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• Contribute to better corporate governance and financial sustainability in the management of investment projects and the operation and maintenance of public infrastructure. • Adhere to policy dialogue on provision of infrastructure jointly with other donors. • Creation of new/ higher quality jobs in the area of environmental and REs 53 . In 2008, Climate Change Risk Management Programme (CCRMP) has been established as a result of a partnership between Egypt and the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDGAF). The CCRMP has three main objectives to: • Integrate GHG mitigation into national policy and investment frameworks; • Increase CC adaptation capacities, particularly in agriculture and water; • Raise awareness regarding the impacts of climate change 54 . Key achievements that came out of such joint programme are to successfully assist in and support the establishment of the following units and capacity building: a. Clean Development Mechanism Awareness and Promotion Unit (CDMAPU), b. Energy Efficiency Unit (EEU) that advises the Cabinet on energy efficiency, c. The MoWRI’s capabilities to forecast climate change scenarios, and d. The irrigation research and climate change crop simulation activities of the Ministry of Acclamation of Land Resources (MALR) 51 . In 2010, Egypt published, in response to the SNC to UNFCCC a National Environmental, Economic and Development Study (NEEDS) for CC which outlines the financial and institutional needs for implementing prospective and on-going adaptation and mitigation measures. This study recognizes that the next phases of CC planning should include a National Action Plan for Adaptation (NAPA) and National Low Carbon Economy Plan (NLCEP). The NEEDS report highlights the urgency for developing a GHG monitoring system that aggregates and disseminates information about GHG emissions across sectors. In 2014, the Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) signed an agreement with the Italian counterpart to transform El-Gouna City into the first carbon-neutral city in Africa 51 . In addition, the UNEP developed the National Strategy Study entitled: ‘Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy National Study (EERENS), which was developed in 2007 as part of both the Mediterranean and National Strategies for Sustainable Development under Priority Field of Action 2: Energy and Climate Change 55 . 53 Swiss Economic Cooperation and Development, Egypt Country Strategy 2013-2016 - available at: 54 Climate Change Legislation in Egypt: The 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study - A Review of Climate Change Legislation in 99 Countries, 2015, (Accessed: 25.08.2016) 55 (Accessed: 10.08.2016) Guidelines of Principles and Procedures for Environmental Impact Assessment, 2nd Edition, Ministry of Environment, EEAA, January 2009: (Accessed: 09.08.2016) 88

The key players of this strategy study are the "Plan Bleu" - a regional activity centre of the UNEP/MAP (Mediterranean Action Plan), created, funded and steered by EC 56. As far as the CC risks are concerned, Africa is the most vulnerable continent globally, where Egypt is located. Regional strategy and the specificities the region faces The Governorate of Luxor put forward a strategy to address climate change risks and adaptation. Such strategy is based on the National Strategy on climate change. Its main focus is to adapt and reduce risks and disasters caused by climate change, increase awareness of Governorate’s staff and enhance its’ participation aligning with the city of Luxor goals to become the centre of culture and tourism. This strategy will have to be regularly updated for the reason of possible unpredicted changes of climate. The Governorate of Luxor roadmap includes: strategic objectives, strategic components, and actions. These are as follows: Strategic objectives: − Define all Climate Change risks for all sectors, − Increase the sustainability issue in all sectors, − Reduce the dependence on fossil fuel, − Promote renewable energy sources, − Involve all Governorate’s and municipality staff in the effort to transfer the city and governorate to be green and sustainable, − Make the infrastructure of the city of Luxor and Governorate of Luxor resilient and a world-class tourists’ destination, − Raise awareness and capacity building on climate change risks, impacts, and adaptation, and − Regular assessment and evaluation of the strategy and current situation. Strategic components: − Increase the communication with all stakeholders and Governorate departments and directorates of all ministries operating in Luxor, − Built a vertical communication mechanism to response to extreme events and disasters, − Promote sustainability and sustainable energy actions in all Governorate’s institutions and Municipality’s departments to encounter CC risks, and − Develop a database for all changes in the climate in coordination with the National Weather Authority and Luxor international airport. Strategic Actions − Built an observatory in the Luxor local municipality to monitor the pattern of rainfall and temperature increases and rain fall patterns. − Give alerts on sever events before happing in the Governorate, − Constructed water barriers in storm areas to collect storms’ upon occurring to lessen resulted impacts of floods, 56 89

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