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280218_Luxor-Egypt SECAP Final_revised


Communication Educational Developing guides and awareness raising campaigns for citizens on how to save water and energy, especially during crisis Done and conducted continuously Technical Integration of sustainable drainage systems Under execution Establishment of underground water reservoirs Not yet done Building desalination plants based on the best available technologies* New or upgrade of (coastal) flood defence systems near affected facilities. Potential re-engineering to increase the height of quaysides. Development of controlled flood management zones near afflicted facilities Doesn’t exits *Luxor is located by the Nile River Not done yet Development is underway Table 19: Suggested adaptation actions for built environment – City of Luxor Actions’ characteristic Adaptation Actions Actions 2017 Governorate of Luxor, city of Luxor Strategic Alert / Communication Educational Technical Modification of building codes to allow more energy efficient and heat tolerant structures Modification of building codes against seismic activity Provision of reductions on municipal taxes for those proceeding in adoption of adaptation measures in their houses Integrated land-use planning with zoning system depending on the different areas (e.g. red for areas to be heavily afflicted by floods or sea level rise) Not applicable Educational campaigns on informing the citizens on the benefits of adopting the suggested actions in their premises Greening infrastructure such as buildings’ roofs and walls Increasing the amount of shade and green areas in the city by planting trees to reduce the heat island effect Building exemplary districts with adapted urban forms and buildings White roofs (cool colours), shading and bioclimatic design Rainwater collection and use Not done According to national laws Doesn’t exist Not done N/A Not done Not done Under development More projects are underway. Not done Not done Not done 120

Adoption of methods to reduce water demand Using water resistant construction materials Grey water is not used for irrigation Under development Table 20: Suggested adaptation actions for economy – City of Luxor Actions’ characteristic Adaptation Actions Actions 2017 Governorate of Luxor, city of Luxor Strategic Elaboration of drought, water and ground water management plan Not yet done Alert / Communication Adoption of integrated land use planning for the touristic activities - - A proposal is under development by Governorate of Luxor Educational Educating farmers* and tourist personnel on ways to conserve natural resources, especially during extreme weather events Not yet done Technical Use of drought resistant crops Not yet done Adoption of agro-forestry systems Not yet done Utilization of drip irrigation practices Adoption of energy efficient and water conservation programs at resorts Reducing cooling needs in resorts by installing automations and setting thermostats at given temperature Promotion of RES (SWH, PVs) in resorts Not yet done Not yet done Not yet done Not yet done Table 21: Suggested adaptation actions for biodiversity – City of Luxor Actions’ characteristic Adaptation Actions Actions 2017 Governorate of Luxor, city of Luxor Strategic Alert / Communication Establishment of a fire management plan Elaboration of an integrated coastal management plan Early warning system for flooding or fire hazards A plan is under development Not yet developed Under development Educational Educating the citizens Under development Fragmenting the forest* into section to allow better fire Not yet done. 121

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