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4. Organization and

4. Organization and procedures Formal approval The development and set up of GCAU (CES-MED Unit) would require the approval of the Governor of the Red Sea and Secretary General of the Governorate of Red Sea. The following entities would also support this GCAU to grasp the available opportunities of funds to follow up the GCAU processes: - Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) support the approval, - International Cooperation (MoIIC) to coordinate loans and funding from IFCs, - Operation permit: Governor Approval of the GCAU structure, - City Council represented by the Governor, - Municipality and Governorate, and - Governor’s final approval to commence the action. Staff training The Governorate staff dedicate to support the Green City Awareness Unit (GCAU) and its programme Green City Hurghada will be assigned to receive coaching and training on three subjects: • Strategic management of green city issues, • Organisational solutions and technical questions related converting the city to be green, and • Project management. The GCAU will be part of the Strategic Sustainable Energy Unit (SSEU) to be developed and established to oversee the training of staff and all concerned issue and ensure the implementation of the plan actions of SECAP. Staff allocated to prepare, implement, monitor action ≠7 • Governorate of the Red Sea, • City Council – Red Sea represented by the Governor, • Directorate of Education, • Directorate of Environmental Affairs, and • Others Role of Partners Stakeholders: - Training is also needed to transfer the message of Green City and green plan to all parties involved, - The Governorate and City of Hurghada to coordinate the procedures approval within the Governorate through the Secretary General office and Governor - All should be invited to specific to facilitate the action project to follow up the implementation upon funding. 5. Summary of related Awareness Raising (AR) action ≠7 (Environmental Awareness Unit – Hurghada Green City) A communication plan needs to be developed to highlight the benefits of a new strategic sustainable awareness campaign for each and every individual and for the general benefit of the City of Hurghada - Governorate of the Red Sea. The Awareness Raising Programme (ARP) as a tool of the GCAU, would include lectures and workshops for staff and citizens that could encompass several actions: - The creation of a permanent municipal information point, - The organisation of an open house, - The publication of articles in local and regional newspapers, - The distribution of brochures and posters, - The distribution of an information letter that includes current events on sustainability and local success stories: • Information on national energy policies and local implications, • The prevailing energy conditions in the municipality, • The state of progress of the different actions implemented within the framework of the sustainable energy strategy and the SECAP, and 176

• Successful projects in national and foreign municipalities, notably in municipalities that are members of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM). Some of the actions include: • Spreading information and training material (posters, brochures, stickers, etc.) on how to save energy. To include training given by municipal staff, • Creating an annual “Energy festival/day” to demonstrate best practices and celebrate innovative projects. Would be promoted through traditional media and online social networks, • Mobilising families by training women/mothers, • Developing a network of “Positive energy schools” that produce not only more energy than they consume, but where teachers integrate the project into their curricula to train students, develop projects, etc., • Lessen the use of fossil fuel by setting energy efficiency practices in multiple sectors, • Brand the City of Hurghada and the Governorate of Red Sea as a green sustainable hub of hospitality and world’s class tourism city; and • Use soft means of mobility such as bike lanes and increase walkable areas. 6. Assumptions and risks - The key challenge will be the time needed to change the mind-set of stakeholders, but with proper mobilisation of resources, this action will overcome such a challenge, - The continuation of funding to reach 100% of the stakeholders through ARP and GRC programmes, and - Organise proper follow and monitor procedures during and after the Green City Awareness programme to ensure adequate flow of information about the ARP and GRC. 7. Key success factors • The development of Green City Awareness Unit (GCAU) and Awareness Raising Programme (ARP), since it is part of the Governorate of the Red Sea vision and strategy, would be assist in reducing the yearly consumption of non-clean energy and contribute to making the City of Hurghada sustainable and green, • Governorate determination and approval to act comprehensively on greening the City of Hurghada, • Governor of Red Sea determination to seriously act on the all issued related to energy consumption reduction issue will be great success due to its huge usage annually and is clearly a vital element to this action success, • The Governor’s vision and backing of the establishment of GCAU is of a vital success factor, • Capacity of Governorate staff to liaise with the public and stakeholders that will engage real actions. 8. Cost estimates Technical support for designing the GCAU – Year 1 Training for Municipality staff - Year 1 Running cost and fund to support innovative initiatives – Per Year Approximate annual cost saving (after initial investment reimbursement) Return on Investment (draft calculation) 20,000 € 20,000 € 100,000 € Not relevant, as energy and GHG reductions are counted in each specific sectors 177

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