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- Support the GRP to

- Support the GRP to inform and raise the awareness all stakeholders including citizens as well all companies working in energy efficiency and renewable solutions to support any initiatives helping the GRP implementation. - Inform stakeholders of the necessity of integrating solar PV and SWH systems to heat water instead of using nonclean energy such as EWH, and - Reduce fossil fuel consumption in the sector to mitigate GHG in the City of Hurghada and Governorate of Red Sea. The vulnerability analysis of the City of Hurghada – Governorate of the the Red Sea, carried out by combining the results the probability and impact (scale 1-3) of the 10 receptors, including Buildings' stock and Materials - BSM, indicated that BSM is ranked the second highest risk (level 2) in terms of probability and impact. Therefore, this planned action #5 Green Residential Building sector - City of Hurghada is in line with the vision and strategy of the Governorate of the Red Sea and support its implementation. Principal partners and stakeholders • Governorate of the Red Sea – City of Hurghada (Municipality) • City Council represented by the Governor of the Red Sea • Building owners, mothers and children • Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MoPMRs) - Egypt Gas Holding Company (EGAS) - City GAS Company – Governorate of Red Sea • Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MoERE) - New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) • Ministry of National Housing and Building Research Centre (HBRC) - Egyptian Green Building Council - Green Building Unit (GBU) • Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) – EEAA • Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (MoIIC) Contact person in the local authority Mr. Ayman Sultan, Planning Department, Governorate of Red Sea 2. Process Technical Process Applying green measures in the building sector, mainly residential (that consumes 13% of the total city energy use), is an interesting option for reducing cost for inhabitants while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The planned action is set through the following means and development: • Investigate the specificities of the residential units and pattern on energy use through per-action studies; - Assess 10% of the total housing units (5,634) in terms of energy consumption, - Explore availability of green measures through a pilot study on 1,000 units to identify best options regarding improving building envelop, lighting and/ or other measures to decide on the best and fastest solutions, - Assess the amount of PV/ SWH that could be installed in order to boost the local market and ensure local entrepreneurs cover instalment requirements. • Establish a plan for involving stakeholders including companies providing PV and SWH (components/materials), • Set a plan to raise awareness as part of the Environmental Awareness Unit (EAU) to inform and train all the stakeholders, including governorate staff, users and suppliers. This EAU will be set through the following actions: - Preliminary plan and specific study for preparing the development of the Environmental Awareness Unit - Allocating Staff to the EAU, - Involving stakeholders, - Initiate plan to install solar PV and SWH systems onto the residential buildings’ roof. 152

Administrative and coordination process • Governorate of the Red Sea – City of Hurghada (Municipality) to review the action plan and its components: GRP and EAU, • Governor’s to approve the plan and its targets, • City Council represented by the Governor approval, • Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development MoHUUD – approvals, - Department of Housing at the Governorate for the refurbishment, • Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MoERE), - NREA to approve the plan of solar PV and SWH systems • Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) – Assess the strategic environmental and social impacts (SESIs) and benefits, • Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (MoIIC) – international investment approvals. Government Procedures and Approvals • Initial approval of the Governorate (Municipality), • City of Hurghada to coordinate all approvals with the listed entities to execute the GRP: • Refurbishment permit: MoHUUD and Governorate, • Operation permit: NREA for PV and SWH connection, • EETC and AEDC permit: in the case of on-grid connection, and • Height permit: MOCA and EAA for height regulation. European Union (EU) Commission Directives which apply to projects financed by IFCs for Action ≠5 Committed to the adoption of EU environmental principles, practices and substantive standards are essential, including the following list that provides a brief description for the key pertinent EU Directives: - Directive 2001/42/EC (SEA Directive) on the integration of environmental considerations into the preparation and adoption of plans and programmes with a view to promoting sustainable development, and - Directive 2011/92/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 2011 on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment, and its amendment (Directive 2014/52/EU). Atmosphere and Air Pollution - COP 21 Paris climate change agreement, - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, - Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, - Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, - London Amendment to Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, and - (Copenhagen) Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete Ozone Layer. 3. Technical description Link to Governorate (municipal) development plan The SECAP is built on three drivers: a) reduce energy consumption; b) develop energy production; and c) climate adaptation actions. Hence, the GHG emissions from Residential sector are vital for the Governorate of Red Sea strategy on climate change adaptation - CCA. Residential sector is one the five main sectors that will be affected by climate change risks. Thus, it is vital to develop a comprehensive plan to green the residential buildings to attain the vision of the City of Hurghada and Governorate the 153

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