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An adequate awareness

An adequate awareness raising actions will be necessary to assist the Governorate of Luxor promoting the value of Green Governorate (Municipal) Buildings Plan - GMBP through greening such buildings as well as the benefits of such move. Awareness should also focus on the fact that Green buildings development doesn’t mean that energy will become abundant. On the contrary, such awareness campaign should highlight that combining energy efficiency with the use of solar PV and SWH systems will make reduce GHG emissions and make air in the city less polluted. The Awareness Raising Programme (ARP), would include meetings, workshops, lectures and workshops for staff and managers that could encompass several actions: - The creation of a permanent municipal information point, - The organisation of an open house, - The publication of articles in local and regional newspapers, - The distribution of brochures and posters, - The distribution of an information letter that includes current events on sustainability and local success stories: • Information on national energy policies and local implications, • The prevailing energy conditions in the municipality, and • The state of progress of the different actions implemented within the framework of the sustainable energy strategy and the SECAP. Successful projects in national and foreign municipalities, notably in municipalities that are members of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM). 5. Assumptions and risks - Changing people’s minds is always a challenge, - Organize a proper maintenance system to ensure best generation from solar PV panels and the SWH systems securing interesting enough return on investment (R.o.I.), and - The medium to low price of diesel set by Egyptian General Petroleum Authority - EGPA (MoPMRs) is a challenge, but as tariffs will increase in 2018/2019 there will be a new dynamic supporting such investments. 6. Key success factors • The Governor’s vision and backing of promoting sustainable energy (EE and RE) in the City of Luxor instead of using diesel and non-clean energy sources would support any transformation of the energy system, 184

• Municipality determination to act comprehensively on the issue of sustainable energy (Solar PV, SWH and EE), • The approach and development of greening Governorate Buildings is part of the Governorates’ vision and strategy, hence would assist in reducing the annual use non-clean energy and in greening the city, • New energy tariff means that any saving will be a significant value and great savings, • Developed capacity of Governorate staff for implementation, and • Organize a proper maintenance system in order to ensure adequate flow of hot water from the SWH systems, yields securing interesting enough Return on Investment (R.o.I.). 7. Cost estimates Technical support to further design investment plans. Training for Municipality staff Required investment - Lamp replacement 40,000 € - AC upgrading 150,000 € - Solar PV development 10,000,000 € - SWH systems 292,000 € Approximate annual cost saving (after initial investment reimbursement) - Lamp replacement 10,190 € - AC upgrading 35,450 € - Solar PV development 751,840 € - SWH systems 49,690 € 30,000 € 30,000 € 10,482,000 € 847,170 € Return on Investment (draft calculation) - Lamp replacement 4 years - AC upgrading 4 years to 5 years - Solar PV development 13 years to 14 years - SWH systems 6 years 8. Available and foreseen sources of funding to be developed Local authority's own resources: • N/A National Funds and Programs • Renewable Energy Fund 2014 185

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