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2.1.3. Template Proposed

2.1.3. Template Proposed Communication or Awareness Raising Action related to Specific/Pilot Project: Energy 1. Title of the Pilot Project: Raising the environmental awareness of citizens to rationalize energy consumption 2. Title of the Communication Action related to the pilot project: Sculpture Symposium entitled: “Together towards a clean environment” 3. Location (site/place/site or place/schools…): Sculpture Symposium at a cultural event in Luxor 4. Summary of the Communication Action - General objective(s): Awareness on the importance of rationalizing consumption and switching to the use of clean energy as much as possible - Key Message: A message through art to shed light on the importance of the inviting environment for sensation and influence - Theme: Practical clarification of the importance of the environment and its preservation - Target group: All groups, in particular Youth. - Tools and channels: Technical and cultural symposia accompanied by a technical exhibition similar to the Aswan International Symposium 5. Organization - Roles and responsibilities (Communication Team): Coordinating with the governor's office to give his sponsorship and the Faculty of Fine Arts and NGOs - Project lifetime (start and end date): 8 days in the second half of February. - Link to other opportunities and/or events: Among the activities of the rationalization of consumption 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 - Principal partners and stakeholders and their roles (1) 200

- Staff training needs: Coordination with artists - Technical assistance and expert needs 6. Cost estimate - Estimated implementation cost: EUR (and local currency at the date of preparation): 100,000 L.E. (around 5000 Euros) - Funding source (available and foreseen) - Initial and start-up expenses and approximate operational Costs 7. Next steps: - Coordination with Governor and Faculty of Fine arts - Coordination with relevant civil associations such as Mustafa Mahmoud and Ain Al-Hayat in Cairo through its work and branches in Luxor and the future Association in Armant. - Preparing the plan of symposium accompanying the artistic event and designing it so that it reaches the message of the campaign through art to the widest recipients 8. Follow-up, evaluation and impact assessment: Monitor any differences in consumption after the event 9. Annexes or references to annexes: Event Materials and cost: Due to scepticism of the target groups and the most influential in consumption rates (women and youth), it is necessary to work face-to-face using real and practical means of explaining the difference in consumption and the impact of this in the rates of consumption and the provision of energy and money. This requires: - Electrical tools for household consumption simulators, such as wood panels, lamps, electric lamps for the installation of ordinary lamps and others LED with connection to the Ohmmeter to indicate the difference in consumption. - Data show, display screens for campaigns, headphones, and sound system with 2 wireless microphones. (value already covered by the 2.1.1 model) - Video camera to document the events and to use the outputs of the tours throughout the campaign. (value already covered by the 2.1.1 model) - Printing Banners and materials 3000 L.E. (value already covered by the 2.1.1 model) 201

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