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- OPEC Fund for

- OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), - Islamic Development Bank (IDB), - African Development Bank (ADB), - Arab Fund for Social & Economic Development (AFSED), - Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), - Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development (AFESD), - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), - Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED), - Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED), - Middle East and North Africa Transition Fund (MENATF), and - Saudi Fund for Development (SFD). Public-Private-Partnerships (available or to raise) Loans and potential borrower Lined up private investments Expected annual cost savings to city budget 10. Projected Energy Estimates in 2030 Energy savings GWh/y Renewable energy production MWh/y Avoided CO 2 emission t CO2/y (compare to current CO2 content of electricity - Reference Year - Target Year - Percentage of net reduction on the territory (compare to 2015) - Reduction as related to BAU scenario in 2030 Not relevant 42,230 MWh/y after 3 years (for 30m€ investment) 1,6% 1,3% 23,142 t CO2/y 2015 2030 170

7. City of Hurghada – Governorate of the Red Sea Priority Action # 7 for SECAP 1. General presentation Title: ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS UNIT – # 7 HURGHADA GREEN CITY Summary of the Action The City of Hurghada is a well-known city for its tourists’ activities, mainly leisure and water sports and diving. Like everywhere in Egypt, there is a need for more awareness on environmental issues. It is not only good to educate and enhance the capacity and skills of the Governorate (Municipality) staff for them to make necessary efforts to promote energy conservation and environmental protection in their daily work, but also to develop and brand of the city as a Green city as it is also necessary to develop the Governorate (Municipality) capacity to promote awareness among all stakeholders in the City of Hurghada. The transformation of the City of Hurghada to be sustainable and green, and approach to the city’s urban areas is a part of the Governorate strategy including: - Enhance the desert corridors southern Hurghada that link main road with resorts; - Reduce the fossil fuel use by setting energy efficiency in multiple sectors; - Reduce littering and improve waste management; - Brand Hurghada as a sustainable hub of hospitality and world’s class tourism; and - Use soft means of mobility such as bike lanes and other means. Location: Hurghada, Governorate of the Red Sea Start date: Dec. 2017 Project lifetime: 2 years End: December 2019 Estimated cost € 140 K€ for 2 years Providing the City of Hurghada allocate staff to do the job (3 or 4 FTE). As Governorate staff, population and local stakeholders lack information and need to be mobilised to act on energy conservation / efficiency and environmental protection, it is necessary to strengthen efforts to inform and engage all the public in contributing to the implementation of the different components of the SECAP. The City of Hurghada - Governorate of the Red Sea wishes to develop an awareness campaign to brand the city as a Green city through the Green City Awareness Unit (GCAU) that involves various stakeholders (Governorate staff, Ministry of Education and Ministries of Transport and Tourism, Hotels and Resorts as well as NGOs, etc.), to tackle the following main issues: - Lessen fossil fuel use by setting energy efficiency practices in multiple sectors, - Reduce littering and improve waste management, - Brand the City of Hurghada and the Red Sea Governorate as a green sustainable hub of hospitality and world’s class tourism city, and - Use soft means of mobility such as bike lanes and increase walkable area. General Objectives of the project The objective of action # 7 Environmental Public Awareness – Hurghada Green City is to focus on 3 priority targets - Municipality staff, Transport and Tourism to improve energy management (conservation and efficiency) and waste minimisation to preserve the unique marine environment. The action #7 Environmental Public Awareness Unit – Hurghada Green City aims also at Status of the Action: • New • Planned • Following previous action. 171

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