRIDOR, AND 34,000 EMPLOYEES IN THE URBAN RAILWAY LINE DEVELOPMENT CORRIDOR. ACCORDING TO STATISTICS FINLAND, THE ESTIMATED EMPLOYEE VOLUME IN ESPOO’S COMPANIES GREW BY APPROXIMATELY ONE THOUSAND. ESPOO AMONG THE TOP 7 MOST INTELLIGENT ESPOO HAS been named among the top seven intelligent communities in the international Intelligent Communities Awards 2018 and is the only European finalist. The other finalists in the competition include cities from Canada, Australia and Taiwan. The City of Oulu is the only other city in Finland that has reached the finals, in 2012 and 2013. The competition is built around the theme of utilizing data in human-oriented service development. Espoo’s strength in the competition has been said to be its citizen-driven approach to sustainable, smart city development, with the active involvement of residents at the heart of all activities. In its application, Espoo presented, for example, the School as a Service Model, the Iso Omena Service Centre and the Sustainable Espoo Development Programme. Competition evaluators will visit Espoo during the spring to get to know Espoo’s development activities in more detail. The winner will be announced at the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) Global Summit in London on 4–6 June. COLLECTION VEHICLES TOUR IN APRIL AND MAY ONCE AGAIN, the collection vehicles tour will begin in Espoo in April. You can bring domestic hazardous waste to the vehicles, including products such as energy-saving lamps, fluorescent tubes, paints and solvents. The collection vehicles also accept electric and electronic household appliances, such as freezers and fridges, electric stoves, displays and old televisions. The metal collection vehicle accepts individual metal household items, such as wood-burning sauna stoves, frying pans and pots. Larger volumes of metal should be taken to the HSY Sortti stations or other metal waste processors. Specific schedules, vehicle stops and sorting instructions are available on the website “When I moved from Rovaniemi to Tapiola, the district and its nature immediately felt like home. I was impressed by EMMA’s exhibitions and the space itself. I’m sure art I’ve experienced there has inspired my own work,” Greta Muuri says. Working grant for professional artist to Greta Muuri IN DECEMBER, the Espoo Culture Committee granted the 2018 Working Grant for Professional Artist to textile designer and Master of Fine Arts, Greta Muuri. Muuri describes her art as experimental textile art that is created with the aim of breaking boundaries and evoking feelings. In Muuri’s working plan, pieces of art drawing influences from different art styles and the local spirit are placed in various public places. The Culture Committee found Muuri’s working plan innovative and creative. Simultaneously, Muuri promotes sustainable development in utilizing recycled textiles as her medium. Muuri lives and works in Mankkaa in Espoo. Originally from Pori, Muuri studied textile design at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, and finally her Master’s thesis topic and internship at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art brought her to Espoo. Later she worked for the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation. The Working Grant for Professional Artist is awarded to one artist for one year at a time. In 2018, a total of 17 artists applied for the grant. The grant amount is EUR 1,692.45 per month. The application assessment criteria included the artistic quality of the working plan, the professional merits of the applicant, as well as how much the artist’s work will increase the attractiveness of the city. “I’M STARTING THE YEAR BY COLLECTING RECYCLED TEXTILES, AND MY PIECES WILL BE PUBLISHED IN AUTUMN AND WINTER.” ESPOO MAGAZINE 1/2018 >> 5

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