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lamps plus 50 for

lamps plus 50 for corridors and staircases as well as 100 lamps for the upper deck, restaurants and other facilities. Thus, in total 450 lamps per boat. This lighting would need 13.5 kWh per day that can be produced by 3 to 4 solar PV on the roof with appropriate batteries for energy storage. This would mean an investment per boat of 5,400 € maximum (1350€ per 1 kWp panel). Note: SWH on Cruise Boats Assuming that one cruise boat with 100 rooms, occupied by 2 persons, and then we have 185 passengers/boat, on average, plus 30 staff, so the total is 215 persons. Considering 30 litres per day per person (6,450 litres in total) we need 22 kits of 3 collectors at 12,264 EGP (584 €) each, meaning an investment of 252 kEGP (12k€) minimum. This will not offer any interesting payback when water could be warmed up using the heat generated from the boat engine. Component 5: Capacity building among local authorities is essential to prepare and oversee the implementation of the boats conversion plan to NG, Solar PV for lighting and LED replacement. This would involve cost estimate, feasibility studies, funding schemes that need to be supervised by appropriately trained staff in the Governorate services in Luxor. Component 6: Awareness raising is vital to change the current mode of using non-clean fuel for tourist cruise boat and small passenger boats and their sailing docks to assist in the implementation of the plan and in transforming the city to be a green city. Deliverables should be as follows: • Integrated sustainable mobility of tourist cruise boats and small passenger boats to improve the City of Luxor green profile, • Detailed road map and investment plan to implement the action, • Short and medium terms priorities: - Optimize the overall cruise fleet management with an objective of improvement its overall efficiency by 30% mainly working on occupancy rate improvement. - Convert 110 tourists cruise boats to run by natural gas, adopt LED lighting and solar PV. - Convert 155 small passenger boats to run by natural gas. 4. Organization and procedures Formal approval City council represented by the Governor of Luxor needs to decide for the implementation of such an investigation. This would include the following entities: • Governor of Luxor, • City Council represented by the Governor, Staff allocated to prepare, implement, monitor action # 2 • Governorate of Luxor and City of Luxor, • City Council represented by the Governor, • MoPMRs (EGAS, GeWCo, Egypt Gas Co.), • MoTr (RTA), • MoInt – CDD, and • MoEnv (EEAA). 142

• MoTr through River Transport Authority, • MoWRI–General Administration for Nile river Protection, • Ministry of Environment – EEAA, • MoPMRs – EGAS, GwEC and EGC, • MoInt. – Civil Defence Department, • Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation in case of IFIs funds. Staff training Governorate (Municipality) staff related to the issue of Sustainable water mobility need to receive coaching and training on four subjects: • Question of green cruise boats and green docks • Strategic management of green water mobility issues, • Technical and organisational solutions for green boats to be promoted, and • Project Management. A Strategic Sustainable Energy Unit (SSEU) to be developed to oversee the training of staff and all concerned issue and ensure the implementation of the plan actions of SECAP. Role of Partners Stakeholders: - All stakeholders should be invited to specific workshop to design the strategic road map to start transferring cruise boats and small passenger boats from Fossil fuels to use CNG/NG, SWH and solar PV. This could include boat owners and boat managers and staff. - Training is also needed to transfer the message of clean and green tourism to all parties involved, - The Governorate and City of Luxor to coordinate the procedures approval with different related authorities in close contact with the Governorate such as: Ministry of MoPMRs, MoERE, NREA, EEAA, MoTr and MoInt, including RTA, EGAS and GEWC through Egypt Gas Company and CDD to ensure constant supply of CNG/ NG to cruise boats and guarantee safety, - All should be invited to specific to facilitate the action project to follow up the implementation upon funding, - The RTA, CDD, and EGAS through GEWC and ECG to be involved to check on the installation procedures, implementation and testing of safety. 5. Summary of Awareness Raising (AR) actions for action ≠2 (Green cruise and passenger boats) A communication plan needs to be developed to highlight the benefits of a new strategic and comprehensive sustainable water transport utilising clean energy (Renewable energy) plan to brand the City of Luxor as a clean and green city including the use of NG/CNG instead diesel in running tourists cruise boats in the Nile river. Also, an adequate awareness raising actions will be necessary to help Governorate promote the value of Green Tourism - Green water transport through greening tourists cruise boats and small passenger boats and docks on river banks will benefit both for individual and boats owners and for the entire city of such a 143

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