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Section VI: Citizen

Section VI: Citizen Awareness Promotion Plan (CAPP) Luxor A Heritage Green City Preparing and including the “Awareness Raising Actions” component in the SECAP In addition to the requirement linked to the public consultation of the SEAP, a Citizen Awareness Promotion Plan (CAPP) has to be elaborated by the municipality as part of the Sustainable Energy Climate and Action Plan document (SECAP). Identification of CAPP actions through participatory training workshops The CES-MED project has conducted a tailored communication and CAPP training workshop for the local authority and it communication team in coordination with (and attended by) the Focal Point and the SECAP Consultants. Prior to conducting the workshop, which was led by CES-MED key communication expert (KE), three parts “Communication Kit” was handed on to the local authority and SEAP Consultant, who were asked to get acquainted with its content prior to conducting the training. The “Communication Info Kit” (annex1) includes: - Part 1: the “CAPP Guidelines” document: a tailored comprehensive manual prepared by CES- MED for the use of cities/municipalities on how to identify, plan and conduct awareness raising actions (Arabic, English and French versions) ( - Part 2 includes; o o o PPT Presentation of the CAPP Guidelines Presentation of “how to prepare and implement a communication and an awareness campaign” showing techniques, materials and models Pools of benchmark examples and references to best practices from across the world towards citizen engagement and behaviour change, with adaptation to the CES-MED cities context - Part 3: consists of 4 Tables to assess CAPP conditions and identify actions. o Table 1 is used to conduct a rapid investigation to identify awareness situation, levels and needs linked to behavioural change in the city; and to initiate discussions with 188

the workshop participants towards the identification of target audiences and the SECAP CAPP actions. o o o Table2: presents the content of a plan to implement a CAPP action related to a Pilot Project. Table 3 presents the proposed actions related to the general sustainable energy challenges and to the city. Table 4: presents the proposed CAPP actions linked to each SECAP priority projects. During the workshop, the “Communication Kit” material was explained. The following discussions, assessment and analysis addressed awareness raising conditions and challenges, communication concepts and CAPP methodologies, tools, techniques before examining and multiple benchmark applications. A practical exercise was then conducted to specify the SECAP’s CAPP actions, whereby the local authority general awareness raising needs and SECAP’s priority actions (proposed in the Project Fiches) were looked over and proposed. In doing so, the template tables were “draftly” filled by the participants and the KE. Following the workshop, the participants have thoroughly reviewed the tables and finalized them with CES-MED KE and the SECAP Consultants, prior to including them in the SECAP (below). The Communication Info Kit and specially the CAPP Guidelines are to be used as reference work manuals for the subsequent detailed planning and implementation of the CAPP actions proposed in the in the SECAP document and other similar awareness raising actions. 189

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