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4. City of

4. City of Hurghada – Governorate of the Red Sea Priority Action # 4 for SECAP 1. General presentation Title: GREEN GOVERNORATE BUILDINGS PLAN # 4 Summary of the Action Current Status – Governorate Buildings in the city of Hurghada – Red Sea The Governorate of the Red Sea – City of Hurghada (municipality) owns many municipal buildings representing a total of 60,000 square meters in addition to 349,000 square meters of education buildings. Details of these municipal buildings are as follows: • 20,000 square meters of offices, including the main Governorate’s buildings, • 40,000 square meters of offices in Hurghada’s City Council buildings, • 330,000 square meters of 66 schools, and • 19,000 square meters College of Education – a higher education institution. These Governorate’s buildings only (60,000 square meters) represent a potential 55,000 square meters of roofs to be equipped with solar PV to generate electricity. The Governorate already took early steps in this direction by installing 100 solar panels on the roof of its main building with a production capacity of 25 kWp. Location: City of Hurghada, Governorate of the Red Sea Start date: December 2017 Project lifetime: 5 years End: December 2022 Estimated cost € 20 K€ technical support and training. 10,564 K€ revolving fund for efficient equipment, LED lamps, solar PV, etc. All public buildings in the city of Hurghada consume 2.6 GWh/year (2015 reference) forming 10 per cent of the total Governorate services’ consumption. This consumption is only composed of electricity for lighting, cooling and heating, office equipment (computer, copiers, etc.), elevator, etc. The electricity bill from Governorate buildings alone represents 93,463 € per year (2015), an equivalent of 1,930,000 EGP. General Objectives of the project The City of Hurghada wants to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in public buildings through the development of a comprehensive plan to reduce energy consumption and consequently the GHG emissions. To that end, the Governorate wants to implement a “Green Municipal Buildings Plan” (GMBP) integrating sustainability measures and technologies to green buildings, improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy solutions in the Governorate buildings. Status of the Action: • New • Planned • Following previous action. National Strategy, Policies, Laws and Programmes General: Vision and Strategy Egypt’s Vision 2030, 140

- Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy – SDS 2030, and - Egypt’s Green Economy Strategy – GES 2030. Strategy and Policy Strategy - Energy Strategy 2015 – 2030 (MoPMRs), - National Renewable Energy Action Plan – NREAP 2015, - Strategic Energy Efficiency Roadmap and Energy Prices 2014, - Strategy for Renewable Energy 2027 (20% by 2020), - National Strategy on Market for Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources 2014, and - Politically Viable Institutional Strategy for Energy Efficiency – PVISEE 2014. Policies and Plans Policies Plans - National Energy Efficiency Action Plan – NEEAP (2012 – 2015), and - Energy Efficiency Plans and Capacity Building Schemes (2012). - Energy Efficiency Plans in Electricity Sector – EEPES (2012 – 2015), - Mediterranean Electricity Regulatory – MEDREG (2013), - National Energy Efficiency Action Plan – NEEAP (2012), - Employment Promotion through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – EPRREE 2016, and - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy National Study – EERENS, UNEP 2007. Laws, Regulations and Decrees Laws and Regulations Decrees - New Investment law and execution legislations 2017, - New Electricity law 2015, - Renewable Energy and Feed-in-Tariff 2014 and 2017, - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Comprehensive Law No. 203 – REEEL 2014, - Incentives for Generating Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources 2014, and - Public Private Partnership – PPP 2010. - New Electricity Tariff Ministerial Decree 2016, - Stimulation of Producing Electricity from Renewable Energy Source 2015, - Feed-in-Tariff 2014 and 2 nd Feed-in-Tariff 2016, - Net Metering 2013, and - Executing Electricity Generation from different Clean Energy Sources 2012. Programmes and Initiatives - Power Purchase Agreement – Egypt ERA 2014, - Design of Feed-in Tariffs 2012, - Egyptian-German Joint Committee Programme on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 2015 – 2018, and - Renewable Energy Fund – REF 2012. 141

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