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appropriate for constructing bike lanes; convincing citizens to use these alternative means instead of their cars, thus reducing the gasoline consumption and limit the respective emissions. Establish a bicycling sharing program with bicycles available to the citizens at a low rental price, backstopped by several stations throughout the city, where the citizen may get on and off (infrastructure of bike lanes is prepared). Create awareness with drivers and owners of microbuses at the Union headquarters and positions Coordinate with GASCO and introduce the economics and safety of LNG use as fuel and security through 7 initial express minibuses moving in the welcome range of Luxor. 3- Green Residential Buildings Plan Target Audience: - Civil society - Governorate staff and building users - Architects and developers and building owners. - Neighbourhood Associations - PV and SWH local companies Key Message: - Luxor is turning greener, safer and more attractive. Objectives: - Build an awareness centre for Governorate staff and building users - Reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions - Adopt the “Green Residential Plan” (GRP) - Promote renewable energy sources: solar PV and solar water heating - Improve the quality of the urban environment. Communication Tools: Inform on issues related to energy management and climate change; Provide guidance to behavioural changes to reduce energy consumption. Involve and train companies that can install solar PV and SWH systems to ensure appropriate capacities are made available at an affordable cost. Set a plan to raise awareness as part of The Environmental Awareness Unit (EAU) to inform and train all the stakeholders, including Governorate staff, users and suppliers. Create an awareness programme mobilizing women and household owners, to promote energy conservation in housing, focusing on meetings, workshops, lectures and workshops for 210

staff and household owners and managers that could encompass several actions: - The creation of a permanent municipal information point - The organisation of an open house - The publication of articles in local and regional newspapers - The distribution of brochures and posters Produce an information letter that includes current events on sustainability and local success stories: - Information on national energy policies and local implications - The prevailing energy conditions in the municipality - The state of progress of the different actions implemented within the framework of the sustainable energy strategy and the SECAP. 4- Sustainable and green Boats Target Audience: - Civil society - Traffic department, Antiquities Department, all big institutions generating a lot of fluvial transport needs - The Ministry of Transportation. - The Ministry of Tourism. - All citizens and visitors of the city. - Tourism and freight operators - Governorate staff Key Message: - Luxor is turning greener, safer and more attractive. - Sustainable energy is a lesser threat on historical heritage Objectives: - Build an awareness centre for Governorate staff and building users - Reduce air pollution - Adopt the “Green Residential Plan” (GRP) - Improve the quality of the urban environment. - Promote energy production from locally available renewable resources - Promote clean and green transport system and sustainable water mobility in the Nile river Communication Tools: Boats working on clean energy will be used as a media conveying messages. Conduct a communication campaign on branding Luxor as a green city. Highlight the benefits of a new strategic and comprehensive sustainable water transport utilising clean energy. Set up meetings, workshops, lectures and workshops for staff and 211

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